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    He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree
  2. Josh_ua

    Ho! Ho! Ho!
  3. Josh_ua

    Rudolf the Red
  4. Josh_ua

    I feel this is a fair enough comment. While I don't have the time nor experience that most regular players have, I have still had several experiences of vehicles being stored mid-combat to avoid destruction. Doesn't need to be a stupidly long timer, perhaps the same length of time between using the same spawn beacon? +1 from me. What does everyone else think?
  5. Josh_ua

    The sky is the limit.
  6. 2nd Steam Key Giveaway of the Day: 7KF5A-54GQ5-39N3X


    1. iamjack


      guess who did it XD

    2. Home


      It wasnt even out for a whole minute ?

    3. iamjack


      haven't you watched the movie ? " gone in 60s " 

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  7. Surprise Steam Key: 6RIA4-2HLHZ-V5PMX

    1. Martynnnnnnn


      @iamjack I was wondering why I didn't get it hahaha

    2. Josh_ua


      I'm clearing out my Humble Bundle and that was one of the keys I had. :lul: I'll chuck out some other games that ya'll might enjoy a bit more throughout December.

    3. iamjack


      i am a pro =D

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  8. Josh_ua

    An alternative to this would to have the cargo carried by the player, who can then use a vehicle of their choice to deliver the cargo. You could add in a time limit, rewards for quick/safe delivery etc.
  9. Josh_ua

    We are referring to the armed variant of the Orca, with no ammunition. Similar to how the Pawnee and Hellcat are currently set-up.
  10. Josh_ua

    Best of luck to you, Lachie. You will be missed
  11. Josh_ua

    @geera if you have a suggestion for our next poll, please share and elaborate on it in a suggestion thread!
  12. Josh_ua

    1. 2. 3. 4. Private Suggestion 5. 6. 7. Private Suggestion @Truma and anyone else who is interested.
  13. Josh_ua

    Vtol purchases at airport

    Just wanted to move this thread into a bug report... essentially when you purchase/rent a Blackfish it spawns facing the terminal, at a very close proximity to the building making it impossible to take off. This is an issue mainly for people who are renting the vehicle and can't store it and pull it out again. @Xeon
  14. Hey, As acknowledged in our original post about the Altis Life polls, unfortunately in the past there has been a disconnect between the player's input, and what features or changes were ultimately applied. This is an issue that we hope to fix with our upcoming Altis Life Polls. So, where to from here? All previous suggestions are being looked at by me personally as we look at what to include in these polls. We are looking for things that are feasible to code/implement, have strong community support, and fall within the Altis Life narrative. My advice to you, and other players. Please keep your suggestions coming! Format and articulate your suggestions clearly, and rally support to your post. Feel free to hit me up in TS or Discord if you would prefer to simply talk to me about it.
  15. Hey @2Square, thanks for your post. Over the next little while, a series of Altis Life polls are going to released on the forums for players to have a say in what features are being added, and what changes they would like to see. You can read up more on that here. The best way you can get involved in that process is by posting detailed suggestions in the Altis Life Suggestions forum category, and rallying players to support your post. All suggestion posts are being taken into account when determining the poll content. If you have any questions about the polls, or how we can work with you to create some positive change for the community, come hit me up in TeamSpeak or Discord.
  16. Josh_ua

    @Chadd @bouda118 @Dredal @Cap you guys have raised some really great points and ideas that show great potential for improving rebel gameplay. I'll be sure to pass these along. I want to draw the conversation back to the core of this thread. What changes or features need to be added so we can expand more on the civilian faction? Kmart is right, people who attempt to play as an innocent civilian usually get slaughtered when trying to make money on a medium-large scale. Is it indeed a problem? What do you guys think?
  17. Josh_ua

    Hey guys - thanks for making this thread and being vocal about what changes you think could improve the server for all players. What changes do you think need to be made so that civilians can earn money without being constantly hassled by rebels?
  18. Josh_ua

    We would love to help you with this project. Come hit me up, or another Community Team Leader in TS or on Discord and we would be happy to chat with you about your idea. We would love to help to make it a reality!
  19. Josh_ua

    Pumpkin Eater
  20. Josh_ua

    @Anthonyat1080p if you have a suggestion regarding a certain feature that was apart of the old server that you would like to see added, by all means let us know here. We need substance to act on, not posts intended to be malicious or inflammatory!
  21. Josh_ua

    If only my Kajmans and jets had ammo... the amount of frags
  22. Josh_ua

    Tough tacky if you ask me. All us rebel players should just quit the whining and move on
  23. Josh_ua

    Or players could work cooperatively to acquire resources... ?
  24. Josh_ua

    Fair point, but I think it'll be good for the rebel climate. Hopefully some of the more active gangs take the bases.
  25. StrayaGaming Altis Life - MEGA CASH GIVEAWAY Hi all, After much deliberation and an intense internal struggle, I have decided to take a step back from Altis Life for the next little while. So, to avoid my money collecting dust, I have decided to give some of my money away to one lucky player! To enter, you must reply with: "My wallet is like an onion, opening it makes me cry." (+1 entry) BONUS ENTRIES: + 1 entry - like this post +2 entries - follow me on the forums THE DRAW: The draw will close at 6:00 PM (AEST) on Friday the 28th of September. The total prize for this round is $50,000,000 Good luck!