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    Hes means a Zeus running the debug console (yes, the admin one). In my experience its something to be avoided. Yes, its handy if something goes wrong with the mission and settings/triggers/areas need to be reset or a trouble making player needs to be removed, but more often then not what i've seen is that the console gets abused. I also believe its unnecessary here as theres almost always an admin around. On the ACE issue, while its ultimately up to the SG staff as to whether or not its allowed, IMO the mission creator should get a heavily weighted vote. Remember its the creators time and efforts that go into these and they may or may not want to have it integrated as part of their design. I'd also like to point out that ACE is completely modular. Only want the Medical system, no problem. Only want the advanced ballistics, sure thing. Like most of ACE but hate the fatigue/stamina, advanced grenade throwing and map tools, well guess what, you can just get rid of those.