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    They’ve been in the server for a while now
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    Please keep unrelated chatter out of this thread please. And to clarify about racist remarks, any sort of racial discrimination is against community guidelines, if you would like to report someone for this just go onto teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and join one of the HD channels or create a support ticket in the #support-tickets channel by reacting to the message and following the procedure, remember to have sufficient evidence and name of the player. https://strayagaming.com/topic/16076-community-guidelines/
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    I’ll repeat what I said before, bigger helicopter; Pro More Seats Faster Cons Flying target Hard to find a landing for it Autorotation is a joke if you’re below 100m Most people don’t jump into this unless there’s people going towards it or it’s the only heli at the pads Smaller Helicopter (Little bird and we’ll add the ghost hawk to this category) Pros More manuevarble Autorotation is possible under 100m not a flying target Cons Doesnt hold that many people Isnt that fast weaker frame People enjoy variety and if you can’t get to the evac on time well that’s bad luck or there’s too many pilots on and not enough infantry which can happen before peak times
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    To gain awards, first you need is evidence that you completed the award through the means of a video or if it’s an hours or a kill award you’ll have to contact the server admins or manager; Fitz, Simon, yeet, big red or rogmantosh. Once you have evidence, put in a support request on the forums or discord and put in your evidence and the awards will be added.
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    Not many people jump onto a Huron tbh, it’s a floating target and it’s impossible to not get shot down in that thing. The best all rounder is a Blackhawk which is the most popular heli but can carry like 13 people. Also the Huron is NATO so is the blackfish so if your complaint is about people running helis with a lot of space why did you ask to remove non-NATO helos.
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    Well, bust my buffers
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    No one knows except for Bohemia, they haven't announced it and even if they do it'll take one to two years to release, maybe they don't bother with a new ArmA and just push ArmA 3 into their new engine.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's against Bohemia Intereractives rules that you can't lock content for people who haven't donated to something.
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    Thanks James32https://imgur.com/a/vPCKsHG for delaying the event ?
  11. until
  12. Operation Dark Horse Zeus: Turbanator Operation: CSAT forces have successfully invaded the island of Malden. Our objective is to push the enemy out of the island by using CSAT weapons. Objective: - Secure a Tempest carrying an EMP - Ambush a CSAT weapon convoy and steal the weapons - Take out CSAT coastal emplacements - Destroy Anti-Air and Heavy Weapon Emplacements Detailed orders will be given in the briefing Enemy Forces: - Light and Medium skinned transport vehicles - Armed vehicles - HMG, AT and Mortar emplacements - Small Arms Friendly Forces: - Small Arms - Offroads - Zamaks - AT 4WD - HMG Offroad Mods: Required: There are no mods required Optional: - CBA_A3 - JSRS Sound Mod - Blastcore Standalone When and Where? The mission will take place on 25th January at 6:00 AEDT (8:00 NZDT). We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the mission to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye If you have any questions direct them to @Turbanator
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    "Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus"
  14. Operation Silent Kill 1 Created by Turbanator Operation: Spetsnaz operatives are being deployed in the destabilised island of Malden, the ongoing conflict has resulted in the island being split in half with the radical Malden Liberation Army on one side and the Russian backed Malden Defence Force. Russian forces are situated on a smaller island containing a military airbase. Objective: Operatives will board Ka-60 helicopters and will head towards the coast of the main island currently occupied by the MLA. From then on you will board light-skinned vehicles that have been smuggled in and will head towards the town of _ and capture it from the MLA. After that friendly forces will move to the valley and ambush reinforcements from the MLA FOB, once accomplished forces will move into the town of _ and capture it. Finally, forces will move East and capture the MLA FOB. Enemy Forces: - Small Arms, old soviet AK platforms - Technicals - Light Close Air support Russian Forces: - Small Arms, heavily modified suppressed modern AK platforms - Russian Su-25 Grach controlled by the Russian Air Force - KA-60 transport helicopters controlled by the Russian Air Force Mods: Required: - RHS USAF - RHS AFRF - RHS SAF - RHS GREF - CBA_A3 - Task Force Radio - Shacktac User Interface Optional: - Blastcore Standalone - JSRS - JSRS RHS USAF, AFRF, GREF and SAF Compatability When and Where? The mission will take place on the 6th December at 6:00pm AEDT We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the missions starts to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye or Task Force Radio. If you have any questions, direct them to @Turbanator, @Noskire or @Joshua_.
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    I think to get better planes for cas, you should get points by taking out planes not transporting people.
  16. What is it? Operation Desert Storm is the second mission that is part of an Operation Zeus Event Campaign, Flashback. Operation: The United States Army has built a FOB on the outskirts of (city). From there TaskForce Straya will be deployed from an airport and to rendezvous with other Nato forces to eliminate all hostiles in the neighbouring town and hold the town from counter-attacks. More information will be revealed in the briefing. There will be multiple parts of this operation. Iraqi Ground Forces: Uniforms: Refurbished M81 Camouflage Pattern with Soviet Era AK rifles and equipment Equipment: - Technicals - Small Arms - Mortars - Bunkers - Heavy and Medium armoured vehicles - Attack and Transport Helicopters NATO: Uniforms: M93 Camouflage Pattern with M16 platform rifles and modern equipment Equipment: - Small Arma - 2-4 HMMWV - M2A2 Bradley - M1 Abrams - Attack and Transport Helicopters Backstory: Operation Desert Storm is Combat phase of the Gulf War which was lead by Americans and was a response to Iraq's annexation of Kuwait. It took place from 17 January 1991 - 28th February 1991 Mods: Required: RHS: AFRF RHS: GREF RHS: USAF RHS: SAF Task Force Radio CBA_3 Recommended: JSRS Sound Mod JSRS Sound Mod AFRF Support JSRS Sound Mod SAF Support JSRS Sound Mod USAF Support JSRS Sound Mod GREF Support Blastcore (standalone) ShackTac User Interface (Recommended to have this) When and Where? The mission will take place on the 11th of October at 6:00pm AEDT (8:00pm NZDT). We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the missions starts to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye or Task Force Radio. This mission will last 60 minutes - 90 minutes depending on the number of players. If you have any questions, direct them to @Turbanator, @pkisbest or @Noskire
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    CO-35 New Findings Created by Shrike Operation: Year 2043, June, 23. An unknown enemy has breached our blockade around the island of [REDACTED]. We believe their main goal is the bunker, Site 34. Site 34 is located on the island which contains entity [Classified]. The hostiles have set themselves up around the bunker and are currently preparing to breach the bunker. Due to the hazard of being within 3 km's from the entity. No personnel are located in the bunker or on the island. Site 34 is monitored offsite via Cameras which are found throughout the bunker. For unknown reasons anomalies appear within 3km's of the entity. Because of this, the entire Island is treated as its containment. No one is allowed to get 2kms close to the island without authorization from level 4 staff. Anyone who passes the blockade without authorization will be considered hostile and are to be destroyed. Lately, more than normal anomalies have been sighted appearing on the island while the entity remains contained inside its containment. Investigating these may also aid us in understanding the entity more and maybe why the hostiles have chosen now of all times to come. As of 14 hours ago an unknown enemy consisting of 4 warships and 1 carrier managed to break through the blockade around the island. Due to the unexpected size of the enemy force, a large task force is put together and are teamed up with the American navy to take on the situation. You play as a member in Taskforce Hunter and are sent in with the aid of the American navy. You are tasked with the mission to eradicate the hostiles who have occupied the abandoned island and stop them from breaching site 34. The hostiles have fortified themselves on the coastline by occupying the pre-existing bunkers and setting up military platforms. They are also occupying the towns and compounds in the area. Mission success is when all objectives are complete and site 34 has not been breached If in the event the bunker is breached, the mission will be considered a failure. Anyone within 3km's from the bunker are to be considered KIA. Teams outside the zone are to evacuate and prepare for the on-site warheads to detonate. While in-containment, the entity can still interact to some extent with an object on the island. Proceed with caution. Expect ANOMALIES Objective: Main Objective: 1. Destroy the forward outpost, blow up the radar and HQ building. 2. Destroy the Anti-tank guns to allow our ships to get closer. 3. Destroy the Anti Air guns so our CAS can get closer 4. Search the 3 story complex for intel (refer to in-game) 5. Investigate the dome set up on the hill. 6. Clear the town of Dourdan 7. Clear the town of Houdan 8. search the office building that was built just outside of Houdan 9. Find and kill the officer in charge. 10. Secure site 34 Side Objectives - 1. Assault the Carrier, kill the remaining crew member and kill the officer. search for Intel before moving on. Tell the commander about the Intel 2. Assault the Destroyer, kill the remaining crew member and kill the officer. search for Intel and before moving on. Tell the commander about the Intel Enemy Forces: - Light Armor - Small Arms - Light CAS - Weapon Emplacements - 1x Battalion NATO Forces: - Small Arms - Soft Skinned Vehicles - Supporting CAS Mods: Required: - RHS: AFRF - RHS: GREF - RHS: USAF - task_force_radio - CBA_A3 - ShackTac User Interface - ACE Optional: - JSRS Sound Mod - JSRS Sound Mod - RHS AFRF Mod Pack Sound Support - JSRS Sound Mod - RHS USAF Mod Pack Sound Support - JSRS Sound Mod - RHS GREF Mod Pack Sound Support - Blastcore Edited (standalone version) When and Where? The mission will take place on the 4th of October at 7:00pm AEST (9:00 pm NZST). We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the missions starts to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye or Task Force Radio. If you have any questions, direct them to @shrike_, @pkisbest, @Turbanator, @Joshua_ or @Noskire
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    Operation Fallen Winter Created by: NiitroGenius Operation: CSAT have established themselves in the Chernarus region. Reports have come through that CSAT discovered an old abandoned Russian research facility near Berezino. The reports are not clear as to what they have found, but it appears as though it is some sort of experimental tank that the Russians were developing years ago. Reports also suggest that they have manufactured working prototypes are planning to ship them off the mainland to their next port of war. You are an elite CTRG unit tasked with landing in the town of Solnichniy and making your way north to Berezino and destroying these tanks before they can leave at dawn. Objective: Main Objectives: 1. Kill all hostiles in Berezino 2. Search and Destroy the experimental tanks located in Berezino. Side Objectives: 1. Clear Nizhnoye of hostiles and secure a shipment of T-140K's. Enemy Forces: - Small Arms - Medium and Heavy Armor - AA placements - Heavy weapon placements - CAS NATO: - AA and CAS Blackwasps - Blackfoot - M2A4 Slammer UP - 2-3 Marshalls - Armed Prowlers - Small Arms Mods: Required: - CBA_A3 - CUP Terrains - Maps - CUP Terrains - Core - X-66 Mammoth Tank - task_force_radio Recommended: - JSRS Sound Mod - Blastcore (standalone) When and Where? The mission will take place on the 27th of September at 19:00 AEST (21:00 NZST). We encourage players to join the server 15-20 minutes before the missions starts to prepare kits and/or fix any issues with Battleye or Task Force Radio. If you have any questions direct them to @NiitroGenius, @pkisbest, @Turbanator, @Joshua_ or @Noskire.
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    If you won't be able to attend todays operation, Humaine and SkylerBB will be streaming it: Humaine's Channel twitch.tv/skylerBB SkylerBB's Channel ^
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    It is unlikely that you will roll up with guns and more details will be given during the operation briefing
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    I posted as a joke but I am sorry if I offended you. Even though I don't play Straya Gaming Altis Life I know what you are talking about and Staff Members have said that they are working on it and if you want to rather than making long paragraphers (not to be a dick) perhaps gathering information from everyone and sending it to the corresponding QA team or perhaps a good idea is making a list of the information you have gathered and make a forum post and do it every 2 weeks or. This is my opinion you are happy to ignore it or use what I have said and take it into consideration. If you want help with the list contact Scorpion.
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    Or you guys should play some I&A and hop onto a Zeus event server on Friday, people from all servers can join!
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    ACE Basics What is ACE? ACE is a mod that adds realism to ArmA 3. Interaction: The interaction menu is accessible by holding the () Windows key, the menu is only visible whilst pointing at an interactable object (for eg: players, ai, crates and vehicles.) Self-Interaction: The self-interaction menu is accessible by holding the () Windows key and the (Ctrl) Control key together, the self-interaction menu gives the player access to many things, for example, healing yourself, using the equipment, team management and more. Medical: Interaction: Whilst holding the interaction key or the self-interaction keys, look at a patient's body/yourself, the colours of the + that are marked on all the limbs, torso and head illustrate the severity of a wound, white (body part is stable), yellow (body part has a light wound, around one bandage) and red (body part is heavily wounded, around 2 bandages to make the patient stable). When treating a patient, bandaging the body parts that have a red + should be prioritised, the patient will lose a significant amount of blood if the body part isn't stabilised. Diagnose: Diagnose is an option that is found using the interaction menu and pointing at the head, diagnosis shows the condition of the patient, if they are in pain, require blood or more. Bandages (Basic) Bandages (Basic) are the most common bandages used in simple ACE. Bandages stop bleeding and help stabilise the patient. Morphine(autoinjector): Morphine is a painkiller, it decreases and removes the flashing lights around your screen. Morphine should be used on conscious patients and if the patient needs it. Morphine can only be injected into limbs. Epinephrine(autoinjector): Epinephrine (Epi) is used to make a patient conscious, Epi should only be used once a patient is stable. In basic ACE a patient cannot OD on any of the autoinjectors. Just like morphine, Epi can only be injected into the limbs of a patient. Blood IV (250ml,500ml,1000ml) Blood IV is used to increase blood levels in a patient, blood bags and can only be used by medics. If a patient has lost some blood (can be found from diagnosis) a bag of 500ml of blood should suffice, if a patient has lost a lot of blood depending on how long the patient has been unstable it will require 1L to 6L of blood. Controls: Windows key for the interaction menu Windows key+Ctrl for the self-interaction menu Advanced Grenade Throwing The ACE mod offers a new mechanic for grenade throwing, the mechanic comes with many features such as a distance and flight arc indicator, three different types of grenade throwing mechanisms, cooking grenades and more. To throw a grenade using this mechanism you have to press Shift+G, this will pop you with the grenade on the left side of a few controls as well as a flight arc. The dots in the flight arc can be 4 colours, white (flight path and the path is clear), green (collision with grenade surface), red (collision with object) and yellow (possible with an object). Controls: - Shift+G to prepare the grenade - LMB to throw the grenade - MMB to cook the grenade - RMB to cancel the throw - Scroll Wheel to change between the normal throw and high throw - Ctrl+G changes it to a mode where you can drop the grenade. - () Windows key/Interact key while looking at a live grenade to pick it up and then throw it Links Download ACE: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=463939057 ACE Compatability with RHS USAF: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773125288 ACE Compatability with RHS AFRF: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=773131200 ACE Compatability with RHS GREF: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=884966711 Have any questions? Feel free to comment on this post or message @Turbanator
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    I could have gone on floating through space forever. I need to make ze floating bismarck