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  1. bohamma

    just wondering if its possible to take out small diameter bombs from enemy cas jets as they are a bit over powered, if your a tank and have driven 10km already to a new ao just to get bombed in the middle of now where with really no chance of defence, i dont mind getting enaged by cas but as soon as that bomb is dropped there is no way to survive beisides dumb luck. thank you
  2. bohamma

    Could you guys look into maybe changing the variables for the low tier side rewards like the shitty technical or quilin just to make them a bit interesting, like maybe setting there weight to 0 just for some fun, if there is a kajiman with a gbu i reckon a suicidal offroads should also be a possibility.
  3. bohamma

    just wanted to know if you could make the ai spawn a bit further from base at mission start as now they spawn in before the player can exit the air base no fire zone, thanks
  4. bohamma


    this is a old post but anyway, if the fob hasnt be supplied there is no vics could you perhaps have quad bikes spawn regardless of fob status? just for those early mornings when no one can do the move the crates to the fob?
  5. bohamma

    or alternatively increase his hp or armour
  6. bohamma

    could you guys look into removing grenades from the csat units that spawn in the house with the pow, they sometimes mess up and just blow themselves up failing the missions, cheers