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    Hey l was thinking maybe we can organize a Tournament every 2nd weekend where a faction/allied factions go up against other factions and their allies so lets say 6 different factions all face each other in an open neutral area in space using cruiser/battle ships and so on and each faction fights to last man standing. Cause l realized battles are scarce in this server unless 2 parties agree or which in most cases offline raids none head to head. Possible Rules 1) size off arena maybe a circle off about 100km from one end to the other 2) each faction has 1 capital Ship or flag ship (don't overkill cause off server handling) 3) All Capital Ships MUST have their beacon on 4) winners are decided by the last faction to still have a operational capital/flagship 5) if a players ship gets destroyed beyond repair or operational players can spawn at their friends Rewards 1st place = 3 Zpm ( each player participated in the winning faction ) 2nd place = 2 ZPM ( each player participated in the winning faction ) 3rd place = 1 Zpm ( each player participated in the winning faction ) The reason why l think this would make it fair reward is cause zpm are already extremely rare and some factions only have 1 player and some have 6 players