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  1. SmallzAU

    Have externals, to anti roach or simply rush the roachers or just be good idk
  2. SmallzAU

    There is many problems along straya gaming and let me just say this is the main reason why people are leaving, if this server wants to keep going it needs actual developers who will fix problems like the Federal Reserve etc This needs to be dealt withh and actually needs to be listened to by developers lmfao if there even awake, Straya gaming is losing many OG players, fix Banks! like bruh bank every second Federal reserve, then westpac, then RND, and lastly shipping yard and or people just go CAPs???? cAPs????? i thought thhis server was for RP lmao
  3. SmallzAU

    nah nah nah nah i reckon there should be like maybe max 10 actually xD
  4. SmallzAU

    mate i reckon there should be a ratio where if there was 10 civ possible only 5 cops allowed, and like 20 civs would be 10 cop etc
  5. SmallzAU

    Bruh, i legit loaded in on arma 3 excited to play some straya gaming, and i have a look at the civilian and cop numbers and bruh there was 21 police on and 16 civilians on like bruh there needs to be a max amount of cops or somthing, i think possibly 15 cops is enough or less. this needs To be dealt with and actually needs to be changed