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  1. FilthyAmatuer

    Oh not you again
  2. FilthyAmatuer

    I haven't played wasteland proper since it's very early days, and never played anything on Malden haha - So hopefully can get a together with a few of you and give it a crack.
  3. FilthyAmatuer

    Hi All, Plan on hitting up I&A and some ARMA events, plus probably Squad (I like some FPS more than others, and have periods when I am more or less interested) and a bunch of other things that are going on. Otherwise I enjoy something that is really engaging, with a good story, sandboxes, or thinking games > paradox games, strategy, RTS and wargame (loved the wargame series, hoping we get a modern day sequel to WG:RD). Also getting into VR (Vive Cosmos). Been struggling to play games much of late - been through a long rough patch in my life & can struggle with a serious lack of motivation (inertia) - but working hard to get out of that and find enjoyment in things again. I have chronic pain which can be pretty limiting and unpredictable at times & often really isolating - the VR is meant to help a bit with that (graded exposure therapy). Also interested in Photography, Digital Art (Painting), Design, did some Web Dev on the side a while back (things have changed haha) - keen to get back up to speed and teach myself some new things and maybe learn some proper programming along the way. I am an Engineer - I do enjoy a wide variety of activities IRL - just been quite limited for a while thanks to personal stuff. Like cars too - will probably do some racing when I get a wheel sorted (my own car is pretty fun). Feel free to say Hi & hit me up in discord or add me on Steam. - FilthyAmatuer