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  1. Group Name - Casual Shitters Category (Rebel or Contractor) - Contractor Group's Founder (You can only have one founder) - Psycho Group Founders Player UID (find UID here) - 76561198081049664 Group's members - Psycho, Plowzy, ChaoticSilver, Bio Peasant, WaterWithCorner (awaiting responses from other members) What we can expect to see from you on Altis - Keeping the citizens safe, removing weapons from criminals and supply drops before they get into the wrong hands, assisting the Police in any and all active bank robberies, shooters and whatever we are called upon for. We will patrol around illegal areas to capture any criminals and hand them over to the Police. We will also assist new players with getting started so their experience isn't terrible and are more likely to stay on the server giving everyone more chances to roleplay. Roleplay backstory of the group (optional) - Casual Shitters is a team formed by ex Sergeant of the NATO Forces, Psycho. Psycho and his team have left the Army to be Private Military Contractors and help the citizens and Police of Altis.