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    Not with StrayaGaming, no.
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  3. Back with my favourite role today. The SNIPER!
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    Hi, Max. Hope 3g is treating you well.
  5. So you think you have what it takes? Here's a quick overview of the many parts of being a transport pilot in Invade & Annex. This will conclude my transport pilot series in formality but I will be doing FAQs, addendums and tips & tricks as I go along. Hopefully this series helped many of you become better pilots and enabled you to dip your toes into the world of transport pilot. As always, don't panic, put in plenty of practice and you'll be having a blast before you know it.
  6. Hey everyone, hope you're having a lovely Easter and for those of you with a long weekend may your rests be long and beers cold and delicious. Starting the Easter weekend with belters this week. The Transport Pilot and some early training clips of me in CAS. Transport pilot has other parts and I will try and get them out this weekend. Part 5.1 - Getting Started as a Transport Pilot & Learning to Fly Helicopters Also: Easter bonus video for fun. CAS TRAINING DAY 1 - AIR TO GROUND:
  7. Part 3 - The Machine Gunner And the first Whitelisted Role: Part 4 - The Medic Transport coming next.
  8. Permission has been received to post this here. Hey gamers, After picking up Arma 3 again after a few years away I've decided to put together a comprehensive guide to Invade & Annex for absolute beginner's and people who have never played before. I also hope that "veteran" player will learn a thing or two through this series as it progress. I will be covering ALL roles in detail throughout this series, so sit back, grab a beer and enjoy. Side Note: For roles I'm not 100% familiar with I will be getting assistance from other community members in-game, so be on the look out on Discord for me requesting help. I will be spending one week in every role to ensure I can be as comprehensive as possible. Finally, for whitelisted roles, I will be completing multiple mini-series so people can learn them (i.e. transport) outside of public servers and be comfortable in the role in its entirety before selecting the role in public. These tutorials are for YOU and to be inclusive. If you have feedback or comments or want anything else covered just reply here or get my in-game. See you on the battlefield. Part 0 (OPTIONAL) - How to Join a Public Server SinisteR's Arma 3 Multiplayer Tutorials - Part 0 - How to Join a Server Part 1 - Getting Started SinisteR's Arma 3 Multiplayer Guide - Invade & Annex - Part 1: Getting Started Part 2 - Rifleman and Core Mechanics (30 mins+) SinisteR's Arma 3 Multiplayer Guide - Invade & Annex - Part 2: The Rifleman and Core Mechanics