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    AX760 handle the 980s OK? Insert "Kappa" here?
  3. RiddimWise

    Well, Until that day By then Pascal will dwarf the gfx race.... If it's released as scheduled
  4. RiddimWise

    Thanks Snowwiiee Will do mate.
  5. RiddimWise

    You're not wrong! Cheers @Samayueren!
  6. RiddimWise

    Hey StrayaGaming! I have to admit, I very rarely join gaming forums unless I have been on their servers for 3+Months or know members personally - But my experience on StrayaGaming servers has been so good, that an active forum presence is easily warranted. I've recently moved to Darwin with my girlfriend, losing NBN and moving to the dark ages of Bush ADSL. Games most played these days are Rust, ARMA3, CS-GO, MC, GarrysMod, H1Z1 and when in the mood to glitch through stairs DayZ I have been on the Invade & Annex server for a week or so now and have experienced not only a great ping (Yes, I was surprised) but also a fantastic online community. The pilots TS3 channel are a great bunch and I've already had more than a few late nights shooting shit and shooting the shit... Just wanted to take the time to say "Hey!" and congratulate StrayaGaming and their community on creating such a welcoming, stable and actively managed environment - This is rare in today's times and should be recognised! Many thanks! RiddmWise
  7. RiddimWise

    Hey Hey New in these parts! This is the current Rig.. Building another the moment Pascal arrives RiddimWise