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  1. Mr Lispy

    maybe add a mortgage payment system that needs to be payed for houses and rego for cars and have it that paying (subscribers only) can pay it all together in 1 place (donator DMV or something) while non subscribers have to go to both the mortgage broker, and the rego man. maybe even have it implement to an online portal so both free and subs can see how much they owe and when its needed to be paid before its due but subscribers can pay it from the portal, and free players dont? there is no real advantage since both free and subs get access to the portal and can see exactly when its due and how much, the only difference is subs can pay it on the portal, or ingame in 1 spot while free players have to go to indivual buildings etc. Just a brainstorm idea.
  2. Mr Lispy

    the OG clean map, ability to build on the Gunstores, and Happiness will return :) Simples
  3. Mr Lispy

    Wasteland should go back to the Basic File.. no extra buildings or anything. just allow people to build their own towns type thing. my favourite time was when Central stratis was almost barron with only a very small amount of buildings.
  4. Mr Lispy

  5. Mr Lispy

    damn, was really keen watching the development and it looked so good
  6. Mr Lispy

    is strayalife still being developed or is it already in game and i havnt noticed when i joined last?
  7. Mr Lispy

    i think its set that way so when players are on, they dont get drawn away do to it being impossible to win with small amount of players, if there was a script that detected when the server was, say, 10 people, then made it a requirement to hold 2 objectives, then it would be sweet
  8. whos up to join me sometime for some multicrew?
  9. Mr Lispy

    youll find that its more then enough! the AO system on Tanoa is different and perfect for small to large groups
  10. Mr Lispy

    it gets around 15+ at night times, its when most of us go on to play Tanoa I&A. personally i find it better in general but the lack of playerbase during the day sucks.
  11. Mr Lispy

    so, hows this whole strayalife going?
  12. Mr Lispy

    im playing now if anyone is available
  13. Mr Lispy

    Hay! i was wondering if these Clientside Extensions could be Allowed: JSRS 4 Apex Dynasound 2* Enhanced Soundscape* CBA 2 (dependency*)
  14. Mr Lispy

    Quoted from myself on:
  15. Mr Lispy

    The Savagery