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  1. languini

    I think we need to restart up the OG Straya gaming Altis life I Think the server owners should reconsider reopening the server if everyone is willing to play again.
  2. languini

    imagine reporting someone on cqc
  3. languini


    sick montage
  4. languini

    I love how staff are even toxic towards a recruitment post and I love how people call us 12 even tho most of us are 14 to 16
  5. languini

  6. languini

    Rank: pubbs Badge Number (If applicable): none Reason for being blacklisted (If unknown, write what is written in the database): Unknown Why did you do what you did: i do not know and i do not know what i did Why should you be allowed back, given what you did (Min 75 words): I would love to be let back into medic because i'm good and like helping out people with a helping hand, also i like contributing in helping out all the players i can and like giving a positive tone to anyone who talks to me. Whatever i don't remember what i got blacklisted for and there is no documentation on what i did but whatever i did i regret doing it and i promise too not do it again. I have also read over the rules many times now so i don't make the same mistake i did when i was blacklisted and for bitten to play medic again. What can you bring back to the APS (Min 100 words): What i can bring back to the APS is, i'm am going to help out the community with medic role play and i will not break a rule ever again. I will have a positive tone on everyone. I will also try not to get angry at anyone and bring a good vibe to the medics and support them in what they are doing. and i also enjoy Role Playing as a medic and would like to continue to gain my hours up to get white listed and try to get up those roles by contributing as a medic role playing and be positive
  7. languini

    Cause i made it
  8. languini

  9. languini

    Nice video @Jaydos
  10. languini

    ok @InfamousNova
  11. languini

    Yes @InfamousNova
  12. languini

    He made the video I Edited it
  13. languini

    ok @Kontrasts i knew that
  14. languini

  15. languini

    Are they going to add any jets from the DLC on straya gaming altis life @InfamousNova