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    Knockdown glitch/bug

    https://gyazo.com/c63fc275c9a54abf6a3f5f83d0e66e68 Doesn't even pull a weapon from his holster?
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  5. Jarrod002

    Officer Holski is a extremely capable officer, with his great deication to the APD and academy. I highly recommend him for promotion!
  6. Jarrod002

    I have personally fought beside and patrolled with Officer Maverick and I nothing but Positive things to say about Maverick. He is a very dedicated and loyal player towards the APD and greater Strayagaming community he was also apart of academy helping to improve it to what it is today, I hope to continue to see Maverick perform at his high level of standards.
  7. Once you have reached Senior Constable you get the abilty to buy the Spar 17 but not the mags this has been a unresolved typo on the server for a while now. I was wondering when this was getting to get fixed as it is starting to get really annoying having to ask Sergeants for mags.