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How to Group Up and co-ordinate: Blufor

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Jereleet    25

I'm putting this here in the hopes that new players to the server see it and adapt accordingly.
I know the title is Blufor specific, but new players on all sides can benefit from this.


In recent weeks I've been playing a lot more Blufor to try and counter the stack somewhat.
What I've found is that, all the new players to the server, generally end up on Blufor as Opfor is full and new players tend to not want to be Indi as they don't know anyone (cause they're new).
We've had a lot of new players come through wasteland over the last 2 months.

These new players are often just as good, if not better, than the Opfor regulars and the Indi elites, but they find themselves ungrouped, outnumbered and outgunned. Which ends up in them being overwhelmed.
They often don't know how to or don't pay attention to the written side/global chats.
So I'll make my way over to them and walk them through how to join group, over direct voice chat.

9 times out of 10, this works, and they join group and instantly become more effective on the battlefield.
However I'm finding I'm having to do this 6 - 7 times every session when I play Blufor. Which is fine, I don't mind showing new players the ropes, but it does eat up time and puts my side at a disadvantage.
Not to mention the obvious danger of giving away your position whilst having a chat in direct voice chat.

There is a small group of dedicated Blufor players that are generally grouping up, but there's always a lot of first timers, or new players on Blufor. If this sounds like you, then read on.

So, new Blufor players, if you read this, please follow these steps when you join wasteland if you are interested in grouping up with your fellow Bluforers:

1. Press the tilde key (looks like this ` or this ~), its under the escape key and next to the number 1 key.

2. Click on the group management button.

3. Either accept any pending group invites, or if none are there, start inviting your team to group up.

4. Dominate the server.

Once in a group, you can benefit from group channel voice chat (use the <> bracket keys to change chat channels and hold caps lock to voice or press / to type), instantaneous positional pings (by pressing shift+T) and better co-ordination.
Not to mention the small benefits the group leader gets in terms of information on group makeup (both classes and current vehicles).

In the instances where I've been able to get a medium sized Blufor group together, we've done well and it has been, pretty much a level playing field with Opfor and Indie's.

I'll continue to play on Blufor in the hopes of keeping this momentum going, just hoping that some new players might check here for info and catch this.

Stay leet.

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