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  1. Jereleet

    Can't wait, those russian AA tanks are devastating!
  2. Jereleet

    *hugs Aidan*
  3. Jereleet

    Yeah for sure, no disrespect taken. I know a lot of people grumble about mines, I too grumble when I get killed by mines at key locations, but they're part of the game, that's just how it is. I've lost vehicles just as I pull them out of storage, which sucks, that's one of the places when vehicles are most vulnerable, at least for heli's. But getting constantly bombarded at the gunstore, sucks more. Which is why I always seek to block them with fortifications and mines. If a tank wants to assault a gunstore, it needs to be ready to pay the price. So I guess, given that, I agree with you in a sense. If Jacob wants to develop a timer, I wouldn't be opposed to it.
  4. Jereleet

    Great re-cap webbie, makes me feel like I was actually there. Sad I missed it, I was talking to Apache about it, I'll def make the next one. Love me a good ARMA race.
  5. Jereleet

    Oh ok, I've been too chicken shit to get anywhere near that close to any missions...
  6. Jereleet

    Sluggah, I assume you are referring to the south gunstore and the camp Maxwell hill? Two viable counters I can think of (and use) for this, are just putting up a few canal walls or hesco barriers, which are indestructible and stop the tanks being able to shoot in, or if you can't be stuffed with that, just put slam mines all over the camp Maxwell hill, and AP mines around the vehicle storage. That will put a stop to them pesky tanks from storage.
  7. Jereleet

    That update was a good one, missions are far more attainable now. I did a couple on the weekend, if you stay more than 600 meters away, and find semi decent cover, the AI will struggle to hit you. They will start moving towards you and attempt to flank you, which is good. If you can't get them all quickly, you need to re position, which is a nice challenge. Sniping is now a viable option for missions.
  8. Jereleet

    no nerds on that server, just hardcore mofo's.
  9. Jereleet

    Really like the sounds of this wasteland event DJ, sounds similar to the one I suggested a while back, strayagaming vs the world. Anyways, I'll be there.
  10. Jereleet

    Cool calendar Deej! Lookin forward to a free jet on wasteland ?
  11. Jereleet

    Only just catching up on all this now. My experience on the server has been that the weapon spawns are spot on. In my first spawn, on the server when I first started, I think I spawned in Houdan, couldn't find a gun in that town, but I did find bag, clothes, and food. Ran to the next town Dourdan, (both are relatively small towns), I found 9mm pistol and a Vermin. Both with ammo. Then I found a suppressor and SMG scope for the Vermin. I was pretty pumped. From that point I just made my way to the safe zone and tried to co-ordinate with other players. Since then I've had no issues finding weapons lying around. There is like a small 1 room, light blue coloured guard house kinda building at the entrance to the safe zone. I've noticed this building has a shotgun spawn in it 50% of the time I check. The other 50% of the time its either a pistol or some food. So good building to check. I understand this is just my experience, but I have heard from others who have been on that have had similar. I don't agree that every single spawn you have, you should find a gun in the first town you spawn in. Sure it is nice if you do, but I don't think there is anything wrong with sneaking out, making the 5 - 10 minute run to the next town and finding one there. Malden's not a massive map. The towns aren't far apart.
  12. Jereleet

    Cool fog and weather effects from Strayagaming, Arma 3, exile mod.
  13. Jereleet

    I agree with this point completely. It should be difficult, visceral, and plenty of room for things to go wrong. PvEvP, is the most difficult. In terms of spawning in a quad bike, the way webbie has it at the moment is you can spawn in a mountain bike, I think that is enough. Wouldn't want to make it to easy. At the moment, I've noticed vehicle spawns are on the map yes, but quite rare. In 3 - 4 hours of game play, I cam across 1 vehicle that wasn't a bicycle or part of a mission. I would say that is rare enough, or almost too rare. So yes, I agree. Dunno about this, it's starting to sound a bit like Altis Life, I don't like Altis Life. As to your last few points about missions, sure, all of that can be incorporated, if webbie is up for it. Certainly wouldn't hurt gameplay.
  14. Jereleet

    We did well last night guys, got pretty hairy there towards the end when everyone started running out of ammo and we were getting hit from the north, south and west at the same time, but we had great medics and good co-ordination, I had lots of fun.