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    Wild Wednesday - Community Zeus - May 1st

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    Snohman    46

    1/5/19 - 6pm AU/8pm NZ a Zeus Operation will be run on the events server.

    Operation Red Fang


    Last Sunday, NATO forces engauged one of our senior generals on Tanoa.

    In retaliation we are to Kill or capture 2 NATO VIP's.We have intel to indicate the VIP's are frequenting local towns with only small protective teams.

    You are to insert via helicopter, kill or capture the target and then extract.

    We have a captured V-44 VTOL on station as gunship support to defend from any NATO response.


    To be advised - Note you will need RHS US and RHS AFRF mods


    1x Armed V-44 VTOL

    2x MI-8 Transports with ground teams


    CSAT Urban, Viper, or Russian



    Edited by Snohman
    MI-8 transports not MI-28s
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