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    1. Snohman

      THE GUNS OF NAVERONE ZEUS NOTES: 1- Designed as a night mission, usually start at 20:00. - not sure of the setting , but please "equip flashlights" to AI. 2- Environment -> post process -> "brown is real" or "Black and white" MISSION OBJECTIVE: HIstorical mission. In the leadup to the modern conflict, we recall one of the first engagements that started this bloody conflict. CSAT had been antagonising us politically for months. As an act of defiance, and to spit in the face of the proposed peace treaty, they are setting up a battery of 3 bunkered naval guns on the west coast of Maldern. These Guns are set to cripple our trade routes when the Gun Guidance system come online. To engauge openly however risks all-out war. 1. Night HALO insertion. land at town and secure vehicles. Supressed weapons are essential. 2. Infiltrate Radar Guidance station and clear. rig explosives but DO NOT DETONATE. set the timer and move on with stage 3.; 3. Move down and Destroy 3 Naval gun positions. The enemy may have prepared for a larger attack, so stay off the empty paddocks as these are likly mined. Stick to the roads and destroy any enemy logistics traffic encountered. A heavy enemy response is expected if something happens with the guns, so co-ordinate the demolition charges. all three guns should be destroyed within 3 minutes from first charge to last. 4. Extract via boat. MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: MALDEN -> West coast. custom locations. will email over the mapfile on request SQUAD SETUP: 3 assault squads. 1 engineering / demolitions squad V-44 used for insertions, however no ongoing drone/ air support is expected. WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Historical mission so trying to keep things a bit old school; 1. No Thermals & No bergen backpacks 2. No NVG Prefered. Weapon lights tracers and flares encouraged 3. No grenade launchers except for flares. dumbfire rockets (RGP7 or RPG42) only. 4. MK14 w/ Iron sights should be standard issue rifle, Zafir for the MG/HMG role.
    2. Snohman

      Sound like this could be fun, I'm definatly interested in giving it a go of being a Zeus if the chance came up. couple of questions: Are we able to provide scenario's with Mod's. is there a list you could state which mod's are open for support ? ones which come to mind are; iron front (WWII) operation trebuchet (halo) there is only war (WH 40K) RHS CUP (ie; CUP terrains such as Chernarus) TFR archillies / ares Are there any issues with running the forces as OPFOR / Independent rather than Nato? Are there any issues if we made it a compeditive PvPvE type mission? If designing our own map, whats the best way to share it for review? / are there any local checks we can do when drafting to make sure the scenario isn't cripplingly slow to the server with assets (dynamic simulation settings / ect..)
    3. Snohman

      going on @decibel_spl's comment thet the FOB doesn't get used enough, most of the time it feels like it's only a resupply mission and doesnt effect the main mission gameplay that much. I've mentioned it a couple of times, but i'd love to see more that just the standard "outpost" style FOB. so my though are that we get a number of different ones that can rotate through, each with it's own pro and con: Ironside spawn - cut the drive from 10 days down to 10 minutes. put a number of tanks here (more than normal) so we could have a proper blitzkrig once everyso often. much like we have the infantry only "kavala" mission, i'd love to see a fast pace tank battle every once in a while. FARP (Forward air refuelling point) - fully stock this one to get guns for your hummingbird. or a blackfoot. the attack helo's that get won with the side missions get swatted pretty quick, and i'd love to be able to see them / play them in action more.(just look at the MQ12, it usually get shot down before it even get's anywhere near the AO). you could lock them to unguided weapons only if you were that concerned with balance. IDAP Tent city. roll out the IDAP food and water bottles. @pkisbest and @Crag_r need to atone for their war crimes at some stage. maybe you could resupply this to help the civvies once in a while. Convoy staging point. trucks around, bring some fuel and ammo and you might eb able to run a side mission to bring a convoy back to the airfield. Artillary firebase. move the Scorcher or MLRS close to the AO for quicker and more accurate fire missions. AN/MPQ-105 Radar base. get the radar running and it'll data-link targets for tanks and CAS "USS Liberty" Destroyer Ship. resupply a ship. fire support from the deck gun. boat spawn. amphibious attacks on an AO could be fun. the other option is that the FOB could be placed as the main "LZ" for an AO. somethign for the pilots to aimn for. often it's quite away from the AO, so we dont even bother with it. if it were placed right on the edge of the AO area, or was given a substantial points boost for drops, then i think it would be used heaps more frequently. you could even have the enemy "push back" and try capture the FOB as a secondary type of defend mission. also having a look and seeing there are about 4 or 5 threads about changing up the FOB, i think most of them are asking for a medical revive location at them
    4. Snohman

      Good point Goose. will have to try that next time i'm in the mood to make it rain. that said, you still have to setup out at the AO becuase you cant assemble things at the airfield. I totally support @War Machine's point. the MK6 gunner spot is the only one that isn't set up to get right into the fight and i definalty support a dedicated vehicle being there ready to go. One of the major frustrations with the role is having to spend all that time getting the gear ready before you have to drive out. god helpyou if it's sofia, Oreokastro or feres. even more frustrating is that some of the cars wont even load in backpacks when they are empty (looking at you quillin) I'm definatly in support of either a truck or 4wd with one setup in the tray, or at least the backpacks already stashed in a vehicle. that said, if i had an option, i'd have the below setup with the recon nyx.....
    5. Snohman

      I think the original complaint is more because of the ability to find "safe" overwatch positions near-enough to the AO. while not something which you can easily avoid, I think the change recently put in with the red smoke and then mortars definatly helps with keeping peoples heads down and preventing the land-camp-rollover-repeat type situation whitch does turn into a bit of a grind especially when there are heap of people on. I don't think limiting the scopes should be the solution. i'm more for "blurring" the edges of the AO so people can't just pick out a "safe" overwatch to shoot from. if there's a high point near an AO and fire coming from it. bring in the CAS strikes, or viper drops, or minefields... maybe an enemy "quick reaction force" on quads or 4wd's to head out when the shooting is detected?
    6. Snohman

      waiting to see one of these for the hellcat or Y32. think they would be sexy as
    7. Snohman

      We're all waiting on you for a P-Chan skin for the ADR
    8. Snohman

      for the jeeps
    9. Snohman

      Get rid of the jets! Disagree, i quite enjoy being able to call in heavy support from cas or artillary and think it's definatly got it's place in a combined arms type engaugement. i would like to push for more dog-fighting with the jets though, so less missiles and more cannons. I would like to see some of the attack helicopters added to the jet rotation. with the same CAS rules, if the pilot is only dealing with dumbfire rockets and only the gunner can use the autocannon then i think it's be pretty fair. Get rid of the VTOL's except for the Vehicle Blackfish. yes and no. get rid of the infantry blackfish yes. I'm quite a big fan of the unarmed Y-32's because they take quite a lot of skill to fly well. i'd actually love to see the vehicle Y32 added as an unarmed transport vehicle. if i were setting the spawn, i would setup a RHIB and a quillin right next to it to reduce confusion on what it's load capacity is. again, i think adding a lightly armed one to the fighter pilot rotation might be interesting. Have the Taru & Huron spawn separately & have more pods (Medical, Bench & Transport) I agree with this, but just think the existing pods and huron loads could be spread out and better utilised. maybe a need to resupply side missions and include cargo in transport points? Have the Hellcat on spawn rotation with the Little Bird. Have 2-3x Ghosties spawning, With gunner AI in non-player usable Seats. i agree with both of these. but someone is going to have to add a hello kitty skin for the hellcat
    10. Snohman

      thinking about it more; i would like to see some changes so it isn't always a straight-up fob. possibilities could be: - Idap refugee camp - field hospital - Prison camp - forward artillary point - local police depot
    11. Snohman

      i would love to see it set up as a bit more of a mash outpost. Main spawn has the ghosthawks and the big aircraft, but activate the fob to get the side mission little bird, some technicals (both the .50 cal and the recoiless) and maybe a hellcat for transport. having it as the drop point for medical evac's and prisoners also seems to make more sense. the new IDAP tents could help out here aswell. I'm not a fan of the "small" fob counter attack idea because i think it will add frustration if you get picked off by one guy after driving a slow tank all the way out there and hopping out for a rearm in what should be a defended base. either add some AI to defend or leave it as somewhere we can assume is safe. I think a much better way to implement it would be for the FOB's to have a proper defend mission within the normal mission rotation. i think the rush to reinforce it as one mission ends and it begins would be quite fun, especially if the pilots are doing rushed landings, quickropes of parachutes.
    12. Snohman

      I would rather see the FSG as the "Forward Observer" and have them call in artillary over the radio system. you could then have an AI based system or even one of the virtual support providers, so it might be easier on the server. You could then add restrictions or bonus' depending on side missions / kills/ civilian or friendly fire. ie; start you can only call in HE motars using the support requester function, but if you resupply the FOB then you might get 120mm guided shells available. complete a side mission and you get a cluster round. hit firendlies and you get re-set back to motar smoke for 2 minutes....
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