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    1. Snohman

      @slep. cheers on the updates. can you have a lookat these for the next round there are 3 -4 bugged roles that spawn into seagull. the role engineer alpha-3 does it consistantly for me, but think there have been some others ones aswell. can we have a safe zone (no shooting / grenades) within 100m of petros / spawn? is it possible to disable dead-man switch on disconnect of player.
    2. Snohman

      @Andre Actual had a look at the australia map, though used this version via steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1182728989 surprised at the quality of the map, far better than most of those listed above. it's a 2GB download, and could work well as and I&A missions. got a good mix of hills and towns, though not to many forrested areas. this is definatly had more though to it that the map that came as part of the global mobilisation DLC,
    3. Snohman

      I, for one, welcome our new alien overloads. so a return to the traditioinal stye DLC from bohemia, a first contact themed pack that is compatible with vanilla. from what i've seen so far it should be able to be used with players who don't have the DLC rather than the whole lock-out style that global mobilisation had. means we should be able to add some new mechanics into our I&A missions. not a huge ammount of content, ie; 5 guns, 2 cars, 1 drone, a new map and a whole bunch of new map buildings. the new map, looks approx 12 x 12km which is slightly larger than tanoa. Set in eastern europe, alot of the new building assets definatly have a cherno vibe to them. Airport in the North west looks like this map already is a step above global mobilisation and shouldnt be to hard to add to the I&A map rotation. the two items that peaked my interest is the addition of NBC suits, and decontamination. that cool if it's only a skin, but if they have added gameplay mechanics to that, it would be awesome to add to the possible side missions or zeus options. the second item is the addition of more electronic warefare equipment. a spectrum analyser is shown in one of the screenshots provided which could add to the gps jamming mission. and there is talk of proper scramblers, jammers and radios in the dlc info pack. i'm hoping that might add some TFAR type dynamics to the vanilla radios. anyway they whole theme could be good for a "spooky saturday" dynamic. it's currently got a 10% Discount on steam, but at $31.49, its certainly at the more expensive end for what seems like a fairly limited pack
    4. Snohman

      Unsung mission, pity i didn't see the napalm strike
    5. Snohman

      20.8 GB download... ok i think a pigeon with a USB drive is going to be the fastest way to get a hold on this.
    6. Snohman

      Ok plebs, ive done the legwork. see below and recoil in horror because it's all opinion and therfore you are wrong. note - Altis is 270km2. Stratis is 20km2, Tanoa is 100 km2 and malden is 62km2 Vidda - 400 km2 (20km x 20km) - 3.89gb This is set up as a northern scandinavian area with the map considsting of a number of valleys surrounded by high alpine plateu. the high plateu is snow covered and has little to no assets in the vast majority of this higher area. all of the detail has been put into the valley areas, some of which have come up ok, and have some interesting features such as an underground bunker. there are a number of unfinished roads that just dont lead anywhere. unfortunatly the map maker has used a "wet roadway" texture aswell which, along with ALOT of repeated rock textures as cliff faces, it really draws you out of the experience. the grassy textures and snow textures in the video above are great when viewed from a distance, but not actually detailed up close. theres also only really the one main airbase which you want as both the spawn and as an interesting objective. this also doesn't feel anywhere like as big as it claims to be while flying around. probably a 6/10 map. note that the makers say it is in development, and i agree it should be left until it gets to a better state i think there are better options out there. thumbs down. Lythium - 400 km2 (20km x 20km) - 1.43 gb + requries JBAD 1.91 gb Mountainous middle eastern / far eastern europe vibe. Two MASSIVE airfields, rolling hills, scattered towns with good sizes so you can include urban contact aswell as countryside. some big hills and terrain matching the vegitation to some degree. some areas have big distances to cover so vehicles and choppers will be a must. unlike some of the others, it doest feel deliberatly spaced out though to create a larger map. feels alot larger than some of the other maps. Jbad mod is a bunch of ARMA2 buildings that have been re-skinned and bought up for use in Arma 3 maps. not bad, but known history of glitchy doors trapping people Thumbs up, but door glitchy Bozcaada - 400 km2 (20km x 20km) - 171 Mb (small) This map is another island surrounded by water. the actual island is probably only about 50km2 (5km x 10km). island is very detailed using the current assets with a number of interesting locations. fits a gap somwhere between stratis and maldern. this map looks to be on par in terms of quality levels with the bohemia stock maps. Thumbs up, but probably to small. definate bonus is the small size and the lack of dependency on other mods CUP Terrains Map pack - CUP terrains -core (593mb) and and CUP terrains -maps (3.26gb) the good; Takistan - 13km x 13km - good application of a middle eastern terrain, and my favourity from this map pack. definatly a new fighting environment and Bystrica - 8km x 8km small map with hilly terrain. tanoa camo would work with the trees. good number of interesting locations, though river through 1/3 of the map shrinks usefull area. good but probably a bit small. the meh Sahrani - 20 km x 20 km . good mix of terrains, a number of interesting urban areas. uses arma 2 style buildings and walls so feels a bit out of place compared to the stock arma 3 maps Chernarus (summer/ spring / winter options) - 15km x 15km. familiar to alot of players, i would prefer somewhere new and different the rejects; United Sahrani - 20 km x 20 km. Identical to the above Sahrani, although a number of buildings and bridges are now blown up making it harder to get around. not much benifit over the original Southern Sahrani 10km x10km cut-down of the sahrani map above. Zargabad - 8km x 8km - interesting area, dominated by a large centralised airfield and town. really only has 2 different mission "area" so wouldn't suit an ongoing I&A server Takistan Mountains - 6km x 6km. interesting but sparce map. only 2 mountain passess, this doesnt have enough locations to and will get played out pretty quickly Rahmadi - 5km x 5km map, however island is only 2km x 3km. to small Porto - 5km x 5km map, however island is only 1km x 3km. to small Utes- 5km x 5km map, however island is only 2km x 3km. to small Desert - 2km x 2km - to small Shapur - 2km x 2km - to small Proving Grounds - 2km x 2km - to small Bukovina - 2km x 2km - to small Malden - rehash of the arma 2 malden map. we already have the stock malden map on rotation Falluja - 100km2 terrain (10km x 10km), 16 km2 of city in the middle(4km x 4km). 200mb, however, needs CUP terrains -core (593mb) and and CUP terrains -maps (3.26gb) to work You get a main airfield, a bunch of fields and large irrigation channels, and a massive city. sure would be fun for a couple of op's, but to me looks like it would get very same-y quickly. there is some diversty in the buildings, but they are still the stock assets. beyond roads and a couple of fences, the map makers havent made much of an effort to make the building feel like they belong there. very much just asset placed on flat area. some of the areas, particularly in the industrial area are literally just a bunch of crates placed randomly. i think there are better options out there. thumbs down. Iron front Map Pack- CUP terrains -core (593mb) + IFA3_AIO_LITE (3.96 gb) theres about 30 maps, i'm getting bored and sober, so I'm going to skip the winter maps, as only the csat guard infantry have anything close to winter camo.i'm also skipping anything smaller than 6kmx6km because f*you. The good Staszow, poland 1944. 16km x 16km. detailed rolling terrain. no big hills to hide on, but detailed farmland and lots of local towns mean good chances of interesting locations and events the not worth it Baranow, poland 1944 8km x 8km. detailed, but very little terrain height variation, Pella Region, Greece 10km x 10km. rolling terrain. too few locations. obviously made from an old google earth sat image so the ground colours are flouro where they shouldnt be. Tobruk, libya. 10km x 10km. rolling terrain. too few locations El Alemain - 10km x 10km. desert, very few locations of interest and some obvious glitches such as roadways suddenly going vertical down the face of a trench. good for a tank battle but not much else Montherme, Ardennes 1940. 10km x 10km. heavily forrested maps, but few real interesting fighting points. no airfields. some glitches like floating trees Volkhov Forrest, russia. 6km x 6km. too few locations Weferlingen - 20x20km Terrain of Area that came out with the DLC Global mobilisation today. 20GB! however includes vehicles/ equipement/men/ ect. NOTE - THERE IS A NEW DLC MENU IN THE LAUNCHER WINDOW, (SIMILAR TO THE MOD MANAGER)> GO HERE TO ACTIVATE THIS DLC ONCE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IT Obviously, this map looks similar to the ones in the Iron front map pack, but on a much higher quality and much larger scale. Large forrest areas, scattered with small towns, fields, occaisional canals and road. definatly big enough to create an I&A mission on. the problem here is that there is almost no verticality. no hills you can climb to get better view, or hide your helicopter behind. its almost completly flat. this also adds the problem, that now you have zero easily distinguishable visual markers for aircraft. there's a "borderwall" which cuts the map into two halves, however it's not highlighted on the map, and there are no road crossings across it? alot of roads just end. why wouldn't you add something interesting like a checkpoint? the map has a bunch of small towns, but no real "set pieces". there are no airstrips, helipads, industrial sites, military bases, or any other "interesting sites" worth fighting over. Having a quick skirt round in the editor with the folage disabled (ctrl+G) shows there isn't even anything interestign hiding in the large forrest areas. I'd probably look at spending ~ 20 hours adding buildings / places of intereste before you could use this as an I&A map. Thumbs down TLDR / Summary in order of go suck your drum: Lythium Takistan Bozcaada Staszow, Poland 1944. Bystrica mind you this is probably logrythmic preference, with lythium being better than the others by a long shot
    7. 1/5/19 - 6pm AU/8pm NZ a Zeus Operation will be run on the events server. Operation Red Fang OPFOR INTEL: Last Sunday, NATO forces engauged one of our senior generals on Tanoa. In retaliation we are to Kill or capture 2 NATO VIP's.We have intel to indicate the VIP's are frequenting local towns with only small protective teams. You are to insert via helicopter, kill or capture the target and then extract. We have a captured V-44 VTOL on station as gunship support to defend from any NATO response. MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: To be advised - Note you will need RHS US and RHS AFRF mods SQUAD SETUP: 1x Armed V-44 VTOL 2x MI-8 Transports with ground teams WEAPONS\UNIFORM: CSAT Urban, Viper, or Russian
    8. We all enjoyed the campfire and heli ride. stay tuned for the next installment
    9. Snohman

      not so much a map, but would love to do an Iron front I&A server for maybe a regular "throwback thursday" or something
    10. Snohman

      For Tanoa, could we get a predator skin for whitelisted infantry?
    11. 24/4/19 - 5pm AU/7pm NZ a Zeus Operation will be run on the events server under Noskire and assistance from myself. Operation Ramble A continuation from the first patrol, we have been asked to continue with our forrest patrols to try to reduce the FIA action against the locals. Intel found on the patrol may guide any further tasks. OPFOR INTEL: We are only expecting lightly armed enemy. typicaly syndicat or FIA bandits hang out in these forrest, however if any of the site have drug related works, then expect paramilitary elements on the enemies payroll. If we do come across any vehicles, they're likly to be 4wd's or trucks. MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: Tanoa. - Path TBA. SQUAD SETUP: Gendarmerie / POLICE 2x Police response squads (Police Uniforms and NATO Guns. no machine guns, no grenade launchers, Captured RPG's only). Police Offroads and Police Van's available for transport 1x Police Air-wing. Armed Orca. 2x 20mm cannon pods. (Only reload available at completion of first objective). Airwing to complete "reinforcements" where respawns are needed CTRG 1x CTRG squad. (NATO Equipement. Machine guns and Grenade launchers allowed . Captured RPG's only). CTRG Prowlers available for road transport. WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Police uniforms Pilot coveralls CTRG URBAN No Thermal Goggles. No Bergen backpacks. No Drones. Captured RPG's only
    12. Snohman

      Operation Iraklia MISSION OBJECTIVE: We have been tipped off that a rogue general is selling our Arms to some filty rebel forces. The arms deal is to go down at the abandonded Iraklia holiday villa. Our plan is to approach by amphibious vehicles across from the south east accross Pefkas Bay and take them by suprise, while avoiding any trap they may have set up on the approach roads. hopefully this combined arms assault will uncover where the base for the rebal forces is situated MAP/LOCATION PREFERENCE: Altis. Iraklia holiday villa SQUAD SETUP: 1x BMP + command squad 2x BTR assault squads WEAPONS\UNIFORM: Russian Floral. RHS AFRF weapons.
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