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Space Engineers Rules

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StrayaGaming – Space Engineers Rules

The use of common sense should be applied when playing on any StrayaGaming Space Engineers server. All decisions made by server staff are final and should be heeded in good faith. Punishments for any breaches of these rules are at staff discretion and may be appealed to a higher ranking staff member via our forums or discord.

General Rules

  1. Any methods used to intentionally lag the server are not allowed. Players should ensure that grids are appropriately spaced or stored when not in use. (i.e. !hangar).
  2. Players are not permitted to use SafeZone Blocks offensively (On Servers where they are available)(ie to raid).
  3. Safezones are prohibited to be used once combat has been initialized(by dec or shots being taken (See rule 7 for what constitutes combat being initiated)).
    3.1. Players are prohibited to declare combat against a grid with an active safezone
  4. Piston/Rotor Head Spam Cannons are prohibited.
  5. Scripts that cause too large of an adverse effect on sim speed are forbidden. You will be notified by staff if any running script needs to be removed.
  6. Offline raiding is prohibited. If a faction member is online all grids owned by their faction can be raided.
    6.1. Grids that don't get a Faction Safe Zone (FSZ) are exempt from offline raiding rules. To check what grids will get a FSZ type “/checkzones” in the chat.
    6.2. Attacking friendlies/stealing grids from allies is only permitted when they are online.
    6.3. If a faction member is online on 1 sector/shard but not the sector/shard the grid is on, then you can not raid/attack that grid until a faction member is online on that sector/shard.
  7. Combat Logging is prohibited (This is when you log off after the first shot on shield or grid OR a formal global chat declaration when either the attacking or defending player/s grid is within view/radar range (15km) of the grid they are planning to raid). Should you combat log the attacker or defender will be permitted to continue destroying/stealing the grid in question.
    7.1. Changing sector/shard to avoid combat is allowed as long as combat has not already been initiated.
    7.2. Due to the lengthy nature of the game, the following restrictions apply to the above:
          7.2.1. After 15 minutes, either side may raise staff via a discord ticket to request log off without consequences. If the other side are unable to get a response from service specific staff within 30 minutes, they may log off without consequences. Should a staff member respond they will make the determination as to when it is fair for you to log off without consequences.
          7.2.2. When making the above determination staff will consider the time of day, length of battle and the chance of success by all parties when permitting or denying the players to log off while in combat.
  8. You are not permitted to leave an armed grid within weapons range (10km) of a trader safe zone for extended periods of time (ie camp the trader zone).
  9. Spawning unnecessary respawn pods to salvage/farm/scout  components/blocks/items/ores/players is prohibited.
  10. Raiding other players is prohibited within the first 10 minutes of the server starting (exceptions may be made by staff for crashes mid raid).
  11. Exploiting to bypass any blocklimit is prohibited (ie BaR connector subgrid exploiting).

Rules written by the StrayaGaming SE Staff Team.
Rules effective 10/06/2024 @1:30AM AEST
 If you have any questions about the rules feel free to contact our staff.

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