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StrayaGaming Warlords

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StrayaGaming is proud to announce the addition of a Warlords server to our current list of pop-up servers. 


Warlords is a free, competitive multiplayer mode where two competiting teams attempt to capture the base of the opposing side. Players commence the match by joining either the NATO (BLUFOR) or CSAT (OPFOR) faction. Both teams then need to begin conquering AI controlled AAF sectors across the map to form a chain of linked sectors from their base, to the opposing faction's base. 


Throughout the match, players can earn Command Points by demonstrating their prowess on the battlefield and holding as many sectors as possible. The more sectors held by the team, the greater number of points they will have available to use on superior gear, vehicles and AI reinforcements. 


Server Name: StrayaGaming.com | Warlords

Connection information:


Have questions? Send a message to myself or @Turbanator and we would be happy to answer them.


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