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A.I at F.O.B

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Lewes    1

I know for tanker like Tank guy losing a A.I is bad. Often they will get killed through the amour of the tank and the only way to get them back is to head back to base or ask an admin to spawn one in so you can use it. I propose that the F.O.B will spawn with two Ironside A.I that tankers can use to take the dead ones place in the tank. These will spawn the second the F.O.B is deploy and it doesn't need any crates to activate the A.I.

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  • YeomanMaple    7

    Perhaps a button to summon/teleport an AI from the base might be better, as I think AI is meant to be a rather limited resource. It's probably a bad idea to have AI spawned at the FOB all willy-nilly, but it's certainly not a bad start.

    Given that losing your AI seems to be a problem, remember to heal your AI when given the chance after being hit numerous times or suffering a critical hit. The AI carry one first aid kit, which can be used by commanding them to "Treat Self" when on foot. After this, treating your crewman manually is necessary to continue, or just give him another first aid kit if you get the chance.
    Your AI should be treated as another component that needs to be repaired when damage is incurred. Best to keep them in working order rather than returning to the FOB to get another.

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