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Goose's ideas of questionable quality

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Goose_    31

Howdy all here's a few ideas which I've put together mainly focusing on different vehicles to add some more variety to the gamemode.

Additional Hellcat Variant


*Add a disarmed pylon variant of the hellcat to the heli rotation. This adds some variety to the heli rotation with this variant featuring FFV seats & a different seating layout

Mora APC


*Add the mora APC into carpark rotation It has the cannon of the kamysh minus the AT missiles. They're smallish and make for good fun running them in teams of two (Could also make a good side mission reward)

Battle Tractor

And to finish off a battle tractor / shitty technical side reward suggestion.


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  • Goose_    31

    Tacking on an extra suggestion for fast roping. Make it give a hint to the player when they rope out on what control is used to go down.

    This fixes the comedic situation of a new player asking how to go down while getting shot at

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