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    1. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Overall a pretty good event. The annoying things form the week before were fixed, and that's positive. Mission started pretty well. Things only really unravelled when people started to muck around (I respawned at one point to see two or 3 players blowing buildings up at he respawn point), which meant momentum faltered on a fairly difficult to coordinate op. As the numbers of people not focused increased the scenario got a bit tough to cope with. When the arty started dropping towards the end and no one was communicating I jumped off the server. In terms of future improvements, two things 1) Having the civilians wander off without a way to contain them added to the frustration (few players still active at that point) and people treating it like an I&A AO and doing their own thing. At the risk of overcomplicating it, maybe next time we could have squad slots with standard I&A composition (squad lead, medic, autorifleman, marksman, etc) and let trusted individuals recruit to fill their own squads. Limit each game to 3-4 squads.
    2. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Lots of arguments for and against. Where I'm coming from is that certain slots being filled by people who don't know how to do them end up raising aggravation levels. A pilot killing a load of infantry isn't only slightly worse than the only medic on medic on the field not playing the role. Couple of hours time on server before filling one of those slots that can cause widespread chaos would be a great idea!
    3. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Friday nights and weekends are always a bit more chaotic than other times. I had an in-game discussion tonight with Stephen and Wolvren about restricting some slots to players with a minimum number of server hours (say 50) over the busier periods. Maybe include medics, ironside and pilot slots as having minimum number of hours logged on server. If nothing else but as a way of eliminating frustration from the rest of us.. Thoughts?
    4. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Good effort Webbie. Obviously some frustrations for you but it all worked-OK despite them. I think it would be worth considering more role-dedicated slots. The C2 got a bit chaotic without squad leads and a OC.
    5. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Curious... don't think I've ever seen guided rounds. Maybe a bug? I'll investigate. How about the idea of spawning a friendly mortar pit occasionally (maybe 1 in 3 spawns) near the AO for the mortar gunner?
    6. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      I like it. Maybe alternate it with a friendly mortar position that can be operated by whoever is the Mortar slot. I'd also like to see more ammo variety. Laser guided rounds would be nice. And illumination rounds for night missions.
    7. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      I'd like to se vehicle and crate inventories become saveable to a player, the same way the arsenal is. Like the arsenal, saving inventories would considerably reduce the shagging around getting ready for missions. it would also encourage more re-supply in the AOs, rather than people spawning again when ammo is depleted by making it easier to resupply. Some specialist roles (like mortar gunners) need a specialist load out they can't carry individually at the moment. It would help playability. What do others think?
    8. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Yep, or it's a rendering bug at range. Either way, it sucks. I've had similar issues (at + 1100m). It's one thing to nag on the 'this is not a milsim server' drum, but not being able use legit tactics is just a bit crap.
    9. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      The issues bigger than that. I've put 120mm rounds through windows and people survive. The grenade lethality is pitiful, but maybe the blast damage values need tweaking?
    10. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      Suggestion Could we do something to improve grande lethality? They shouldn't be like JDAM going off, but not being lethal enough to take out anyone inside one of those shipping container HQ buildings is waaaay too underpowered. Your bog standard L2 grenade would be expected to shred anyone in a room that size.
    11. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      I'd like to see a prisoner cage at the FOB. It would be good to encourage prisoner-taking more without it being a hassle to take them all the way back to main. Being able to escort multiple prisoners would be useful too. Maybe add extra transport points for pilots hauling prisoners from the FOB to Main.
    12. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      No, that's not his view. Think carefully about what you're trying to do. If you want to have a simple server without too many restrictions on roles, then drop the existing squads from the role selection screen and simply have 16 auto rifle slots (or whatever the current count is), drop the three or four different titles for medics, and so on. And make it easy for people to switch between roles without having to log out and back in again in a different role. People want to play with 40 people in a group? No problem at all, but let those who don't be able to configure their group as they see fit with easy role selection without constantly having to invite group members back in when they log out to change roles. At the moment it's confused as to what it is trying to be. Either commit to having role restrictions and a squad-based quota system, or drop it all together and let people switch between roles. The present halfway house is not simple for newbies and it's not milsim. In the current config their are roles that aren't really different to any others (squad leaders and JTAC), and different roles that can basically all do the same thing. If your aim is to simplify, then do it properly. Or as an someone said to me once 'S&!T or get off the can.'
    13. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      I should have pointed out that since people can create groups however they like, the what I suggested above is really only so there is some role balance! Nothing would stop ARs rolling together etc. Also I think reducing the number of role titles that basically do the same thing (medic, paramedic, lifesaver) would make it easier for people to get their head around.
    14. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      You need to make the roles meaningful, while keeping some semblance or order to it. Think about a conventional org chart and emulate it, without making it too purist. Perhaps infantry sections of 10, with a leader role, a couple of fire teams and a medic. Each fire team should have a SAW (limit to 5.56 or 6.5), a grenadier and two riflemen (again, limit to 6.5 or less). One DMR per section (limit to .338, 7.62 or 6.5). Let leaders and medics can carry carbines, no one else. Have a fire support squad and limit them to heavy weapons (medium/heavy AT and MMG). Let the recon group use carbines and suppressors (restrict suppressors from everyone else). And restrict the ghillies to snipers! Require calls for fire to come from squad leaders or JTAcs via a restricted comms channel. Then there would be some sort of prioritisation going on. Better for everyone. And finally duplicate the role slots for those who are whitelisted.
    15. xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx

      I'm keen. Going to be off comms for a month but after that for sure.
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