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  1. LameSlayer

    Tonight : Tuesday 8th February 2020 8PM EDST 'Ghost-Hawk Down' a capture the flag mission NATO vs CSAT Insert your attacking team by Ghost-Hawk near or at the enemy base. Locate the enemy flag and load into your helicopter RTB and plant flag adjacent your own. Both flags must be present to win Small-arms and RPG-7 only Commence mission at home base Ghost Hawk will be provided by staff Weapon crate provided Re-spawn at home base or by beacon adjacent home base
  2. LameSlayer

    TODAY: Friday 31 Jan 2020 8pm EDST Capture the Flag NATO Vs CSAT 'Flag' is Team-Coloured Quad Small arms and RPG-7 only Unarmed vehicles and helicopters permitted only Teams to start match in home base; Suggest placing multiple beacons prior to commencement Victory achieved by collecting enemy quad and delivering to home base
  3. LameSlayer

    Money doesn't really matter when you have zeus
  4. LameSlayer

    Money really doesn't matter when you have zeus
  5. LameSlayer

    Yes, 100 AI per token That's my short reply, the long one follows. 100 AI kills would be my figure we're it up to me any less would be too cheap. 50 would be absolutely minimum to me. Very few players get tokens regularly. There are the top handful of players that are capable of getting multiple tokens per session but they are the exception. Players normally would die 5-10 times trying to get a token that way. Althoug it is possible to get a 100 AI kill-streak that's rare. The capture money is where I saw people collecting easy money in the past, not from missions. Late night or early morning, with every player teamed up. That was and is the cash farming method people use. I was about the only person to support the admin trying to change things up and posted my first post to say as much when territory money was halted. It was very unpopular and I think in hindsight, better to re-implement. There is risk involved in missions and that leads to deaths, both from the AI and players camping the mission. It's rare to see many players get 100 AI per session. Probably less common than 10 player kills. The same players that get 20+ kills per session rarely get many AI kills for instance. It's hard to do both missions and pvp simultaneously. While the high power vehicles that tokens buy are fun, they aren't magical. I think that missions should be a major part of wasteland, as a method of obtaining cash, weapons and vehicles, rather than buying everything with territory money. Buying a tank is easy. Being first to a mission and capturing it, on a busy server is risky. Chances are a player is camping it unless you are fast. I've been meaning to post about the token system for a while, I've spoken in game to Jereleet plenty, but not till now posted. It's an effective way to stop spamming of fully loaded jets, but some of the implementation is flawed. Specifically. - A Slammer UP costs $100k or $70k plus four tokens. -A T140 is 100k or 100k plus tokens. To me the tokens should give a big discount for buying tanks. I'm out of town and don't have the prices at hand so I won't try to recall all the peculiarities. There are more. The manned jet token prices are sensible. After all they are so vulnerable when rearming. Regards, LameSlayer, aka James
  6. LameSlayer

    As to the core question. No. Gun stores and gear stores should be separate. Equipment in Wasteland is meant to be acquired with at least some effort. It's a scavenge and survive type game mode after all. Notwithstanding my previous paragraph, there is something that fits a bit with your suggestion: A light mixed trader. The light mixed trader sells vanilla guns and gear: Guns up to 6.5mm, armor to lvl III, uniforms no better than a light ghilli, civilian vehicles. The central super settlement was and will be fine. It's still three stores and makes anyone who goes there at risk because it's a hot zone. Having one of these super settlements keeps the danger high. Having them everywhere just makes it a gear spam fest. Regards, LameSlayer aka James
  7. LameSlayer

    Although a dead thread, I'd like to comment. Good implementation of this concept. BTW, for those unfamiliar, The final implementation was: - 40 tokens for a suppressed sting with an ACO SMG - 30 tokens for a carrier lite and combat helmet. Both level III. I should note that part of the appeal of this was the increased carry capacity, on top of the armor itself. Personally I took one storage, then the armour, one more storage and finally the gun. Regards, LameSlayer aka James
  8. It- Add standard night vision to Titan and Verona. Remove the thermal offline notification for these and the designator. - Leave thermals out of drones and launchers. - Rotate the carrier 90°. The current landing approach is right over a gun shop, which is daft. Could consider placing it a bit further out, to cancel the bombardment from sea using tanks. - Tokens from 100 AI kills. I have posted in that thread. - A variety of helicopter load-outs such as perhaps: - 'Pawnee AT' 14 x Shrieker AP $30k - 'Pawnee OP' 1 x Scalpel 12 x DAGR $50 - 'Pawnee AA' 2 x ASRAAM $50K - 'Orca Auto-cannon' 20mm cannon $40k - 'Hellcat AT' 2 x Scalpel and miniguns $50k - 'Hellcat OP' 4 x Scalpel 12 x DAGR $75K 1 Token - Fix funny looking shop counters. Limeri bay, kill farm, Camp Maxwell. - Fix armament delivery at camp Maxwell gun shop. Static launchers spawn in tree or wall and blow up. - Variety of colours for vehicle spawns. Not every off-road should be red, currently they are. - Jet load-outs that are in between 'gun only' and fully loaded. As an example the black wasp is horrible for CAS with its high minimum speed and 20 mm cannon and the fully loaded version is OP, hence the 5 token price tag. A version with an intermediate load out would be ideal to include. Examples follow. - 'Black Wasp Bomber' Cannon, 2 x ASRAAM 2 x GBU $125k 1 Token - 'Wipe-out lite' Cannon 2 x Falchion, 7 x Shrieker AP 7 x Shrieker HE 2x GBU $125k 1 Token - 'Black Wasp Cluster' Cannon, 2 x ASRAAM 2 x CBU $125k 1 Token - 'Neophron Lite' Cannon 20 x Tratnyr HE 20x Tratnyr AP 2 x RBK-500F 2 x Sahr-3. $125k 1Token. Note the absence or ATGM on these loads. Those would require buying the fully loaded version. Regards, LameSlayer, aka James
  9. LameSlayer

    Hey, Although a lot of people are moaning about losing their money, I like the changes. I like that the map has been mixed around, it adds a little variety. I like that vehicles are more expensive and now worth more to collect rather than just buy. The incomes from holding territories was just making money too easy to collect so thumbs up there also. While the attempt to re-balance the price of incomes is welcomed, I'm not sure I could support the pricing as it apples to token vehicles. I think that needs a review and a much more considered token-price structure. Regards, LameSlayer