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    just wanted to say im a real OG and what the **** is happening to this community and its servers used to be maxed out all the time on everything WHERES THE OG'S
  2. Hello younglings fluxii here again to bring you some top notch memes... POST SOME THAT YOU HAVE MADE
  3. WTF! Pretty sure I sacrificed myself in a truck to destroy skynet?!
  4. Fish

  5. Fish

    It is as simple as implementing a limit/cooldown on when you can do a centre link mission.
  6. Fish

    The rules for the bank and federal reserve need to be simple and easy to understand for players, that way when engagement occurs players can keep a cool head and make sure they have a clear mind set of the rules.
  7. Fish

    Arma 3 came out in 2013...
  8. Fish

    good job lads!
  9. Fish

    Dodgy photoshop ? improve the design department
  10. Fish

    I am starting to feel like a meme god, meme god!
  11. Very valid points being made. I see it a lot in the side-chat and honestly it isn't a good look for Altis Life and our other services.
  12. Fish

    Mate they call me dominic terreto thats not my name
  13. Fish

    What a joker
  14. Fish

    We have been through a lot together Spectral on this fine server. It hasn't always been easy and we have had our issues here and there, but in the end we have all come together to make something great, even better. We are going in the right direction and personally I don't want you to move on from Altis life at all. [Sorry I'm selfish] That being said, at the end of the day most people on this server that play daily know that Straya gaming is like a second home and we all love it. We all want to see the server go in the right direction, and there have been many many changes recently that I believe are pushing us forward more then ever. Anyways I don't want to blubber on. Thanks for all your hard work and everyone else's hard-work in staff puts in. -Fishy
  15. Fish

    Okay okay piggy piggy. You think your cool sitting in your office pressing all the buttons. Come to the fed, boom boom boom all the piggies go down boom boom all the piggies go down. We dont need Sydney its a shit hole surrounded by peasents roming the streets in there 4 seat jeeps. You are in the sky all the time too scared to come down and fight like a man because last thing i remember is piggies cant fly. Silly pigs think they are fly going brt brt up in the sky but really they dont know how to have a real fight..... @TrueBlue @Bonez
  16. Fish

    Hahaha silly police. When you see me lone in a strider you better drop your donuts and run because the pirates are comin! @Bonez @TrueBlue
  17. Fish

    Nice of you to do that Roger, I am sure it is a good step in order for the police force to progress!
  18. Fish

    Good video. Only issue is whoever is reporting in the video keeps stumbling over his words
  19. Fish

    Okay mate. I didn't piss in anything. It was a bloodtest
  20. Fish

    I dont believe there is an issue with asking a medic to put me down as negative. Also I do not hear anything mentioned related to a so called "shiv" ?
  21. Fish

    No evidence. Come at me fools.
  22. I think at the moment the system works great.. It helps the players communicate and feel like they are actually there in the helicopter with the pilots. Cool suggestion tho, I remember halo jumping back on Arma 2 @InfamousNova @Fitz @Stryker
  23. Fish

    I will be there promoting my fish4poor boats
  24. Fish

    Love the adjectives used! WELCOME MATE