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    1. Corporal Kerry

      Oh OK, it is "Afghanit". Sorry about that.
    2. Corporal Kerry

      The Marid has a strange translation for the countermeasures. Афганит Translates as Afghani. This is very strange indeed. But what is it supposed to be? Just a strange and weird name. Forgive me if it is supposed to be that. Screenshot. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/753717586338464996/ED9015D869363C4EC2B03295BA9BDC47CE224396/
    3. Corporal Kerry

      If you are running the separate Contact optional DLC that has aliens, you cannot play online or use any other mods. So no aliens on I&A. But we can use the Russian Federation units and the new weapons. Just not the Spectrum device and the artifacts and the gravity anomalies.
    4. Corporal Kerry

      This is even older, from 2016. This shows the funny bug where the pilots had their hands in the hold gun animation.
    5. Corporal Kerry

      Install Arma 3 Samples to look for the skin samples if they are available.
    6. Corporal Kerry

      Invade and Annex Livonia is already in beta...
    7. Corporal Kerry

      So, once the Contact DLC comes out, can we please replace the boring CSAT guys with these instead? https://imgur.com/a/wu7Y5g9 I mean, fighting CSAT is boring now, and we want something new. They have static guns as well, but you cannot assemble them yet.
    8. Corporal Kerry

      You could add a couple more things, setting them as super simple objects, but I have found that in my experience, adding that much would lag, especially with 50 players on. Better to keep it simple.
    9. Corporal Kerry

      NVM I turned off the Dynamic Simulation option, and now it is fine. Thanks.
    10. I have a strange bug in Invade and Annex. AI vehicles are invisible for me, but others can see them. I have a video that shows this bug in detail, the view distance covers the town, but the AI vehicle is not visible. But I have no idea what could be causing this at all. Video: I think this might be interesting. I wish I knew how to fix this, but someone else said they had this happen too. So I guess there might be a way to fix this. It might not be dynamic simulation though. I have no idea at all.
    11. Corporal Kerry

      I am pretty sure the tube carries ammo. Try reusing a bipod. Should be able to.
    12. Corporal Kerry

      Slingloading a jet to the HQ. This should be very useful.
    13. Corporal Kerry

      BTW, this is the real life map of Livonia. https://en.mapy.cz/zakladni?x=17.3681450&y=49.2290957&z=13&base=ophoto
    14. Corporal Kerry

      I think the alien content is a separate DLC like the German one. But the map and assets like the suits and guns are normal DLC like APEX. So we can use all of that. Like the new Polish Mora and Covered offroad.
    15. Corporal Kerry

      It is in the game like APEX, the map will be locked behind DLC same as Tanoa, and assets will have watermarks like Marksman DLC weapons. But better than German DLC. And we already use Tanoa. It is the same deal.
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