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    1. Corporal Kerry

      This is a nice video of the TOW missile armed HMMV gunners training on a range, you even get to see a screen showing the missile guidance, which is wire guided by very long wires from the launcher. I wish we had a Hunter with a TOW launcher. They seriously should get RHS to work on Arma 3, as they already added the TOW armed HMMV.
    2. Corporal Kerry

      Ironside players can get a Leopard 2 tank and a T-100 Black Eagle. Even a T-14 Armata if you are lucky. at the northern end of the base. Ironside spawn. A Schorcher is not very useful, unless you know how to direct fire. But they are not a thing you can drive around and blow up buildings.
    3. Made by Porsche. One versatile machine. You can mount any weapon on top of the turret. This is a TOW launcher in the Thumbnail. Apparently the CH53 Marines chopper can carry two at once.
    4. Corporal Kerry

    5. These guys ruined my day, I thought they were shooting zombies, then they turn on me... But seeing the zombies fly apart is great.
    6. Corporal Kerry

      I would be OK with playing on Tanoa if more people played. Altis is just boring. I wish BI would make another map for Arma 3 vanilla, or contract someone to make a proper large map with a lot of varied areas. Tanoa has AI shooting through brush, but I assume that they are shooting at where they last glimpsed you. I do that too. Maybe when Warlords comes out soon, we could try that even. It is great.
    7. Corporal Kerry

      LOL. That is a KAB-250 LGB. The CSAT pilot really hates you. He landed it right in your lap. That is one hell of a team effort between the enemy JTAC and the pilot to loose a bomb with that accuracy. http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Rus-GBU.html#mozTocId493717
    8. Corporal Kerry

      Another version.
    9. Corporal Kerry

      https://image.ibb.co/b9cGdp/Arma3-x64-2018-10-13-11-12-39-540.jpg Metal Slug tank reporting Sir!
    10. Corporal Kerry

      Some players do not mind forced stamina. 77 JSOC server has stamina forced on, and it has 50 players on. So they can adapt. But plenty players use bergens.
    11. Corporal Kerry

      Use a Bergen under a Ghillie suit, that can carry a LOT of stuff. Or just bring a vehicle, empty everything out and put in what you need. Customize inventory and then add a lot of rockets and medkits.
    12. Corporal Kerry

      The VLS system has the Arty computer, and is accessible by UAV op, so only the UAV role can access the MK45 120mm gun and the VLS system. So if we added the VLS turret, then UAV operator would become FSG as well. I am not sure how this would work. The new s400 launchers could be added as an alternative to the Tigris, but they need a LOT of room around themselves to turn the launchers. The bounding box is very large. I have not tested them but the rockets should be harder to avoid than standard AA. The ship itself cannot be driven but can be landed on with a heli, then you could walk inside and get ammo, if there was a arsenal crate inside. maybe spawn it sometimes as alternative to FOB as a offshore assist. But the weapons are UAV Operator only, so we need to consider that. But a nice free addition. mk45 120mm gun does not have arty comp and is direct fire only. If the base AA spawned on the ship, in the harbor, this would free up space in the base. Just a suggestion.
    13. https://ibb.co/iyzwKy https://ibb.co/cXNu6d https://ibb.co/cKFssJ https://ibb.co/cWpJXJ Check this out. A new destroyer for jets DLC in dev build. You can walk all the way from the rear pad to the bridge. And there is a new Vertical launch system and a 120mm gun to mount on it. When this comes out could we create a HEMMT 120mm mobile gun system? I am not sure if the server could use this at all. We have not gone with the carrier, but maybe the components could be used with attachto. And we are also getting s400 long-range SAM systems and radar for OPFOR and BLUFOR. https://ibb.co/nGBXsJ As well as a boat-rack, and briefing desk + screen. The big square thing is the vertical launch system for guided rockets. No navy uniforms yet tho.
    14. Corporal Kerry

      Server name: Tactical Gaming Insurgency Address: It needs RHS vehicles in the carpark, and a working RHS arsenal whitelist, but it should work ok. Give it a try and see if there are any issues.
    15. Corporal Kerry

      I have thrown up a small server running APEX ed and RHS. If you wanted to try this out with RHS weapons, this should work out well. I am not sure about posting the IP though, I am not sure if we can advertise a server on this forum. Would peeps be interested in trying out APEX ed with RHS weapons? I can post server info if I am allowed to. It is running Sector Control on Altis.
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