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    I remember seeing the first video on Reddit a while ago, nice channel.
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  3. Vallenx

    I can't wait for Tanoa! Something great about a Wasteland scenario in thick forest.
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  5. Vallenx

    I probably don't understand correctly because I've actually never used one
  6. Vallenx

    I like the sound of this for the #1 server too!
  7. Vallenx

    I somewhat agree that they're excessive. I think the first course of action would be to make them less accessible, in other words, bump the price up to something a little more out of reach. Or just make the ammo more expensive. I don't use the myself personally, because I'm not a fan of them because I'd much rather shoot someone than blow them up, seems more fun to me. The only people that will complain about a price increase are the people using them excessively spamming them across the map.
  8. Vallenx

    I haven't heard it, but you may be able to use Shazam to find out?
  9. Vallenx

    Hi Evil, might see you in the wasteland
  10. Vallenx

    I love when a Gun Store is defended well. This gives the game depth and meaning. I want to be able to hunt my opponents from either defensive or offensive. I can see where you're coming from though.. A number of times I've tried over and over to take a gun store and failed each time but I just move on to somewhere else. Its all fun at the end of the day, don't let the games aspect ruin it for you.
  11. Vallenx

    If its anything like the Day/Night on Wasteland, which im sure it is, it will be great. Love the night cycle.