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  1. Rogue

    had enough of fucking spending hours making money to have it all taken away in a few seconds and not get it back because i couldnt take a screenshot, or i cant record because my computers performance isnt enough
  2. Rogue

    whats with needing a screenshot/recording for every comp/rdm/vdm and whatever else? some people cant record coz their computers dont perform well enough and its not like we're gonna take screenshots every 5 seconds, even when we do get a screenshot, most of the time what evidence does it show? a dead body on the floor?
  3. Rogue

    Been sorted it was all just in the heat of the moment haha, had a talk with Marc and i can understand it got a bit hectic tonight, will definitely be back on tho, havent played Altis Life in a while and thought I'd give I&A a break
  4. Rogue

    Just to clarify the incident beforehand was my truck being stolen out of RP so it had just been returned, i drove around the corner and thats when I was first fired upon
  5. Rogue

    So tonight I decided I'd try out the altis life server for the first time, after finally gathering all my stuff i had an incident which was sorted out by an admin. After this incident i was then fired upon in my vehicle by a police officer "Marc_R". I stopped my truck well enough away from them to be considered safe and not a danger to their life, he continued to fire and killed me. I was on ts with K9 at the time and was relaying it to him as it happened. I then respawned so i could go and retrieve my truck and receieve compensation, within 30 seconds i was gunned down without warning by another police officer "Coen". K9 then quickly left the channel and I had an unknown person join and be quite rude with the way he asked why i was there, turns out this person was Marc_R, I confronted him about why he shot me and he got even ruder with his response with something about martial law without really explaining it and while speaking over the top of me which resulted in me getting a bit annoyed, he was not calm at all and I did hear a few swear words directed at either me or K9 not sure who (great to hear from an admin). I have received compensation but being the first night on the server this is not the kind of attitude I thought I would receive from the police force of such a great gaming community and especially from an admin of the life server.