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    1. XSV Sam

      I Like these points, especially the whole Role-play thing. But I'm sure that your aware of a certain already existing role-play server in which the players are either wandering through the nearest most accessible forums to find somewhere to shit post, whether or not it's about them, or about the server they are currently playing on and investing time on. Basically your asking untrustworthy individuals to abide to a code or fair roleplay when we even have a server which consists of roleplay, but due to the lack of common sense and intelligence at that we cant be sure that every player is gonna follow the simplest of Role-Play rules. I know its a shitty Rant but its true, and most people who have played on such servers know its Horrors. I'd love to try Exile Role-play seems interesting.
    2. XSV Sam

      Something I've forgotten to say is Exile hasn't been updated since December 2017, but if anything Epoch has received regular updates, this is also another mod not as popular but is still going even after Exile's apparent death.
    3. XSV Sam

      From Personal experience regarding modding an exile server and managing it it takes a lot of effort, compared to a certain server, running an exile takes a great deal of time. firstly i don't mind putting my name down to admin the server, modding and managing the server files is a little much but keeping things in check seems fun. Firstly a few questions to ask.. 1. What type of Exile server are you gonna make, there are many some being better than others but some much more fun and engaging. Zombie Survival, softcore survival, hardcore survival, PVP based, PVE based, a Hybrid or even just a simple build'em up relaxed mission server for the light hearted. there are many that I've seen but only a few actually draw crowds in. 2. How many mods or Scripts do you find acceptable, most Exile servers that are Vanilla are dead, just up front highly modded servers are popular and fun but can be annoying for those that have no clue about pressing download and enabling the mod through the workshop/launcher. A few big mods are tough to manage as they require script additions and item class names as such, this is for vehicles as well. smaller mods with capable authors add such class names to the files as readables or licenses. on that note about mods this is also about what type of server, if you have too many vehicles that are considered OP to the minority that get angry quickly,these could be a problem as well, something to keep a note of. 3. This server if it goes ahead needs a somewhat capable team; someone with a good background on mission files, bug fixing and mod managing. Admins that are trusted to keep things fair fun and engaging, meaning if by chance you can get Zeus working with Exile that'd be good to see events hosted on the server. most if this is obvious so it shouldn't pose a problem. 4.Compared to invade and Annex the player base is somewhat mixed, from day one on Exile's release back in 2017 i think, the player base went nuts, ( almost reminded me of a certain server which shall not be named,) but thankfully as time passed hardcore servers popped up and the weaklings buggered off. What i'm saying is there's gonna be a lot of f**king D**kheads when this server goes live, It'll be a mess. (Isn't a Question more of a statement) that is all I wouldn't mind a nice mid core survival server honestly.
    4. XSV Sam

      This is gold, god bless Arma for moments like this......... whether it's good or bad
    5. XSV Sam

      Pumpkin Eater
    6. XSV Sam

      To go into Specifics, I hate that there are decoy's, I dislike the fact that they are in an open field as if nothing is gonna go wrong, I severely hate the fact that striders and ifrits take HE rounds and or 50.cal rounds with little damage (this also includes close 120mm HE rounds.) It might be just me but i have bad luck trying to do this mission, but normally when firing close proximity HE rounds I'd expect results to disable wheeled targets, unless it just so happens that the objective vehicle is experimental and has bullet proof wheels (Nudge Nudge .) But honestly i just don't like this mission, the vehicle one is fine but this one just ain't fun. But a few things that could improve the mission..... 1. The target is located in a remote town (As an example Nifi,) the town is blocked off by 2 road block's to divert civilian's and to stop oncoming threats, roadblocks consist of a Rifle squad sandbags or Barriers and a MRAP (75% Skill,) 3 patrols roaming the town one on the hill side one further south and one between the roadblocks these are MAX skill guard squads or AT teams. 2. The Target has sent a representative to the town to inspect the town and visit the town leader for "cooperation" (AT GUNPOINT,) the representative has intel (On the body and or Laptop) on the whereabouts on the mastermind/Commander. This can be guarded by Guard squads MAX skills etc. 3. Once the Intel has been found, it suggests that the Commander is nearby to wait for results, guarded by Vipers inside a Bunker 1-2km out (AKA the swamp nearby,) can be fortified as hell Tanks, AA, troops, MRAPS, anything goes here. The objective is capture the commander, 2 options, have the commander do his usual run away, or 2 have the compound fortified as heck and make it much more difficult and you must capture him but he won't runaway, and deliver him to HQ/Main base for Questioning. This is my opinion so whatever goes I don't care either way but i would like some more complex missions.
    7. XSV Sam

      I'd like some new side missions, but in opinion i'd also like the current ones to be re-addressed, in particular 'Secure Officer' this one should be scrapped completely, escort truck is a good mission difficult but maybe a little too difficult. To fix that maybe making the journey a little less frustrating, vehicles ie. enemy offroads to intercept every so often, NO IED's this is bad having IED's spawn in front of you is somewhat annoying, this also links to the every so spawning AI that spawn with RPG's drawn, again annoying. after a bit of digging and mission editing, removing IED's/ limiting them will improve the journey, but as a second step to the mission maybe having a 10min 'Secure the Area' / 'Hold the Area' step when the enemy move in on the truck at the target location, 'while the supplies are being unloaded' so to say. This can be either difficult or easy going depending on the location, multiple chopper drops from CSAT Special forces/no gunships this is a supply recovery for CSAT as well, Guerillas with technicals bearing down on the location to steal the supplies for themselves, etc. atleast make the mission doable instead of, well, what it is now currently one of few stupidly, annoyingly, difficult side objectives.
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