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  • Corporal Kerry

    Marid countermeasures translation.

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    Corporal Kerry    136

    The Marid has a strange translation for the countermeasures. Афганит Translates as Afghani. This is very strange indeed. But what is it supposed to be? Just a strange and weird name. Forgive me if it is supposed to be that.



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  • Corporal Kerry    136

    Oh OK, it is "Afghanit". Sorry about that.

    The complex of active defense (KAZ) of the new generation "Afganit", thanks to integration with other airborne systems, makes the Russian tank T-14 "Armata" invulnerable to enemy shells and missiles. Many of the solutions used in it have no analogues with NATO armored vehicles.

    The active defense system of the tank does not just prevent the missile from hitting it by masking the target or by exposing electronic, thermal or optical interference - it destroys the threat on approach by firing cumulative elements towards it. KAZ is much more effective than dynamic protection, since it is already triggered after the contact of the ammunition with the tank and is neutralized with the help of tandem cumulative ammunition. In addition, the dynamic defense is unable to withstand one of the most formidable anti-tank weapons - armor-piercing shells. And KAZ can weaken the impact of a projectile (essentially a metal nail flying at great speed, whose task is to break through armor and create chaos inside the tank) or change its trajectory.


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