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    1. Fitz

      The scale is manipulated pretty easily actually (just these numbers below), changing it manually during the session doesn't work though. I think changing the above scales a bit and accelerating midday slightly is probably the best/easiest option.
    2. Fitz

      That was discussed amongst staff a week or so ago, I'm just taking my time implementing it
    3. Fitz

      Literally says it right there
    4. Fitz

      Tell them to use the addon then. Chances are, if they aren't using it already, they don't care anyway.
    5. Fitz

      Just use uBlock or Disconnect browser extension
    6. I didn't have a happy new year yet
    7. Fitz

      @Farqman Like webbie said, not everyone is interested or wants to participate in the events. If we swap I&A out for an event only mission file then the people that just want to play the game aren't going to be too happy. We can organise to setup another server though, specifically for these events, with a more appropriate mission file on it.
    8. Fitz

      I&A Apex Edition 1.1.3

      This is a small client update to fix a couple of bugs, add some Christmas decorations, and update to Quik's latest release of the framework. I'll go over some of the recent suggestion posts in the next few weeks. As always, please report any bugs you find on the bug tracker.
    9. Fitz

      Yeah, at the moment it only has HE. I'll add the flares back, but not the smoke - it gets spammed too much. It's not that easy... You can only disable/remove ammo from the ammo crates/vehicles. That would make the crates useless to everyone else as well.
    10. Fitz

      The Zamak MRL was in for a while (without the fixed range though), but some people weren't using it appropriately, so it was removed. The current arty gunner role isn't meant to be using the base arty all the time anyway; they should be focusing on using the Mk6 mortar or other static weapons. Laser guided rounds are already in the base arty. The Zamak can only fire HE rockets. Illumination/flare rounds can only be fired from the Mk6 mortar.
    11. Fitz

      It was done earlier today.
    12. Fitz

      Thanks! The fix will be in the next update.
    13. Fitz

      $50 for a tshirt
    14. Fitz

      Manual/guide is in the works. Check the FOB tab on the map for a basic description. Yeah, if you don't have the DLC, then you'll need to drive the trucks out.
    15. Fitz

      Not necessarily, I said that could be one reason. We don't run that on Tanoa anymore anyway at the moment, not unless we get more players and they want it. They're from the database, I collect info on what DLC everyone owns.
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