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  1. SgtJimDale

    +1 Would make an excellent Sergeant. Good role model and leader. Detective Constable Bob
  2. SgtJimDale

    The Australian Army uniform is modded and for donors, if you can't make it a widely available option, I suggest making it an option for donors.
  3. SgtJimDale

    The F88 Austeyr is a variant of the Steyr AUG, developed for the general use of the Australian Defence Force. It's used across all branches of defence in Australia (Army, Air Force and Navy) and is also Australian developed. It is classified as a bullpup assault rifle, carbine, light machine gun and submachine gun. It is a gun that should be made an option in the Invade and Annex server for server users to utilise. It is a very effective and useful weapon. See below for details, links and pictures... Calibre - 5.56mm Weight - 4.8kg (with loaded magazine F88SA2) Length - 790mm (F88SA2) Barrel length - 508mm (F88SA2) Muzzle velocity - 930 metres per second Feed - 30-round magazine Effective range - 300 metres (1.5x) Cyclic rate of fire - 680 to 850 rounds per minute https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steyr_AUG#Australian_models https://www.army.gov.au/node/2586