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  1. Ora209

    D-day mission?
  2. Ora209

    when are we getting some good new content
  3. Ora209

    couldnt be me i only use the cluster gryphon which is zeus spawned
  4. Ora209

    The clusters would be a great feature to be added but due to the fact that its an indiscriminate killer there is a much higher risk of friendly fire.. and we don't need more friendly fire than we already have.
  5. Ora209

    danger zone should play for the pilots highway to hell for ironside joker and the thief for inf (needs to be a section of the song that fits)
  6. Ora209

    zeus fix?
  7. Ora209

    ive been seeing the fob used more frequently lately so wouldnt be a bad idea to increase the respawn tickets
  8. Ora209

    do u tho? who got a gun to ur head?
  9. Ora209

    we have the making of the united states of Australia?
  10. Ora209

    howdy lads, it seems we are beginning to do our auditions for the IA dancer of the year. submit your screenshot to enter...
  11. Ora209

    i just love sitting up in a zeus plane and just watching the laze come up wondering if i should hit it or not lol
  12. Ora209

    same with most other missiles, they only require partial locks
  13. Ora209

    you are aware you were locked onto a target about 200m to the left, right?
  14. Ora209

    I am currently working on several versions of this, cant promise anything but if it works itll look sweet