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  1. Rogmantosh

    Sorry to hear you haven't gotten the support you were after here, especially when the charity is for mental health and avenues of support. Mental Health is no longer a topic that is being side-lined or shunned. It affects a large amount of people, even more so in the current climate, us Gamers are not immune to Mental Health Issues. I start my Christmas leave on the 17th and as long as I don't get further tasking I will come and find you and join you where ever you are to throw my support behind your fundraiser.
  2. possibly ironside could have an APC for troop movements if the transport helicopters are under stress. - there are vehicles including APCs out the front of the air base that people can take and provide troop transport. Some of the tanks have passenger seats. Also this will allow for more covert operations and faster response times. - covert yes, sometimes. Depends on how good the pilot is and the distance the drop you. It is generally, outside of 1km that a helicopter is quicker. Also the S29 would be very support poggers artillery. - guessing you mean the 2S9 Sochor? There is a limited artillery at the FOB. It was limited due to people just shelling the AO with no ammo limit and no care.
  3. Rogmantosh

    Welcome all to the weekend! If you haven't had a chance to notice ARMA 3 and most of it's DLCs are back on sale. What does this mean: We are likely to expect a small influx of players over the coming week/s. You can finally get the DLCs you have been wanting to play on that map, fly that jet, drive that car or use that gun. So What: With the increase in players there is always an increase in people asking questions or breaking the rules. Staff will be busier than normal assisting new players and monitoring server activity to provide you with the best experience we can. Now What: We ask that you assist us as much as possible to make all our lives easier. If that means throwing a name in your !admin reports such as "'Steve' is not in teamspeak", rather than a "pilot not in TS" or "'Rochell' is teamkilling" rather than "a player is teamkilling" it would make our life easier and allow us quicker response times. Try and assist new players yourself, if you're in the back of a chopper and someone asks how to change role send a quick message to them, get them into your group or get into theirs and give them a hand. Train the guys you want to play with, if you want a more regular or bigger team then lend a hand, you can make great friendships over games. While I am asking you to lend a hand, that does NOT mean to take matters into your own hands when someone is breaking the rules. If one of us aren't in game, use the !admin command, take a recording and contact us on teamspeak or discord. Help us make a better community for us all to play in. We understand that the last update caused a few issues and unfortunately there are a few we can do nothing about. Most of the regulars have found workarounds for the more common ones so feel free to come and jump in teamspeak and have a chat. Looking forward to seeing you all in the field over the weekend. Who knows I might even get back in a chopper, join in a HQ defence or run some zeus missions!
  4. Rogmantosh

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TeamSpeak UPDATE It has been one week since we had a catastrophic SSD failure on one of our rented servers, which caused the loss of many services including I&A and TeamSpeak. As of now; The TeamSpeak is back online! All pilots will, once again, now be required to join TeamSpeak to fly The TeamSpeak is still under reconstruction and will be undergoing some changes. It is currently an 80% solution. We do not expect any further downtime at this stage; However, we will endeavour to keep you informed as we are informed. We apologise for the delays in returning this service. Feel free to come and drop in for a chat. See you in the field! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Rogmantosh

    Tanking is difficult and people don't think to move out of the way, or run directly in-front, of a 65T vehicle that has very limited vision. There are methods in place to prevent people from borrowing your vehicle. before you activate the vehicle get into your own group using the U menu. then activate the vehicle and you will have access to a lock/unlock command. Only you or anyone in your group can enter the vehicle. In saying that, the server is a co-op server and requires co-operation, a fully crewed tank is far better than a single crewed tank, glad you are putting the hand out to try and get more players to utilise the heavy vehicles. In regards to the restricting you from vehicles. to be restricted from vehicles you need a threat rating of 4, each person you damaged or killed, who reports your actions, increases your threat rating by 0.5 as default. For players on the watchlist, you are not, the threat increases by 1 for each report. With that in mind to get to a threat rating of 4 you would of had to damage or kill 8 friendlies over the course of the session (6 hours). There is also a dedicated Teamspeak channel for Ironside if you want to make use of it, server address is ts.straya.life. If you haven't been on the teamspeak before you will need to accept the improvement of security pop-up that comes when first joining. or if discord is more of your thing you can use the voice channels in there at http://discord.straya.life/. Once you have selected the new session from "Voice Channel" you will need to go into "VC Commands" and type .voice unlock which will allow others to join you there. If you have any questions, queries or doubtful points feel free to open a discord support ticket and select the I&A service. One of the staff will be able to assist you.
  6. Rogmantosh

    An interesting proposition. I would support this, will have to have a look.
  7. Rogmantosh

    Welcome to the community TeeKay. better not shorten your name too much... If you haven't already, have a think about joining us on our discord and teamspeak.
  8. Rogmantosh

    Welcome to the community! If you hadn't already seen we have a discord and teamspeak (where most of us hang out) Feel free to come and chat.
  9. Rogmantosh

    Player of the Week 28/6/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Crazy Congratulations. Crazy – Has been with Straya for about 6 weeks and has found his niche as a medic. Weaves his away across the AO during the heat of defends, getting players back on their feet and back into the fight. Even did a revive on a staff member who was less than 4 metres away from an angry T140 and was successful. Perfect name for a medic who is prepared to take those risks. With more than 1300 revives this week alone you are a credit to the role and join the list of medics who make it their goal and priority to revive those who have been capped. Well done Crazy Honourable Mentions: @.Synth. – Another medic who also strives to make a difference and is dedicated to the role. Another great week, a previous honourable mention under your belt from last week and has come to the attention of players and staff. We hope you stay around for a while. Kay – Another medic that has left a solid impression for revives and making the effort to get playersd back on their feet. Another player who was has a previous honorable mention and continues to push the boundary and has come to the attention of staff on several occasions for his determination in getting to downed team mates. Awesome effort Kay. GauRus – A player who has been with us for a couple of months and plays as a medic. Definitely a good one to have on your side and another international player from Malaysia. Great in a defend and always makes the effort to get players back on their feet and back into the fight. A Fantastic effort this week with a lot of new players joining and making their mark, again congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
  10. Rogmantosh

    Hi Rezah, While I can not speak for the community, we always need textures and the like. Do you have a portfolio to display some of your work? you can also head over to https://strayagaming.com/application/form/15-development-applications/ and submit a development team member application.
  11. Rogmantosh

    That should be possible. Currently I believe, although could be wrong, that it conducts a check as to whether you have the jets dlc and if you do should give you the sentinel. I know that sometimes it doesn't and I sometimes have to re-role once the greyhawk spawns. I believe this happenes due to a large quantity of network traffic at times and misses the cue. Personally I don't believe there is any benefit to the greyhawk over the sentinel. Maybe it has a smaller loiter area but the sentinel has the speed benefit that really outweighs any benefit I can see. I like to fly my drones up at 3km set to loiter at 1600m from centre AO.
  12. Rogmantosh

    Community Event!! As most of you should know this weekend we remember the Anzac and all other veterans. @Invade & Annex will be holding an Anzac day ceremony at 1830 Sydney Time on the 25th down at the Cemetery in Pyrgos. The ceremony will take approx 20 minutes. The server has a population of 80 and I hope we can have a full turn out. There will be no dress requirement; however, if you have the DLC parade uniforms are encouraged. There will be transport arranged or you can drive down. I&A staff will be on hand should you have a slight accident on your transit. Should anyone have any questions please drop me a message and I will attempt to cover them all.
  13. Rogmantosh

    That is the third option with a Home menu selectable. It is on the radar.
  14. Rogmantosh

    If we were to implement a vehicle locking script, would you guys prefer it that the person who activates it is the only one to lock and unlock; or, would you like it that it is a group lock unlock?
  15. Rogmantosh

    The life of a tanker is definitely a difficult one, distance to travel, fuel requirements and the constant need for resupply; not to mention the near on immediate destruction from a stray missile. Tanking can be a lot of fun especially with other members. Good luck in your tanking adventures!