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  1. Rogmantosh

    First attempt at showing people how CAS can be used effectively. Next one will be without the random voices...
  2. Rogmantosh

    Why not get the ball started with this one from tonight...
  3. Rogmantosh

    01 Oct 17 2000 AWST; The aforementioned problem has been rectified.
  4. Rogmantosh

    @Ryan so I did
  5. Rogmantosh

  6. Rogmantosh

    People all look the same in thermals... *popcorn time* But in all honesty I dislike Hexes at all. There is no such thing as a friendly hex IRL, and no magical hovering name either... I don't believe restricting the uniforms would help overall (see point 1). It comes down to people learning whats going on and checking their map (not RL either) and those stupid CAS pilots need to start acknowledging that CSAT and INDI lase targets too. Don't hit it if your not called in!
  7. Rogmantosh

    An ambush o the Zeus convoy mission last night, the bridge was set with charges to stop the vehicles but the team decided that they were going to drive around the only choke point, the trigger man had this to say about it. Yes if you look closely that last seemingly random shot was a hit. Nice try guys.
  8. Rogmantosh

    start the first vid at about 3:04 and the second straight away if you want to watch the fight at the same time
  9. Rogmantosh

    @Travesty The view from my side... i've cut to the last 2 mins
  10. Rogmantosh

    https://gyazo.com/0d281edcce22caf05130f048bb57b963 One of my over-watch positions for the FOB capture mission, A ruthless killer taking the lives of 20 NATO soldiers before they captured the FOB and he was retasked, this sniper managed to get away once the mission was finished. Will you see him again?
  11. Rogmantosh

    Thanks again to the players who kept me thinking on my feet, always hard as a GM to try not railroad the players on utterly destroy them. Though sometimes it is needed. Ensure you check your terrain and look for possible over watch positions up to 2kms away (I'm not saying go and check them all out before you continue but just be aware when snipers hit the target you already have a possible idea where to look, and don't rely on your thermals...) Ensure you read the tasks from the [MAP] [TASK] menu, sometimes they hold vital information. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in my sights. Some videos of tonight night to follow...
  12. Rogmantosh

    feeling bored? I am. Zeus missions coming up.
  13. Rogmantosh

    Yeah sorry @WestOz I was just feeling in the mood, though will take that on-board and attempt to put the notice out on here if i get the chance. it wasn't 1 set mission more a convoluted group of missions ranging from investigate this, to destroy that, and a few chase this guy, with chaos and roadblocks thrown between. Definitely more to come.
  14. Rogmantosh

    Thanks to all who participated in the 5 hours of Zeus missions late Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Hope you all enjoyed it and look forward to feedback/ suggestions. Always makes us play differently when there isn't an AI on the other end of the gun. I hope to get some more missions going though they will be at random times. Please leave your feedback below, so we can gauge the missions effectiveness.
  15. Rogmantosh

    I'm guessing your using AEDST as your time zone... 8pm-2am isn't 8pm-2am for all of us. A time zone would help for our non timezone centred players