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Wasteland Update 5.1

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Josh_ua    933

Wasteland Update 5.1

Rebalance and Rework 


We've been listening to your feedback following our Major 5.1 Update in December - here are the changes you asked for. 


Feature Changes:

  • Food & Water has been introduced
  • Dynamic Weather has been introduced

Bug Fixes:

  • Town Invasion at Cape Cod has been repositioned. 
  • Super Heavy Money mission commencing and completing immediately. 
  • Launcher Exploit has been amended. 
  • Kamino Boat Spawn has been repositioned next to the store. 
  • Destructable Stores have been fixed. 
  • Exploding Vehicles on spawn has been fixed. 
  • Moveable Map Buildings have been locked. 
  • Sniper Mission has been removed temporarily due to intermittent buggy spawns.


  • Vehicle Spawns to not spawn on runways. 
  • Boulders at Nisi Bay Gunstore have been removed. 
  • Central Buildings have been reshuffled and the sniper towers numbered. 
  • Redundant Buildings have been removed at Central, Kamino, Jay Cove, Airstation Mike and Camp Maxwell. 
  • Super Heavy Money mission will always include an AA vehicle. 
  • Zone Names for several zones have been renamed.
  • Agios Cephas Gun Store has been redesigned.
  • Mortars Cost has been increased to $100,000 with a $25,000 rearm cost. 
  • OP Varients of the Blackfoot and Kajman have been increased to $150,000 and 2 tokens.
  • Several small map changes in various areas to enhance combat.


Thanks @LameSlayer for all your bug reports!

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