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Mr Chu

StrayaGaming F1 2020 League - Oceania

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StrayaGaming F1 2020 League

For those not aware, we recently started a PC F1 2020 League aimed towards Beginners and Intermediate Players from the Oceania Region (primarily Australia and NZ). We run races every Saturday starting from 8:00pm AEDT with a variety of races from 2x 25% races each with Short Qualifying as well a number of 50% races with short qualifying. With sufficient advanced / quicker drivers, we will be looking to set up an advanced extremely limited assists league as well!

We are around halfway through our season, offering a teams and drivers championship!

All of our League Information can be found in a published spreadsheet including the registration form here

If you have any questions, make sure you check the f1-racing channel in our discord!

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