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That Lucky SOB

When you absolutely can't allow the robbers to escape.

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That Lucky SOB    373

The ROA guys decided to rob the bank and had taken a hostage, so putting the life and safety of the hostage we didn't go tactical on bank until after the Hostage had been retrieved and secured. Once that had been achieved, we took off in pursuit of the robbers who had been observed mounting their strider and making an aquatic getaway. The pursuit lasted a good 20-30 minutes until we finally prevailed despite being low on fuel and ammo and my at times horrendous shooting.

Shoutout to the cops involved  for a job well done and ROA for providing us with great RP and chase.

(some sections have been cut due to screen freezes or me not getting it on shadow-play. This is the first youtube video i've ever uploaded so im not really that good at the whole editing thing)

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  • That Lucky SOB    373
    1 minute ago, Tiggati said:

    Why am I seeing the cop strider ram the rebel strider? hmm? hmmmmm?

    no deliberate ramming, just trying to Shepard it the way we want it to go by cutting off certain directions. any collisions were entirely accidental.

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    vizzN    375

    Great video, it was a pleasure to be apart of this chase. After a long chase like that, it felt so rewarding to win. Good shooting on the heli man. 

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