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  1. Chow Muhammad

    Best support team 2K18?
  2. Chow Muhammad

    I would but my house got wiped so I can't dupe anything :\
  3. Chow Muhammad

    Some of you may already know most likely not, but 2 days ago Aobe did a successful federal reserve we got the gold out and left 1 in there, some of us went off to a drug shipment and some of us stayed to let the federal reserve truck come through with more gold to get more, AL staff was notified and came over to look at what we are doing some of us received a 1 week ban for exploiting. We didn't receive a warning to back off or anything 1 week ban straight up we decided to go to HelpDesk to see what's up I got support team banned and am now staff banned. I'm not going to involve names but the staff member decided to ban us for a week and on top of that wipe our money and houses. I myself got wiped of 100mil i worked very hard for this money and put a lot of hours into this server and to see my money get wiped like that when we did not gain any money advantage from the federal reserve or though we would have in future events and our house inventory's which has nothing to do with the fed other than them storing the gold bars. A roll back could have occurred but besides the point. Last year one of my really close mates committed suicide and ever since then I have never been the same I have been on and off antidepressants for the past 12 months, Although the pills don't always work I started to smoke a lot of weed and some days I don't wake up for school and go for a walk and get stoned. I decided to upgrade my computer and pumped around $2000 into it and once I did so I instantly started to play Arma 3. The first server I found was straya I instantly fell in love because it is so unique and I have never found a server like this before. Arma 3 took my mind off things for a little bit I stopped smoking weed for a bit and started taking my antidepressants again, things started to get better I saw a brighter light in my life. Arma 3 is my escape from drugs and depression and i have never had so much fun in my life on this server up until 4 months ago when my friend was hit by a car and killed in Geelong. It was a whole repeat again, back smoking weed everyday didn't leave my room didn't want to go out and ride my motorbike or push bike anymore didn't wanna see friends, just curled up in my room all day everyday. I have been on and off weed for the past 4 months and I was getting to the point where if I tried quitting I would have withdrawls I got help mentally I haven't healed since then, then roughly 2 weeks ago my 5 month old kitten was hit by a car and i have never felt so shit in my life. it was a birthday gift and it gave me so much happiness to come home from school and see my cat, that following week I had multiple break downs in Sydney LAC channel and HelpDesk where I burst into tears, I couldn't bear and had to buy a new cat that looked the same as my other one and name it the same I started to feel happiness again. What i'm trying to say is I have had a very very rough past 12 months and Straya Gaming and Arma 3 has been a great escape to get away from my feelings and emotions, some of you may know who I am and some of you may not but besides the point I don't think you will see me on Straya ever again you might see me on Teamspeak from time to time and if you ever need anyone to talk to I am here for you because I have been their and I can tell you from experience to stay the **** away from drugs. I am not restarting on Straya thats why I have decided to leave this biased community. I would like to thank a lot of people for making my stay on StrayaGaming very special I would tag them but there is so many people, but a special thanks to @LuckyB33f Everything happens for a reason whether it would be from your girlfriend breaking up with you or your closest mate dying it all happens for a reason If you ever need someone to talk to please feel free to add me on steam and talk, I will happily listen to what you have to say :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073784601/
  4. Chow Muhammad

    Hey Kiwi, i'm so deeply sorry to hear this, I hope that everything goes well for you in the future and that hopefully one day there is a cure for you disorder. Best of luck brother things will get better real soon I promise :) <3
  5. Chow Muhammad

    There needs to be more civilian/rebel Moderators to defend civs seeming as all mods that play on the server are cops/medics it can get quite biased.
  6. Chow Muhammad

  7. Chow Muhammad

    Look at my skin I am black ?
  8. Chow Muhammad

    Hahaha thanks @LuckyB33f & @Excel I suppose
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    Merry Christmas!! I hope everybody had a great day.
  15. Chow Muhammad