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    1. THE OBJECTIVE: Following the epic clash between the three pillars of Straya Gaming in Operation Velvet Thunder, a sequel has been planned to include more bloodshed, greater stakes and the most prized thing of all: REDEMPTION Each 15-man unit from Invade and Annex, Altis Life and Wasteland will begin the event with control of one town/zone. Your goal is to seize the other two zones without losing your own. If after an hour has passed no single team has secured all three zones, the team with the largest number of player-kills will take the title. TASKS: Secure all three zones Eliminate any opposing forces CONTROL MEASURES: Teams: To represent a server, you must play most frequently on that server (as in Velvet Thunder). Vehicles: You will be given a set arsenal of vehicles available for use. These vehicles will respawn after 60 seconds. Weapons: No limitations have been applied (may change). You may use whatever weapon/launcher/explosive you wish. Equipment: Thermal equipment has been restricted; including sights, thermal capable NVG and launcher sights. Respawns: No limitations have been applied. You have unlimited respawns. Game Mechanics: Stamina has been disabled. 3rd person is disabled. (May change) TEAM COMPOSITION: Team Commanders will be chosen by each server's staff team, who will select members for their team. If you are interested in being a Team Commander, please contact @Guardian ASAP. All players who wish to participate should send an expression of interest to @Guardian or @Asnee, who will direct you accordingly to a team. 15 members per team (may be increased to 20 if required) WHEN, WHERE & MISC: The event will take place on Sunday the 24th at 7PM AEDT. If you are participating, please ensure you are in TeamSpeak (ts.straya.life) by 6:30PM AEDT. Server Commanders and participating players are encouraged but not required to join our new events discord for easy communication and planning leading up to the event. A detailed mission brief of the zone locations and available vehicles will be made public closer to the event date. PRIZES: Prizes will be available for the winning team, top kills, and most strategic play. Prizes are as follows: Winning Team: Event Winner TeamSpeak tag Most Kills: $20 Steam Voucher Most Strategic Play: $20 Steam Voucher
    2. STRAYAGAMING OPERATION BITTER REDEMPTION Soldiers, pay close attention to the following specifics of the Bitter Redemption operation. Any questions should be directed to your server commanders. Zone 1: Stavros Zone 2: Frini Zone 3: Rodopoli Airdrop Zone: Gravia and surrounding area MISSION BRIEF: In reference to the map above, please note the the location of the three capture zones. Each team will begin the event with one of these zones captured. Teams will spawn ~2km behind their starting zone. Your goal is to capture all of the 3 zones. To ensure the greatest possible level of fairness, the side each team starts on will be drawn using a randomiser program on the night. Teams should plan to start with any one of the three zones. A Team will win once they have captured all three of the zones. Should no team capture all the zones within an hour, a decision will be made among Zeus' whether to extend the time or award the team with the most kills as the victors. VEHICLES: The following vehicles are available to each team, and will respawn at base when destroyed: RESTRICTIONS: Please note the following restrictions pertaining to game mechanics: Please note the following items that have been removed: MISCELLANEOUS SPECIFICS: AIR-DROPS - An "Air-Drop" Zone has been marked on the map previously shown. During the event, the Zeus will drop in certain items/vehicles to provide an advantage for the team that dares to pursue it. TEAM SIZES - The intended size of this mission is 20v20v20. If there are not enough players on the night, we will reduce the numbers to 15v15v15. SUPPORTED MODS - Connor's Discord Rich Presence, JSRS and Blastcore have all been added, but are not required to join the server. EVENTS DISCORD - All teams are using the events discord to organise themselves and plan for the mission. If you're interested in participating, all servers still have places available at the time of this post.
    3. Joshua_

      G'day @Liberatas Nursing certainly sounds like an interesting subject of study, I hope it goes all well for you and good luck with joining the ADF. See ya around, give us a yell if you have any questions!
    4. Joshua_

      I may be wrong, but isn't there a scroll wheel option when you're outside the vehicle to unload/unload incapacitated?... I agree with Nova though, players who choose not to exit the aircraft have no real impact on you. Just fly back to base and forget about it.
    5. Joshua_

      An excellent question, War Machine. To avoid bias and ensure fairness, we will draw out of hat which team is which and ultimately where they will spawn on the night. When the mission brief is posted later this week, teams will need to plan to start at any of the 3 bases.
    6. Joshua_

      As Webbie stated, the reality is that Invade & Annex is a public server - you will get trolls, and you will get new players who don't understand how things work. Adding a time requirement in say an autoriflemen slot is not necessarily going to assist in mitigating the issue in a medic slot because they haven't actually been given time to learn the mechanics behind the medic role. That being said, I can understand your frustration. A better solution to this issue would be to direct new players to our guides on the forums (here) or giving them 5 minutes of your time in-game to help them understand the responsibilities and mechanics of the role. @xx_zero_xx_alpha_xx
    7. Joshua_

      Operation Bitter Redemption

    8. StrayaGaming Community Team Cities: Skylines Giveaway Hey guys, today we're giving away a copy of Cities: Skylines to one lucky community member! For those who already have Cities: Skylines, consider joining our forum club and share you screenshots! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Enter: Reply to this thread with "The sky is the limit" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Draw: The giveaway will be drawn on the 8th of March at 8PM AEDT. Show us your support of these giveaways by giving this giveaway a big up. Good luck!
    9. Joshua_

      Congratulations @Cheezus, you're the winner of this giveaway! Come and find me in TeamSpeak or discord to arrange your prizes
    10. StrayaGaming Community Team Tomb Raider & 50 Random Steam Keys Giveaway Hey guys, today we're giving away Tomb Raider, and something a little different... 50 Random Steam Keys. We don't know what these keys are, they might be AAA games or they could be something @Slep. made in his basement. Let's have some fun and see what we get. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Enter: Reply to this thread with "Let Me Out!!!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Draw: The giveaway will be drawn on the 1st of March at 8PM AEDT. Show us your support of these giveaways by giving this giveaway a big up. Good luck!
    11. Congratulations @Pozzy, you're the winner of this giveaway! Come and find me in TeamSpeak or discord to arrange your prizes
    12. Joshua_

      Josh's Community Team Chillout - 100913-joshua
    13. StrayaGaming Community Team We're recruiting! Hey folks, The StrayaGaming Community Team is recruiting! We're in search of community members who would like to be involved in the day-to-day operations that are moving this community forward. The SG Community Team is responsible for a variety of SG services, including the planning and running of events, giveaways, competitions and other small projects. Our media orientated members work on graphics and textures for the different servers, videos for our YouTube channel and content for our social pages. The Community Team is also responsible for gauging the opinions of the broader community, and implementing changes based on the concerns and suggestions brought to us by community members. We're looking for individuals who have good communication skills, are fluent in the use of Google Docs/Sheets and are able to work in a team environment or independently. Graphic design skills or video editing skills are a bonus. If you're interested in applying for a position and think you have met the requirements, please submit an application here. Have questions? Don't hesitate to flick us a message. @Joshua_ & @Slep. (Community Team Leaders)
    14. Joshua_

      @RadScorpion great question. All previously submitted applications do not need to be resubmitted. Expect a response within the next week or so
    15. Joshua_

      M9', you've been such a source of wisdom and role model to the entire staff team. Best of luck in your future endeavors mate
    16. Joshua_

      Hey guys, today the StrayaGaming Community Team is giving away the following games to one lucky community member! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just Cause 3 XL Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Age of Wonders II - The Wizard's Throne Age of Wonders III Crusader Kings II Crusader Kings II - The Old God's DLC Darkest Hour - A Hearts of Iron Game Magicka 2 Valued at ~$250.3AUD! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To Enter: Reply to this thread with "We need to land this missile in the ocean" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Draw: The giveaway will be drawn on the 22nd of February at 10PM AEDT. Show us your support of these giveaways by giving this giveaway a big up. Good luck!
    17. Joshua_

      Congratulations @Jacktank you're the winner of this giveaway! Come and find me in TeamSpeak or discord to arrange your prizes
    18. Joshua_

      @Asnee and the Community Video Team's contribution
    19. Joshua_

      @War Machine our Video Production Team is hard at work putting together a video detailing the highlights of the event. Watch this space!
    20. STRAYAGAMING OPERATION VELVET THUNDER Soldiers, pay close attention to the following specifics of the Velvet Thunder operation. Any questions should be directed to your server commanders. MISSION BRIEF: In reference to the map above, please note the starting positions of each team. Bases are approximately 5-6km from the Ghost Hotel capture point, each with varying advantages and disadvantages. Please consider the following team assignments: OPFOR: Wasteland | BLUFOR: Invade & Annex | Independent: Altis Life In order to complete the operation and oust the opposing forces, your team must be accomplish one of the following: Kill ALL enemy players Capture the Ghost Hotel and hold the zone for 5 minutes Throughout the duration of the operation, side missions will be held in 3 designated side mission locations which are currently unknown to our intelligence personnel. We can confirm that high value gear, weaponry and potentially vehicles may be gained by completing these missions. MISCELLANEOUS SPECIFICS: Here are some miscellaneous tid-bits about the Velvet Thunder operation. To promote close-quarter-combat (CQC) and strategic combat within the AO, dragon's teeth have been placed at all entrances to the hotel to prevent vehicles from entering the immediate vicinity around the hotel. Minefields have also been placed in highly strategic locations, of which some are marked, and some are not. Players will need to apply caution and not run directly into the AO. The default Arma 3 Squad System has been enabled to allow players to divide teams into sniper squads, assault teams, dive teams etc... Player markers on map have been added to help mitigate the chances of friendly fire. @Connor.'s Discord Rich Presence has been enabled as an optional mod for those who would like to show off the mission in style on discord. Thermals, missile launchers, static launchers, stamina, high calibre machine guns, vehicle respawns have all been removed. No matter what you say, they aren't coming back Players may only join the server team of which they play the most hours on average per week. If you play 6 hours a week on AL, and 2 on I&A, you can only play on the AL Team. TEAM DISCORDS: Individual discord servers have been set up for each team so you can discuss your tactics freely and plan for the event. Please send myself a private message or message @webbie @Noskire for I&A, @bodyboarder2528 @Havoxa for AL and @Nunny @Neanp for Wasteland discord invites. Original Post:
    21. Joshua_

      THE WINNERS Congratulations to TEAM ALTIS LIFE for winning the Velvet Thunder mission. Congratulations to @Fitz for killing the most enemy players. Congratulations to @Pedo Pablo for the most strategic play. Thank you to all the players who participated and the staff who made this event possible. Keep your eye on the forums for more Community Events!
    22. Joshua_

      MISSION UPDATE: Soldiers, the meeting time for tomorrow's Velvet Thunder event is 6:30PM (AEDT) in the StrayaGaming TeamSpeak (ts.straya.life). Please ensure that you are there on time, and are fully cognisant of your team's plan. Here are some additional specifics regarding your objective: Note the placement of the minefields, and plan your strategies accordingly. APERS mines have been placed inside the AO and have not been marked. Prudence should be taken when entering the AO and the area surrounding it as not to cause unnecessary loss of life. As per discussions held with each team, thermals have been entirely removed (inclusive of ENVG, scopes & laser designators). Throughout the duration of the mission, @leeseven and myself will be running a variety of side missions to provide teams with the opportunity of gaining superior weapons and items. Server Commanders should consider the risk associated with these events, and allocate players to compete for the items as they see fit. SPECTATOR SLOTS: Five spectator slots for each server have been added for those who wish to film/watch the event. Spectator slots will given to priority players first (reserve players, community contributors and donators). Please message me on discord in advance if you would like to request a slot. Good luck soldiers. May the best team win.
    23. Joshua_

      Well, for a non-graphics developer this can only be described as fantastic. What kind of art do you do?
    24. Joshua_

      @real this is some really incredible work, mate. Are you a graphics developer by trade? Or did you just pick this up at some point?
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