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    1. SandStorm_AU

      Sadly, whilst I'd love for us to regularly get a CAS helo (with ATGM's, not just rockets), I'm inclined to agree with Persona. A rotary CAS aircraft would, for most AO's, be entirely overpowered and would wreak destruction and chaos on the enemy....until it ran out of ammo. ARMA does some very silly things on a very regular basis (re: physics and ordinance), but terrain masking is terrain masking. If you do it properly and you do it often, a CAS gunship helicopter would be able to pop-up, acquire, pop-down and then lift again to launch. With Fire-and-Forget missiles, the helo's are extremely survivable.... just don't let the enemy AAA have the chance to lock you. Regards, SandStorm.au
    2. SandStorm_AU

      Great footage @Humaine! Loved the Airwolf theme with your Hummingbird INFIL, thanks for the event @webbie!!!! Was awesome to be able to supply some of your rotary wing needs for the events! ^_^ Cheers, SandStorm_AU
    3. SandStorm_AU

      Hey Humaine, Unless you're in a pilot slot, the I&A rules state that you're not allowed to fly any aircraft (with the exception of the side mission Hummingbird which, as the name suggests, is only to be used to ferry people to the side mission and not main AO). In addition, pilots must be on Teamspeak. I'd hazard a guess that an admin deleted your helicopter whilst you were flying it, but I'm sure one of them will clarify in the near future. Cheers mate, SandStorm_AU *EDIT* Some easter eggs have been despawning lately too, it may have been a bug.
    4. SandStorm_AU

      How did I only just see this video now.
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