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    the whole point of the bot is not to hop on
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    Template: Regular Player Name (Which you are most known for): ... Ethan ArmA 3 UID/Steam64ID: 76561198162984691 Why should you be unbanned before the seven days: I think i should be because i have realised and recognised that i ****ed up and that my intentions were not screw with the server economy wise, simply just for gear sets and pvp, as gear is hella expensive i didn't what to spend half my time doing gem runs. However i want to be apart of the community again as i would like to play. I will not exploit again as i now know the severe consequences of the actions. Why should the community trust this apology, given that you were lying and/or being deceptive when being questioned (Only applicable if you were lying/being deceptive - I will tell you if this was the case): I didn't lie about anything.