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  1. Uncle Rifle

    SYD Police? So theres 3 varients ?
  2. Uncle Rifle

    Thoughts on the fatal 5 cars ?
  3. Uncle Rifle

    +1 if it counts. very dedicated. Good luck mate
  4. Uncle Rifle

    Love the game, him me up when your on. Thats where all cops should be training
  5. Uncle Rifle

    Its hard to balance. You cant make it to easy to buy otherwise you may as well remove tear gas and stones and you cant make it to hard because then people will say its to hard to buy. I think maybe enforce or change of protocol for cops may be more of a solution. Im not 100% sure what the protocol is at the moment though. As for its pissing off rebels, well thats what there made for ? Its not meant to be "Look teargas lets run into it and sit in it"
  6. Uncle Rifle

    Hey can you inform your group of the below please. Not as soon as they get tazed then restrained at the bank with active shooters around.
  7. Uncle Rifle

    Cannot agree more, for the years i have been playing as cop/admin/dev through out many community's this is the biggest problem and no matter what you do there is no fixing the issue its apart of the game no need to get so salty.