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  1. Hindsight2020

    I wouldn't mind seeing a shooting range and scoring system so you can challenge other players for fun. In terms of just testing gear/loadouts that can be done in singleplayer, I believe loadout information is profile based not server based so any profiles created in singleplayer can be loaded in multiplayer.
  2. Hindsight2020

    When you get a good crew it's a great experience especially if the driver knows what hes doing and properly situates you behind cover that can eat AT missiles. However just having an AI in the drivers seat gives you the same experience. Posting up behind a two story building or large rock formation can allow you to get close enough to effectively use secondary guns and really support your ground team while still not getting hit by missiles if your driver knows what hes doing and reacts quick enough. Just having an AI driver would solve this entirely and make Ironside worth playing, otherwise it's drive to AO>fire 8 HE>maybe kill two vehicles>respawn and repeat.
  3. Hindsight2020

    I think a discussion needs to be had about what exactly the priority of the medics is, more than once I have had irritating people spamming comms asking me to medic them when they are 400 meters away in an open field surrounded by enemies and getting angry or abusive when told I am not going to charge up to them. There is a reason in all first aid course you take that the first rule of first aid is always to assess the danger to the first aider. There should be a rule against pressuring medics, they will get to you when they can, you have a 10 minute count down for a reason be patient, clear and secure the area before reviving. I love playing medic it's my primary go to role, but I find myself forgoing this role when the player count is higher for this reason. Possible suggestions to minimize friction between medics and other players. 1. Reduce the distance casualties can see the medic nearby distance. Still allow medics to see casualties up to 500 meters, but maybe reduce the distance for casualties down to 100 meters if possible. 2. Allow casualties to slowly crawl so they can atleast move themselves to nearby cover to assist medics in not getting killed while reviving and give the player something to do while they wait for a revive.
  4. Hindsight2020

    Could a few recruitable AI be provided to Ironside to act as drivers, in my years on and off on this server i've only ever had a multi-crew in a tank twice. it would also encourage tankers to stop sniping from hills 2k away and actually get in the fight at closer range.