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  1. Fishy175

    it is your rel face man shut up
  2. Fishy175

    what we said hahaha but its legit him ahahhaha
  3. Fishy175

  4. Fishy175

    now they have evolved to this.....
  5. Fishy175

    good update lads
  6. Fishy175

    So is it now possible to craft all tier guns?
  7. Fishy175

    What about adding 1-2 more rebel outposts and changing up the look on the old ones but keeping it nice and open so there isn't to much congestion
  8. Fishy175

    Lots of fun thanks everyone who organised and participated
  9. Fishy175

    I will be coming for sure, keen lads!
  10. Fishy175

    TeamSpeak Name: Fishy175In-Game Name: BenItem Bought: 1x MXM 350,000, 1x mk200 700,000, 15x mx 6.5 mags 5333Price of Item:1,130,000Seller of Item: Kendrick GambinoMiddle-Man Name: Direct