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    1. nclem

      This is the stupidest shit I've ever seen.
    2. nclem

      idk if its still like this but a while back you used to be able to search the trash piles and sometimes you'd find items (idk if this was in jail but I do distinctly remember getting a knife once, some zipties another time & i think maybe bolt cutters). All useful items if in jail.
    3. I miss "jake reddington" 😞

      1. Zorgain


        I don't, he was quite annoying and immature.

        But in all seriousness I'd like to come back but it just won't be the same.

    4. nclem

      nclem & danny's fishing hut - 3406-nclem
    5. nclem

      **** man everything about this picture voidy, denis - 2 names i haven't heard in a long time. The old blues, a 6.5 supp, the old helmets... Let's not forget the old Callsign System in the chat AND "Snowwie" + "DREDD" (I LOVE ANIME PORN). good ol days.
    6. nclem

      I remember @Bonez (rip) Me during my first time being cop, while at Sergeant: "yo bonez, can I grab a lynx with APDS and post up near checkpoint one" "go for it bossman" And there I sat, APDS Lynx in hand, popping the rebel striders who were used to just crossing over the city limits border, which at the time gave me KOS on them ahhh good ol days.
    7. nclem

      "We need to land this missile in the ocean"
    8. nclem

      or if we wanna go way back
    9. nclem

      @Hope the processing wall
    10. nclem

      I remember striders rolling into the city and the cops being actually competent and having the problem sorted in like 15 mins lol
    11. nclem

      What about players being able to apply for an exemption from the ping limit if they are from a foreign country?
    12. nclem

      too easy - perfectly understandable. I appreciate the transparency
    13. nclem

      I think I speak for the community when I say thankyou for the explanation, and obviously take your time & don't rush it. We don't want a ****ed up, slow, buggy mission file like we used to (rip server every 30 mins??) This isn't supposed to be an attack or anything, just a question - the main page says server operation costs are 572 dollars a month, however last month pulled somewhere over 1000 dollars - where does that surplus money go? I know a lot of other communities provide a dollar by dollar breakdown of what constitutes the operational costs. Regards.
    14. nclem

      was meant to be an example and reaffirmation of his suggestion
    15. nclem

      oh no