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    1. [AI] STALKER

      As said above. No were did i say players should find a navid or RPG. I stated and i quote myself here because reading apparently is difficult for some. Next point. Good . We have a point we can agree on. And nothing wrong with making certain weapons harder to get. Or even not available at all on loot tables or stores. As for finding a low cal weapon. Please refer to the above self quote. If my only realistic option on spawn is to wait for a armed AI to be killed by an unarmed zombie before i can get a weapon .... i feel that pointing out the serious amount of issues that will cause when you get population on the server is .... just wow. That shouldnt be an option you need to take. Great that its an option. But it shouldnt be the only reliable one. The issue with bikes is that the physics model for them is out of wack. If you want to test it. Host a local server . Spawn in the push bike and a tank. And ride hard at the tank. One of those is going to win the game of chicken. It aint the tank. As for the quad bike bambi spawn issue. Easy solution is make the spawn condition require a junk item. make the player spawn with it on respawns. REmove that item from the loot table and stores to stop spam abuse. And bingo - you have the ability to spawn the quad - and its not tied to bambi status. *also pretty sure i outlined that previously* Yep. I did Hey , we agreed on somethings by the end of it all Have a good one
    2. [AI] STALKER

      Nothing wrong with difficult. Not being able to find a weapon after 10 mins of loot spawning however is beyond reasonable. I never cheated / spawned items in on servers i developed for communities either. But stating that is like saying " I dont hit my partner ". I mean good for not doing it but hardly a " here have a trophey moment ". Apparently you have a clear misunderstanding. None of my feed back was " I went to the store and i couldnt find item X , Y , Z ". In fact most of the post was : First 15 mins of spawning - 10 mins of no weapon spawn - spawn town. No weapons spawning military area. Not sure how you managed to mistake that for what ever it is you just wrote. Remind me where i state AI have no place? I stated having them in spawn towns shooting at players spawning in is a bad idea. Thats not exactly rocket science. And for too hard - i stated - 6. Armed AI in spawn areas - Look this is fine if (A) the player either spawns with a pistol and a couple of clips .... and or (B) the loot table actually spawns weapons. Again , i spent 10 mins in a spawn zone area looking for guns ... and the only guns i saw were the ones the ARMED AI had. As you should. It is important to have very clear goals , mission statements on how you want your server to develop. What your over all objective is. IE: Is the server set to promote Base raids or not. Is the server set to promote group play or single play. etc etc. End of the day if your the one doing the back end work - your view is going to be the one that determines the final product. That said - I clearly explained that i was not attacking you or your server. Honest negative feed back is not always going to be wrapped in cotton wool with a layer of sugar. And i understand your going for a more survival type exile rather than the " I spawned in and have all the toys " type. But you really need to learn that your not getting feed back because i want to insult you. I want your server to gain and keep population. But you wont have that if new players who are not established on your server cant get a gun. Or can not spawn a quad because they picked up a Hat. I can respect that. I have written and shared numerous back end mission files , DMS config with object.sqf's and mission.sqf's , loot tables , store tables , roving AI scripts etc myself. Trust me. I understand the sheer load of work involved. Nothing i said was from a lack of experience setting up , balance updates , bug fixes etc. I have done it all before myself. Both running teams , and doing it solo for communities. Everything i said was coming from the point of view of someone who understands how systems work. You want a hard core survival experience. Go for it. But seriously. Go back and read the comments i wrote. Take it in. Because 90% of what you wrote was shit to do with Altis life and shop inventory which had ZERO to do with what i wrote. And the other 10% was you saying you have made servers before and are doing all hte back end yourself. Both of which have ZERO to do with what i wrote. PEace out.
    3. [AI] STALKER

      Ok so honest feed back time. 1. Hud - allow players to customize hud - there are plenty of plugins for xm8. Trust me. Allowing players to decide what is shown on the hud and what is not is a quality of life measure. 2. Spawn Zones - Adding armed AI near and within Spawn areas is simply put. A bad idea. I was getting shot at before i even hit the ground. 3. Loot table - civilian areas - Ok this one just straight out shocked me. At no stage did i find a weapon. 10 minutes of entering different buildings. No weapon. Red dot scopes. Check. 7.62 and below suppressors. Check. Weapon with ammo - Neg. Weapon on its own?(Dont do that by the way - always have weapons spawn with some clips) nope. 4. BIKE and QUAD SPAWNS - Ok ummm were to start. (A) Provide the player with 1 of these options. There is Zero need for both. (B) Bikes are just broken in Arma - use quads but at this point - honestly just choose one and stick with that. (C) Do not link being able to spawn one with BAMBI status. If i pick up any item first (a backpack) i am no longer a bambi and can not spawn basic transport. There are PLENTY of options here. Ideally just have the PLAYER spawn with a junk item :IE Toilet Paper: - take that junk item of the loot table. And have the SPAWN OPTION simply check for that JUNK item in the players inventory - and if it is there - remove it and spawn the vehicle. 5. JUNK ITEMS - Your loot table has WAY WAY WAY too many items with ZERO sell value. No sure how else to put this. FIX THAT. Loot TABLES dictate EVERYTHING ELSE on your server. Get that down pat before missions - THEN make sure those items all have a SELL VALUE at the STORES. 6. Armed AI in spawn areas - Look this is fine if (A) the player either spawns with a pistol and a couple of clips .... and or (B) the loot table actually spawns weapons. Again , i spent 10 mins in a spawn zone area looking for guns ... and the only guns i saw were the ones the ARMED AI had. Now granted you have the AI aim lowered ( points for that unless its default settings and ive forgotten how woeful arma3 AI aim is on default settings ) ... but that doesnt mean anything when the AI have weapons .. and the player does not. 7. Getting a weapon. So .... after 10 mins .. i ran around and avoided 4 Ai patrols of 2-3 man squads with 5.56 and 6.5 mm assault weapons.... while avoiding zombie spawns .. and while that was fun. No sarcasm intended ... only being able to actually get a weapon by stealing a unlocked ifrit from the LBGT base .... and driving to the airfield .. where apparently no guns actually spawn ..... and then waiting for the AI soldiers to be killed by Zombies so i could take one of their guns was ... disappointing. So lets recount this play thru so far. Spawn in air above spawn town .... land 1.5 kms out of it to avoid the insane amount of semi automatic fire i was taking from a spawn town as a parachuting bambi with no missions remotely near me. Dodge 4 patrols of armed AI. Whilst dodging roving spawning Zombies. Find ZERO weapons in the spawn town. ZERO that were not already attached to active AI patrols. Run to a near by PLAYER BASE. FInd an unlocked Ifrit. Drive to a military area. Find NO weapons there either. Explosive charges. Check. Mines. Check. Weapons ..... **** and no. Run over a armed AI - trigger mine script - disable the vehicle. Check. Wait inside disabled vehicle. Watch Armed AI get killed by Zombies. Check. Loot dead body for 5.56 assault rifle. Check. Think about that. The only way in a 15 min play thru that i came across a weapon in my hands was waiting for ZOMBIES to kill ARMED AI patrols in the areas were players would initally loot. None of this feed back is me saying " Your server sucks - $%$##@ ". What i am saying is that at no stage did i feel i had a reasonable chance to get armed and fight the threats. And unless this is an escape type mission. Thats not ideal. Peace out.
    4. [AI] STALKER

      The words P v E and EXILE are not meant to co - exist. 1. The thrill of exile is : " **** yes we cleared that mission of all the AI , and roving AI vehicles without taking a dam loss.... go us " followed almost immediately by another team's comms " Contact 4'o clock... distance ranged ... 500 meters ... 3 targets on edge of tree line reference Red stone wall .... wait for signal " 2. The risk of exile is : Those guys who just watched you clear the mission .... waited for you to waltz up to the crate and loot... and then dropped you and your mates because this is not a PvE minecraft server ... and other people have guns and will use them to kill you and take your loot. Completing a mission does not equal " I earned the loot ". 3. The Goal of exile is : Those bastards who keep killing people at missions and stealing the loot ....... have a really big base ... lets go raid those bastards and make that loot OUR loot " Communications as follows " Hey mate .. remember how we had those 12 level 3 safes full of all that stolen loot ..... " " Yea mate ........ wait .. what do you mean .. Had ? " 4. Vehicle spawns on map are fine .. ONLY if you are running the server on a dedicated box .... make sure that the server runs an actual clean up script .... and take into account that for every vehicle you allow to spawn on the map ... takes away the value of vehicles you need to purchase. Free stuff has no value. Earn it to keep it. Give players the ability to spawn in a quad bike (* Not push bike as the arma 2 asset can and does defeat TANKS in a head on collision ... and no exile server should run tanks... *) by sacrificing a non usable item such as toilet paper which other wise is a pointless item spawn on your loot table ... which brings me to ..... 5. Loot tables : You need to define these clearly as : Low tier (Think altis life civilian legal gear - or in other words - shit ) and medium ( Think up to 7.62 ) and keep those spawns in military areas or clearly define those areas as military spawn loot. Every item you ALLOW to spawn for players .... removes the VALUE of that item in MISSION LOOT. Spawn items are not contested by 10-20 AI with static MGs and roving armed vehicles. So i strongly advise that anything you want the players to actually value and FIGHT over .... do not include in NORMAL MAP LOOT TABLES. Period. Example : If you allow a 9.3 Cyrus to spawn in a military base... im not fighting for that on a tier 4 sniper camp mission. No point. But make that item ONLY attainable via either BLACK MARKET non safe zone trader ... or via a high tier mission ... and Cyrus's just gained VALUE and not everyone is sniping from 1600 meters away with a suppressor and a LRPS .... 6. BLACK MARKETS : So .. you have limited what you are allowing on the SPAWN TABLE ... now you can add those items you still want to appear in game into (A) Black markets ... and (B) mission only loot. My advise here is to allow anything that is MISSION ATTAINABLE but not LOOT TABLE attainable ... to be purchased HERE ONLY. Including ammo and attachments. And BAM ..... shit has value. 7. Missions BANDIT * Random spawning *: Do not .. i say again .. do not run stock standard DMS. I wrote a guide on the EXILE FORUMS on how to create and edit your own unique custom DMS missions with unique item placement for BANDIT MISSIONS. There is a MISSION EXAMPLE with both OBJECT.SQF and MISSION.SQF available on the forum if you want it. If you have any experience with opening a .sqf file .... you should be able to work this out pretty easy. Failing that .... RedNEd .... Eraser1 amoungst others should be able to point you in the right direction. Trust me ... unique missions make servers. Carbon copied ones do not. 8. Missions STATIC : Choose 2 areas on your map. Make one area a HIGH VALUE air asset. Make it a locked vehicle. Give it unique loot you are NOT including anywere else. Add 2+ extra crates with some other random high value content you include in other missions ..... and you have a HIGH value area that players will fight over. Make a second area a HIGH VALUE land asset. Make it a locked vehicle. Give it unique loot you are NOT including anywere else. Add 2+ extra crates with some other random high value content you include in other missions..... Now make the server spawn only 1 of these missions per server restart ..... and BAM ... you now have something cool for players to fight over when they get sick of base building , base raiding .. and just want a seriously good scrap. Enjoy
    5. [AI] STALKER

      Remembrance day.
    6. [AI] STALKER

      I have a simple solution. 1. Rent a huron ( Currently $250,000 per 12 hour restart - unless you leave it alone for 10 mins and it despawns ). 2. Fly to south east cargo 5kms south east of Brisbane. 3. Land outside of the CARGO mission truck spawn. 4. Activate a mission to SYDNEY. 5. Sling load MISSION vehicle with HURON 6. FLY TO SYDNEY. 7. Deposit the vehicle on the mission area. 8. Land and hand in mission. 9. Activate a mission to NORTHERN TERRITORY CARGO or SE cargo 5kms se of brisbane. 10. Rinse repeat. EASY $100,000 - $130,000 every 5-6 mins. Allow 10 mins per run including a drink break - and thats at least 6 runs per hour - or an easy $600,000 - $800,000 an hour. You can make alot more but im allowing for relaxed play here. Considering most "GANGS" do not camp either cargo point currently - its easy money. Peace out.
    7. Ill just leave this here.
    8. Any chance of getting a random number #roll function added to the server. Ie: Direct Von :STALKER enters in direct #roll Server Result 73 displayed in side chat server messages. Same way as player arrests are displayed and player kills. With #roll function using the : floor (random 100) to generate a random number between 1-100 with each number having the same chance as any other number. Would allow for ingame gambling casino's run by players. Police raffles for RP purposes etc. **Understand you get a million messages a day by people asking for mechanics with zero idea on how those mechanics would need to be implemented - just thought i would ask. Also understand your busy. Thank you for your time. ** Used to manage a once a week casino on another server were by the players would each take turns giving the " Dealer " money , placing a bet on a number - in this case between 1-70. House auto wins on 71-100. Players win double if it lands on even if they bet even and double if it lands odd and they bet odd. Player wins ten times amount bet if it lands on their number. House takes all if the number is 71 or greater. Was a nice easy money sink for high enders on server - allowed for heaps of role play opportunities between police , civilian contractors - and cartels - rebels. Also used as said above for Police raffles. Pay $100,000 for a ticket - pick a number between 1-100. Sell 100 tickets. Reroll until a winner occurs - set pay out at 50% of sold ticket value. So if $10,000,000 in tickets are sold - pay out is $5,000,000 to the winner - Heaps of ways such a system is used. Thank you for your time Connor. -STALKER-
    9. [AI] STALKER

      This picture does not tell the whole story ... AINC DC GS The Bois oo(Infinity) some randoms - over all 20 players from 6+ groups all being friendly , no decs , no kill onsite even within KOS - Agreed between players - less than 20 players on .. early morning ... make money ... RP and HOSTILE RP can be done later. AINC had 2 players running overwatch .... and everyone assisted when one guy decided to "Breach The Peace". 3 bullets later .... and Sam the infamous carrier of tracey (CoT) fragged another kill. 2+ hours of peace time. Didnt think to take screen shots earlier ... but we had i think .... 2 vtols on ground , 5 hurons ..... 1 vtol in air waiting on space ..... 2 hurons in air waiting on space At the peak of the peace time So when i read forum posts like " This is dead " .. or " Problems with the server " .... i like to remind people that moments like this happen to . Peace out and happy hunting
    10. [AI] STALKER

      Thank you everyone for your feed back and experiences. First - Lets all acknowledge the point of this thread was to give positive feed back to several police officers i forgot to get the names of. Second - To acknowledge the positive role play of several civilians in some potentially emotionally charged situations. Third - A great display of positive interaction between several factions that often hit each other head to head in a negative US vs THEM way. There are always going to be those who mean to role play well who come across as ... less than intended. And there will always be those who have no interest in role play - no matter how hard others try to accommodate them. In my experience - fail role play scenarios often occur because one or more individuals involved are unsure / uncomfortable / unused to positive constructive role play and just assume the worst case scenario is one or more people are just trolling. For those who are interested in some advice on LAWYER role play - I am available at any time to meet and help demonstrate some pointers. Examples include - When a charge filed by police should be ACCEPTED and the client should plead guilty to. - When a charge filed by police should NOT BE ACCEPTED and the police should have the REASON your not accepting it explained.. in a calm and logical manner. Remember - Negotiations are not 1 sided. The police will want to nail a conviction on that guy they caught. The guy will want to have as many charges dropped as possible. Find a middle ground - and 9/10 times i have found even the most " I hate role play " police / civilians will agree to a compromise. Because as a lawyer - You are not the enemy of police. You are the person who helps SPEED up the process that allows the POLICE to do their job , and the CLIENT to feel you have defended their rights. And often .. you can do both while showing both the police and the client that neither of them are being disrespectful to the other. Peace out and happy role playing
    11. [AI] STALKER

      Thanks mate - actually handed it back to you
    12. [AI] STALKER

      First , my apologizes oh humble reader of the forums for not taking screen shots at the time. That said , allow me to continue good sirs. Yesterday I hoped onto the server to test some ideas that myself , Mccain and BmanZ07 had for streamlining lawyer / client / police interaction at the Police Station interview rooms. So here is a point form run down of the high lights. 1: Arrive Brisbane PD in a suit and talk with police about representing clients. 2: Granted permission to sit on bench opposite Interview rooms. 3: Police bring me clients that either ask for a lawyer because of side chat advertisements or clients who they have told " There is a lawyer here if you want one ". 4: Invited to assist in 4 separate interviews representing 5 separate people. 5: 1 Case involved multiple weapons 6.5+ caliber and a pawnee - No jail - minimal fines - Due to Great police role play and respectful players held under restraint. 6: 1 case involved a help desk issue vs police - that was resolved via ingame role play - with minimal compensation ($30,000 for 15 mins of time) - and no helpdesk intervention Again due to great police role play - and the client being respectful. 7: 2 more cases that were resolved on good terms with the clients paying fines - but not going to jail - and the police feeling they were both respected and appreciated by the clients and the lawyer. Look i know there are times when some police are simply hobo killers. And there are times when civilians are " Is that a guy in blue or white - shoot it .. shoot it ... a shot is a dec .. shoot it ". But there are easily just as many times when you can actually role play issues out with police because just like civilians .... they want to role play not just shot. So all said and done.... im going to end this post with a BiG thank you to the Police officers involved. You know who you are. A larger thank you to the police officer who asked one client if it was ok if he sat in the room while i talked " privately " so he could see how this whole " LAWYER " thing worked. As above to the client who after saying " Ah no.... go away " and the officer left the room... said " If hes going to respect me and my rights .. he can come back in ... im cool with it as long as he doesnt tell the other cops what is being said ". And finally - a quote : Good intended Role Play breeds Good intended Role play. Peace out
    13. [AI] STALKER

      Long time no see friend. Hit me up pm and ill send you our Discord. Working with Mccain at the moment to assist in an overhaul of the legal system.
    14. [AI] STALKER

      1. Well spoken Red. 2. Connor , your use of language is very impressive. And yes what Connor said. 3. I remember SG life server from over 12 months ago. Let me tell you the things that have changed. A: Help desk staff asking for evidence ( 12 months ago that was only asked for by the people being accused , now its actually used on the people making the complaint. Which is how its meant to be. ). B: Server runs smooth. As Connor is the back end guy , You can thank him. I've done my time setting up mission.sqf's and custom object.sqf's for exile servers using dynamic mission systems and trust me ... the fact you dont notice a server issue is hours and hours of hard and diligent work on behalf of who ever does the back end. C: I really do hope you reconsider your choice and stay on the server , its fun , and while you wont get along with everyone ( I cant stand the voice of a 12 year old ........ ) , everyone is here to have fun ;)
    15. [AI] STALKER

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