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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Server Full Service Launch

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Hello, everyone!

We are excited announce that our Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server is officially being added as a full and permanent fixture in our service line-up. We have been blown away by the rapid growth of the server over the past month, with the server filling all its slots by the early afternoon every day without fail. 

Owing to its full service status, RS2 will now be fully integrated into our support and staffing systems to ensure any issues are swiftly dealt with. You can now request assistance from our staff by making a ticket on discord and the forums, or by asking our friendly TeamSpeak support staff. 

I would like to thank @Josh_ua for spearheading this initiative, as well as @AidanC@Tyler..... and @Purgey for their ongoing support seeding and moderating the server. Tyler and Purgey will continue in their moderation capacities moving forward. 

Find us in-game by searching "StrayaGaming" or by directly connecting to

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