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UAV/UCAV choices

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Felopher    1


So UAV Op normally gets a random chance to get a UAV Greyhawk or a UCAV Sentinel. What if we had a choice between the two? 


Think how the CAS jet pilots get a choice between CAS or Fighter loadouts with the laptop but for the UAV / UCAV. Throw a laptop in the ACT with the base air defence laptop. (Although saying this, you may need another asset from the laptop so people don’t get confused.)

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  • Rogmantosh    242

    That should be possible. Currently I believe,  although could be wrong, that it conducts a check as to whether you have the jets dlc and if you do should give you the sentinel. I know that sometimes it doesn't and I sometimes have to re-role once the greyhawk spawns. I believe this happenes due to a large quantity of network traffic at times and misses the cue.


    Personally I don't believe there is any benefit to the greyhawk over the sentinel. Maybe it has a smaller loiter area but the sentinel has the speed benefit that really outweighs any benefit I can see. 


    I like to fly my drones up at 3km set to loiter at 1600m from centre AO.

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    Goose_    31

    I think having a choice between the greyhawk and sentinel would be a nice feature

    It's sort of like cas jets, You wouldn't like being forced to use a Wipeout against several gryphons at once, Just having an option between attack and fighter makes it an all around more enjoyable experience.


    Greyhawks are friendlier for creating little bush runways just outside the ao with their low speed meaning they can land anywhere. Then you just have an ammo truck and act as a FoB for everyone.

    And i've gone into a littlebit more detail on the discord on why greyhawks are useful.

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    Tim    10

    If you only plan on doing bombing runs from about 500m up then the greyhawk and a FOB might make sense, but it’s going to get minced the second AA or something with an auto cannon spawns. Otherwise its almost faster to rearm the sentinel at main base even if the AO is halfway across the map due to how long it takes the greyhawk to gain altitude and fly anywhere. 

    Also adding a UAV selector to the laptop would remove the game of roulette when re-rolling for the 3rd time trying to get the sentinel.

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