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      The main focus of this update is responding to player feedback on a range of different concerns. Players noted the following issues: Difficulties getting in contact with staff Difficulty finding the right TeamSpeak channel to be in Difficulty finding the community-created guides, or unaware that they even existed Unaware of perks received for donating 'Shit' side mission rewards 'Shit' jets Enemy jets spawning too frequently Unaware of correct pad numbers Most of these have been addressed in this update, with the exception of the friendly and enemy jet spawns, which need further observation and testing. Contacting Staff A lot of players use the main group chat to report issues. However, staff are not always ingame or in the group chat and, if they are, messages are easily missed. To fix this, we have introduced a simple chat command !admin, that allows players to notify staff on Discord and ingame more effectively. Simply type !admin into any chat channel and the menu will appear. You can submit one issue every 5 minutes. Abuse will see you blacklisted from using it and possible disciplinary action. More information on how to contact staff can be found by typing !help in any chat channel. TeamSpeak, guides, donations To help players better find the right channels on TeamSpeak, some ingame mentions of the TS have become clickable links that automatically connect you to the correct channel. The following will automatically connect you to the Pilot's channel for whatever map you're on. Links and information about guides, donations and more can be found in a new screen that can be accessed via the [Home] menu, or using the chat command !help. Some of this info has also been included in the TS channel descriptions of some popular channels. Other methods of making TS easier to navigate for new players are also in the works. Side Rewards For a while now, we've heard a number of complaints about the quality of rewards given for successfully completing side missions. As a result, we've decided to try a different way of determining what reward to give. All side missions have now been assigned a difficulty rating from 1-3. This will determine what type of reward players will receive for completing the mission. More difficult missions, like Rescue POW and Secure Caches, have the highest rating and offer more powerful vehicles as a reward (mostly gunships/heavily armed aircraft). The second highest tier includes APCs and less-powerful armed helicopters. The lowest tier gives the least powerful and still pretty disappointing rewards. However, the missions in this tier are supposed to be quite a bit easier than the others. Instead of having one large pool of rewards for all missions, this divides the rewards into three smaller pools based on difficulty. Hopefully this makes completing side missions a more rewarding experience, while easing some of the frustrations you've expressed with the previous system. If not, we'll have to consider some of the more complex solutions that have been suggested.
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      Requirements: Don't be aids Template IGN: Hours: Age:
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      Declined Accepted for trial
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      Why is there no award for best EU player?
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      INTRODUCING STRAYAGAMING IAWARDS ROUND 2 Today, we are releasing our second round of iAwards, bringing you variety of new awards to show off your prowess within the community. 19 New Altis Life Awards 23 New Wasteland Awards 4 New Forum Awards 7 New Global Awards Our goal with iAwards is to provide you, the players, goals within each server and the community as a whole to work towards and be recognized for. The awards are designed to encourage positive and skillful play, and to offer a challenge at the same time for people who want to go the extra mile and gain recognition for their achievements. A complete list of the different categories and awards can be found here. It also contains the requirements to be eligible for each badge/award. If you believe you have met the requirements for one or more of the awards, you can either submit a ticket on our forums or by contacting a support staff member in TeamSpeak. Please ensure you have any applicable evidence ready to prove you have met the award requirements.
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      Enemy CAS continues to spawn up to approx 3 jets between AO and Base. Does not seem to be affected by the following a. Friendly CAS is occupied b. Enemy Radiotower is up c. Presence of friendly zeus'd in AA assets d. Presence of friendly AA tanks Has gotten to the point beyond active annoyance visible in side chats, pilot TS and general in game chat. Mod's such as BigRed1, Noskire and Simon have been known to place friendly assets at base and even in between base and AO in order to reduce the pure skull****ery received. Enemy CAS is also highly likely to "flare off" every attempt at a missile, MR or SR or even from AA assets and seem to have never ending flares and missiles. Friendly CAS is often met with peril when locked, having at a guess 30% chance of flaring off incoming missiles from enemy CAS - if they can get off the runway. Something IS broken. Enemy CAS shouldn't spawn frequently if there isn't a friendly asset to kill it, let alone 2-3 within a few moments of each other and it should not be that difficult to kill them.
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      imagine not even discussing this problem
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      Declaration of Application: - By placing this Application you are not guaranteed placement in the APD. Your Application for Full Time Enlistment into the APD may be Denied if your answers do not meet the minimum word limit, you lie in your answers, have an unsatisfactory history of Server Rule Breaches or fail to agree and acknowledge all statements and declarations in this Application. You Application may also be Denied after an Interview with a member of the Academy Staff. Other testing may be required due to preset standards and results in these could lead to your application being Denied. Cabinet withhold the right to veto any application at any stage of enlistment. If you application is Denied a time frame will be placed after which you may reapply. After this reapply period has ended you may use your previous application, unless told otherwise. Acknowledgement of Declaration: Yes Basics: - Name: Cocobix TeamSpeak Name: Cocobix Age: 17 Hours Played as Pub Slot before placing this application (minimum 15 Hours): 15 Hours on Arma 3: 568 Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198152128530 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152128530/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: @Citric Referral Two: @Harry.Wasabi Referral Three : @Home Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): Ash Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words min)?: I want to join the APD because i was a constable but my pc was taken and i lost my rankings. I want to join the APD again because I really enjoy RP on straya and i think cop is a perfect way to do it. The APD is a fantastic group of people and I enjoy being around all of them. I think that I really enjoy getting out there and protecting the community and having fun whilst doing so. I enjoyed my time in the APD before i lost my rankings and this was mainly because I love role play. I love getting out there and meeting new people and I think Role Playing as a police officer is a great way to do so. If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words min)?: If I am accepted into the APD, i want to climb my way through the ranks and possibly make it into the CIU as well. I would hope to get to at least Senior Constable within three months and get into the CIU, this was my goal before I lost my ranks and I still wish to achieve it. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words min)?: I believe that I am a friendly bloke and there are very few people I wont get along with. I enjoy RP and I believe I can bring a good spirit to the APD as well as some quality RP. I have lots of experience as a cop previously on this server and even though i have to learn new things, I already know lots about the APD and my role. Do you have any experience as a Police Officers from other servers?: Yes Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: Altis Paramedic Service, Contractor Gangs. How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: Around 30 hours a week. Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: Yes, i got a one day ban from Altis Life last week for a combat log. Conclusion: - Have you read and understood the Altis Life Server Rules?: Yes Have you read and understood the Altis Police Department Protocols?: Yes By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: Yes Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T., Detectives, PolAir and Police Academy or promotion to or past Senior Sergeant: Yes
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      So as you all know, I made a bad decision to mass rdm in Sydney WITH rebel gear, which was pretty stupid, so I just wanted to say that for whom it affected or who I killed, I apologize, and same to the support team who had to deal with the helpdesk sydney rdm, But I do regret my actions towards straya because I have played for so long, I feel I could try again in a differ manner mass RDMing. It was pretty stupid but my I'm aiming to be better than my immature squeaky boy, so I hope that the people that I affected forgive me, and that I can come back in a better mood and attitude @James32
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      IGN: Armando Wolff Hours: 61320 Age: 7
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      IGN: Scorpion Hours: 370 if BattleMetrics is to be believed. Age: 17 I aspire to be a meat shield.
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      // DENIED [ @NepulaPrime ] Unfortunately your application has been denied for the following reason(s): Plagiarism. Your application has been denied. You may reapply in 7 Days. If you have any issues or questions please contact a member of Academy. Academy Director - Michael Steiner
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      // PENDING @RiseAvATAR Please join the Interview Waiting Room on ts.straya.life for an interview. Interview Checklist 1. A Positive Attitude 2. Your Application Link 3. Your Ticket List, 10 Codes & Protocols 4. Be Prepared To Explain Roleplay Situations 5. Your Knowledge of Basic General Duties Processes You have 7 days to show up for this interview. Failure to show up will result in the denial of your application. If you have any issues with the above please contact a member of Academy. Senior Academy - Citric
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      Reduce the teller time on R&D please. The second teller alone takes 20 minutes. Banks should force cops to push to stop rebels getting away but all R&D does is encourage them to roach for 40 minutes which is zzz. Also make it so the second teller getting hit is like the fed bomb blowing so cops can't get more people on half an hour after the banks started.
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      Read if there is nothing much important, i am heading back to my e-date and getting my paycheck. ahh, has anybody here seen the recycle bin?
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      Team Name - SRT UncleToby - 76561198113449842 Holski - 76561198077457911 Sean. - 76561198154851163 Kmart - 76561198440063733 Tonic - 76561198202441255 STITCH - 76561198169971606 SUB - Connor McGregor - 76561198148166004
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      I reckon changing the map to Malden would be a good idea cause when I played back in 2016 it is the same map and it's a bit old.
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      you'd know if you killed zarco, he'd leave the community again
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      How to: Convoy to the FOB This was one of my successful attempts... others ended with everything on fire... from Enemy Vehicles camping a few hundred metres from the FOB... Makes it a real challenge...
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      How to: Setup your Kit
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      This guide is here for all the newbies playing on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Server/s. This is the 2nd part in a multi-part Guide on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Servers - The Infantry. The Infantry is the basic Unit that the majority of the players on the Invade and Annex Server (Will be shortened to IA for the rest of this guide) will be playing. Being an infantry is not so basic as just clicking a role and playing. Each role has some kind of responsibility on the Battlefield. This guild will go through each Role and how they play on the IA Servers. Some weapons are also restricted to specific roles. The Squad Leader This Class has an ability that is shared with the JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller). This ability involves the marking up of High Value Targets for all members of NATO to see. This ability is used by equipping some kind of Binocular device. Whether it be Binoculars, Laser Designators or Rangefinders. From here, target a vehicle and you will see a "Report Target" option appear. Use that option and keep targetting the vehicle until the progress bar is complete. Once it is complete, the vehicle will become mark on the map as a target. This target counts as a call out for CAS (Close Air Support) and Artillery, so they can engage at will. You do not have to lead people as the Squad Leader Role, but it is a good role to pick, should you feel the need to boss around the lower ranking Plebians. The Auto-riflemen (AR) The Autoriflemen is a class that has the ability to use some of the largest and more powerful weapons available as an infantry. These weapons are primarily LMG's or MMG's (Light Machine Gun or Medium Machine Gun). The primary duty of this role is to act as a support and suppressing unit for your allies. Your larger Boxes of ammunition are perfect for keeping the enemies pinned, or shredding them if they move. This role has access to some of the restricted LMG/MMG's like the SPMG and the Navid. The Engineer/Demolition Specialist The Engineer has varying abilities across the battlefield. The first involves being able to use a tool kit to repair friendly vehicles across the battlefield. Your role is the only one who can do this without the external assistance of a Repair Vehicle or Repair Crate. The second involves the defusal of Mines or IED's that players may encounter across the battlefield. Your toolkit is once again useful in this event, but a secondary tool you will need is the Mine Detector. The Mine Detector can be used by using the Right Panel buttons to cycle through until you find the Mine Detector. Unidentified mines will show up as red filled in Circles. Looking at these and pressing T (Default) will "spot" the mines and identify them. They would be UXO's (Un-exploded Ordnance), simple tripmines, anti-vehicle mines or even IED's (Improved Explosive Device) To disarm/defuse these mines you need to go prone and move slowly towards the mine. Once your close enough you will get a scroll menu option to disarm the mine. Make sure to have a toolkit otherwise this will not work. It is also advised you wear one of the EOD or Explosive Resistant vests, as well as an explosive resistant helmet, in the event the mine does go off. The third involves the placing and detonating of explosive devices. While this can be done by anyone with an explosive charge, it primarily falls to the Engineer/Demo Specialist to destroy objects with explosives. Your primary duty will be destroying Radiotowers in the AO (Area of Operations). The Radiotower can be used to call enemy reinforcements, so it's imperative that it is taken out. These towers often have minefields around them. The Combat Life Saver (CLS/Paramedic)/Medic The CLS has one of the more basic roles of the battlefield, but by far one of the most important. Your job as a CLS is to find injured/incapacitated players and revive them. To achieve this you must have both a Medkit and a First Aid Kit (FAK). You need only carry 1 Medkit, but carry as many FAK's as your storage space permits. As every time you heal/revive a player you will consume 1 FAK. To revive a player, first look either on your map or your ingame screen for orange markers. On the map the players marker will appear orange rather then Blue if they are incapacitated (Image 1 Showing a Dead Player and a vehicle with a dead player inside, Image 2 showing an alive player). On your HUD you will see a flashing symbol with their name . Once you have identified a downed friendly, make your way to their position. It's recommended to use smoke to cover your approach. Once you have reached the player, simply scroll menu and hit revive. NOTE: If you are prone when you revive someone, it will take double the time. Your job is to also Heal any players you may find on the battlefield. The CLS is the only role that can heal a player up to 100/100 health. A standard player using a FAK will only heal up to 75% Health. Signs of an injured player can include limping (if severely injured) or blood on clothing. Simple walk up to the player and press Treat "Rolename" from the Scroll Menu. E.g. Treat Squad Leader. The Anti-Tank Missile Specialist/Anti-Tank Gunner/Anti-Air Specialist The AT Gunner has a very simple role. Use whatever ordnance you can muster to eliminate any enemy vehicle presence in the AO. This role gets access to the larger and more powerful Anti-Tank and Anti-Air missile launchers. This includes the Verona and the Titan Compact/Titan MPRL. This role is not specifically designated to just vehicles either. Clearing of buildings/Walls/Objects and large groups of Infantry can also be undertaken by this role. The AT Gunner Roles also have Access to the Anti-Air (AA) Launcher available - the Titan MPRL. This launcher has, funnily enough the capability to fire rounds at enemy aircraft in an attempt to destroy them. It is recommended that AT/AA Gunners make use of the Carryall (Non-DLC) or Bergen (Apex DLC) Backpack's as they carry the most space. The Grenadier The Grenadier has no specific abilities as per say. However, the role comes with responsibility that you are going to use a Grenade Launcher to inflict pain and devastation upon the enemy. Alternatively, you can be a great support player and use either Smoke Rounds to provide cover, or Flare Rounds to illuminate the night. There are 2 primary variants of Grenade Launchers. Single Role Launchers (Found on various weapons like the Spar or AK's), or the 3GL Variant found exclusively on the MX 3GL Assault Rifle. The only difference is that one of these fires a single round before reloading, and the other can fire 3 before having to Reload. It's important to note that most Grenade Launchers become more difficult to zero for range at about 400-450m distance. The Marksman/Designated Marksman The Marksman/Designated Marksman has no specific Abilities as per say However the role is more designed for a player who wants to be engaging targets at 500+ Metres with DMR's (Designated Marksman Rifles). These rifles often carry relatively powerful ammunition that can kill some targets in as little as one hit. The Role is also used as a Recon Role. Your job can be one where you sit on a hill engaging targets, but also calling those targets out for Friendly Units to engage, or informing those Units of enemy Positions that you may lack the firepower to destroy. The Sniper This role has access to the single most power infantry-infantry weapons that are accessible to a player. This being the .50 Cal Sniper Rifles, the M320 and the GM6 Lynx. Whether your prefer a more accurate weapon with a higher round speed and longer engagement range of the M320, or the Stopping Power of Anti Material APDS Rounds that can be equipped on the GM6 Lynx. Your Role is Twofold. Your first role to act as Long Range Support for your infantry on the ground. Spotting and taking out enemy units that may be flanking or engaging Friendly Units. Your second role is to act as a recon unit. Spotting and calling out Infantry Groups, Objectives or Vehicles for your friendly Units to be wary of and/or take out. Your expected to be sitting on a hill provide support, and provide counter-sniper fire on the enemy snipers. The JTAC The JTAC role has the same ability as the Squad Leader role. Being able to target enemy vehicles for CAS/Artillery Strikes. The whole purpose of this role is to be a communicator between your support units (which will be outlined in another guide) and your ground infantry forces.
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      This guide is here for all the newbies playing on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Server/s. This is the 1st part in a multi-part Guide on the Strayagaming Invade and Annex Servers - The Infantry. The overall objective of Invade and Annex is that the opposing forces are attempting to seize control of the map your playing on, and it's your job to stop this from happening. You complete this task by moving into one of two objective styles. Either AO's (Area of Operations) or Side Missions. I will go into further detail on these later on. As you complete objectives, new ones will spawn in and you are to move and strike. This process repeats in procedurally generated missions. In Strayagaming the maps your most likely to fight on is Altis, although we have variations on both Malden and Tanoa. The Primary Objective Area of Operations (AO) The 1st style of objective that you will encounter is the AO. This is a zone that is marked on the map and is under control by enemy forces. It is your job to move to the objective through any means necessary (Via Air, Sea or Land) and destroy sub-objectives in the AO, as well as eliminate all enemy presence in the zone. This zone will contain many enemy foot patrols including, Sniper Teams, Anti-Tank Strike Teams, Standard Fireteams and Squads and the Occasional Viper Squad that is dropped in as reinforcements. There may also be static MG's, Light Armoured Vehicles, Armed Cars, IFV's and MBT's, as well as Anti-Air emplacements in the AO. It is often the case that enemy Air Support in the form of either a MI-48 Kajman, PO-30 Orca or a WY-55 Hellcat. Enemy Jets are also known to frequent AO's, supported by UAV's. Destroying these vehicles will help greatly in thinning the enemies resistance in the AO's. Sub-Objectives Inside the AO there are a number of Side Objectives that can Spawn. I will go into detail with these below Headquarters (HQ) The HQ is one of the Sub-objectives that has a 100% chance to appear in the AO. It will be manned by a Squad Strength element and Contains the Commander of the AO. Removing him will help demoralize the enemy Units. The HQ also comes stocked with various crates of ammunition, and on the odd occasion Vehicle ammunition. To capture the HQ simply remove all inhabitants and either kill or capture the commander. Radiotower The Radiotower is the other Sub-objective that has a 100% chance to appear in the AO. It will have up to 2 squad strength elements within the immediate vicinity, and is often protected by a mine field. The minefield is shown by a Barbed wire fence surrounding the Tower (If no wire is present, a minefield is not present). The Radiotower is crucial to the enemy operations as it allows them to call in reinforcement squads and ground vehicles. If this tower is destroyed, no air support, reinforcement squads or vehicles will show up to the AO. To destroy the Radiotower units must make their way to the base of the tower and plant numerous explosives they have brought with them. Generally speaking 2 Explosive Charges does the job, or 1 Satchel Charge. Data Link The Datalink is a sub-objective that doesn't always appear in AO's, but is in the majority of them. It's often located in small forested areas and consists of a single metal structure. It tends to have a Fire team (2-4 man) compliment inside the building, and a squad sized element surrounding it. The Datalink is crucial to the enemy operations as it increases cohesian between the enemy supporting elements, like CAS, UAV and Mortar Support. It also allows the enemies to locate you faster as they are able to communicate between each other. To destroy the Datalink you simply have to interact with the computer device on the inside to disable it. The Supply Depot The Supply Depot is a sub-objective that doesn't always appear in AO's, but is in the majority of them. They consist of a H-Barrier rectangle shape with many crates of ammo within it. It will be guarded by a Squad Size compliment on the inside, and potential teams on the outside. The Supply Depot doesn't provide to major a role in the enemy operations, but capturing it means the potential resupply of friendly units. To Capture the depot, simply interact with the Hex-coloured pod in the middle (Preferably after removing the enemy presence). The GPS Jammer The GPS Jammer is a sub-objective that doesn't always appear in AO's, and appears to be the least frequent of all of them. It consists of a Hex-coloured pod that has several antennae protruding out of it. It's role serves to blackout a specific section of the AO. In how it appears to players - a large black mark will appear over the map, making the accurate marking of anything within the circle impossible. To destroy the GPS Jammer, all it takes a single rocket or placed explosive to blow it up. The Medivac The Medivac is an objective that has a chance of appearing upon an AO spawning, or during an AO. Once it has spawned, friendly units has 60 Minutes to retrieve a wounded soldier and return him to the Medivac tent at BASE. Doing this will award the Player who initially retrieved the soldier and the one who placed him in the medivac tent with points. The HVT The HVT (High Value Target) is a mission that can appear during or at the start of an AO. It involves a High Value Target appearing in the AO. It is imperative that this HVT is captured. He will likely be holed up in a building with a bodyguard detail. Once captured he is to be taken to the GITMO at BASE. Unmarked Sub-Objectives Inside the AO there are a number of sub-objectives that are not marked on the map explicitly. Mortar Pits - These pits contain 3x Mortars that are all manned, as well as 2-3 guarding infantry. Upon a UAV or Spotter identifying a threat, red smoke will deploy on the target. This indicates that the mortar pit is about to fire several shells into the marked location. Be wary however, as Red Smoke can also indicate a CAS strike. Simply kill the occupants of the pit in order to destroy the pit. Anti-Air emplacements - These emplacements will consist of either Tigris' or Cheetah's. These vehicles have a large volume of Anti-Air Missiles as well as 30mm HE Cannons used to destroy aircraft, light vehicles and infantry. Simply destroying these vehicles is sufficient to have them destroyed. Prisoner Extract - While these missions are marked on the map, they are only done so after a friendly unit has "Captured" an enemy personal or commander. This mission involves the friendly units protecting and escorting the prisoner to the GITMO at BASE. They can be extracted from the AO either by Air, Sea or Ground. The HQ DEFENCE This has a chance of occurring once an AO has been cleared. The CSAT forces manage to muster up a force of aircraft, vehicles and infantry to attempt to retake the HQ you captured from them during the assault. You will have 2-3 minutes to get to the HQ and prepare before various enemy units will continuously appear for 20+ minutes. Hold out as long as you can. Side Missions Side Missions are a smaller, but equally as important objective as the AO. They usually involve smaller AO's where the primary objective is to either capture or destroy enemy Radars, Vehicles, Artillery or Intel. These Missions, when completed Successfully will give the BLUFOR units a reward vehicle of some kind. From Strider GMG's, to attack helicopters, to armed V44X Blackfish Gunships. The Anti-Air Battery The Anti-Air Battery is a side Objective that spawns 2 anti-air emplacements in a relatively close proximity to main base. These Battery's have an unlimited range, and are only limited by the range of the missiles they carry (up to 5km). These will wreak havoc on any friendly aircraft that are approaching or leaving base. They will be guarded by various squads of infantry and Light to Heavy Vehicles, and even other AA Units. To complete this mission Units must destroy these enemy AA Vehicles. The Artillery Battery The Artillery Battery is a side objective that spawns various Artillery units which has the capability to wreak havoc on the AO's from great distances. They will be guarded by squads of infantry and light-heavy vehicles. To complete this mission you must destroy the Artillery vehicles. The Regenerator One of the most difficult missions to win. This mission involves CSAT deploying VIPER Troops with regenerating health and extract armour to a specified area in order to lock it down. As squads are wiped out, they respawn after a short delay at the Regenerator itself. Your objective is simple. Destroy the Regenerator. The Intel Missions This mission can come in 1 of 3 forms. Either a Secure Officer Mission, Secure Vehicle Mission, or Secure UAV Mission. The Secure Officer Mission involves friendly units moving towards and apprehending an enemy officer who has crucial intelligence on enemy movements. He must not be killed. The Secure Vehicle Missions involves friendly units identifying and disabling a vehicle of important as it is carrying crucial intel on the enemy. This vehicle must be disabled and captured. It must NOT be destroyed. The Secure UAV Mission requires a little bit of Swimming. A UAV has Crashed landed in the Ocean off the coast. It is your job to suit up and secure the UAV. You have been given a device that will periodically give you a read out with how strong the signal is to the UAV. Use this to triangulate it's position. Once found, secure it. All these missions will contain enemy infantry units and light vehicles, and boats (In the UAV Mission) The Truck Escort This mission involves friendly units Escorting a truck of supplies to a specified location in Altis. It is no easy feat however, as you will face enemy units, as well as potentially landmines. Simply escort the truck to location in order to complete this mission. The Smuggled Explosives Insurgents are attempting to smuggle in explosives along the coastline. Your objective is to gather a team and move to secure the explosives, before they get into enemy hands. This is done by locating the structure they are in on the coast, and secure them for detonating. Warning - You will only have 15 seconds to run before the explosives go off. There will be enemy Infantry and Vehicles at this Objective. The Secure Radar This Objective involves the Securing of an Enemy Radar station that has popped up. It is guarded by infantry and vehicles. Your objective is to reach the facility - and destroy it. Warning - Once the charges are set, you will have 15 seconds to get away before it explodes. The POW This mission involves finding and securing Friendly asset code named "Kerry". He has been captured by enemy units and is due to be executed soon. Your job is to remain as quiet as possible, asking civilians for information in order to ascertain his exact location. As soon as the enemies discover you, a countdown will begin until his execution (usually 10-15 minutes). Once you have located "Kerry", disarm the explosives on him and evacuate him to the MEDIVAC tent located at BASE. He is very wounded and will not last forever. Once you have retrieved him, a countdown will begin. This Objective will contain a lot of enemy infantry units.
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