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    So UAV Op normally gets a random chance to get a UAV Greyhawk or a UCAV Sentinel. What if we had a choice between the two? Think how the CAS jet pilots get a choice between CAS or Fighter loadouts with the laptop but for the UAV / UCAV. Throw a laptop in the ACT with the base air defence laptop. (Although saying this, you may need another asset from the laptop so people don’t get confused.)
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    Player of the Week 16/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is S.A.S Congratulations S.A.S. SAS: - A relatively new player but has made a huge impression on players and staff alike with his play style and dedication to his role as a medic. Id expect every player has at least has been revived once if not a multitude of times this last week as he made his way across the battlefront evading CSAT. With over 1000 revives to his credit, the expression outstanding and impressive was noted. SAS even had time to relieve 15 gold teeth from enemy he had encountered along the way, perhaps he is intending this to further his studies and abilities as a combat medic. Either way a fantastic effort and I’m sure appreciated by those who were fortunate enough to those on the receiving end of your medical intervention. Honourable Mentions: @ron: – Another really top effort this week as a pilot, medic, tower ranger, gold digger and played on both the Altis and Livonia sever. An all-rounder who has cemented his abilities skills and dedication into his role. Multitasking at its best and one that he is damn good at. Always solid and making the effort in defends, reviving and patching players who are in capped or injured. Patiently crouching in a tower in the middle of a firefight watching others engage the CSAT advance, waiting in case they require medical assistance. The roles of our medics are crucial to maintaining the HQ in a heated defend, and we are fortunate to have Ron and several others who put the ultimate effort in ensuring the advantage is ours. Felo - Plays as UAV and a pilot and his UAV role he does this exceptionally well. The UAV role is quite demanding having to protect your airborne assets however still be in a viable position to assist advancing friendly troops as the engage CSAT, Nothing more satisfying is having an enemy T140 leveled by the UAV drone flying above or knowing exactly where the objectives are when trying to gain the advantage over CSAT. Dan-Gling Wang: - Known by a few names on the server however has been noted this week to pilot a good number of players into the AO and provide logistics when the need arises. One thing noted by players is the effort made not only dropping them off at a safe LZ, but the efforts made in delivering ammo and supplies to the ground troops in a defend or otherwise. One of a few pilots who actually make the effort and ensure the friendlies have what they need and one that is definitely appreciated. Top effort. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
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    Player of the Week 9/5/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Alisha2002 – Having only joined the IA Straya sever in early March 2021, has left a good impression with her heli flying and also her role as a UAV. She has managed to gain a good understanding of the roles, objectively communicates to ground troops and is successful in engaging the CSAT armour with a lase and elimination of the enemy armour marked. Great effort and result and good to see a player who is strategic and decisive in her role. Congratulations Alisha! Honourable Mentions: @Felopher- Another player that has come to the attention of both players and staff regarding his role as a UAV, and his ability to do a damn great job at leveling the enemy armour, allowing the advancement of ground troops. @ron– Previous POTW and continues to shine through with not only the top medic for the week with 490 revives, levelled 28 towers, collected the most gold and had enough time to fly a large number of players and deliver logistics to those in the frontline as well. In his spare time managed to grab 5 HVT and prisoners for Gitmo, Good display of exceptional game play and damn finely tuned management skills. @Deagle– Deagle maintaining his cornerstone approach as a frontline combat infantryman. Always leading the charge, taking the fight to the enemy, tactfully approaching to ensure he has the upper hand. Definitely a player that tackles the objective with gust, and can be relied upon to continue regardless of the odds and this has earned him the respect of both players and staff. Jackl – Come to the attention of a number of staff this week for his ability to be in the right place at the right time when it comes to applying his medic skills. Observed to switch between the towers in a defend, and was strategic in getting a number of players up continuously as CSAT attempted to gain advantage of the HQ. And was seen weaving across the frontline, seeking those who need medically intervention On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, our congratulations again to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
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    Nah servers gone this time See u all in FiveM >:D
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    we have been asking for saved load outs for a long time
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    Player of the Week 14/2/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Lewes Congratulations. Lewes – Been a constant player on the server as a pilot getting troops where they need to go and generally a good success rate. Also playing in the UAV role lasing enemy armour in the AO and calling in CAS to engage enemy assets. Considering he has only been with Straya I&A a short time has definitely left his mark and continues to learn, improve and engage with the other pilots and players. A player with a good attitude, Polite and willing to help where he can. Engages well with players and Staff. Top stuff Lewes, good to have you on board. Honourable Mentions: The Tank Guy – As the name suggests is a Tanky has been extremely helpful to the advancing ground troops with his armour support in both advancing on the frontline and more importantly in the middle of a heated defend. Does a fantastic job and is always up there doing whatever he can to disrupt CSAT by reducing their fleet of armour and cutting them off at the knees. Considering the effort to drive to some of the most distant locations, doesn’t complain, drives and gets the job done as best as he can with the assets he has. Keep up the support and great to have a player who knows the role well. @Appu– Another solid week for Appu, as a medic, sniper and plays both roles well. Engages with other players well and always prepared to assist them with whatever he can do. Still likes to carry explosive and targets enemy assets, towers, vehicles whatever is needed to even the playing field and giving the BluFor team an edge. Keep it up Appu your achievements and efforts are not going un-noticed. Venom – Another player who enjoys the armour side of playing driving a Marshal. Very handy with a laser designator and was seen to lase two AA’s, and two CSAT tanks from a hill 1.3 km away and successfully was able to call in and achieve 4 direct hits from a T140 Friendly tank. Very impressive and all done within the first 15 minutes of the AO commencing. Nicely done especially for the ground troops and pilots having to slog their way through knowing they have a better chance of gaining the upper hand without being slaughtered in the first wave. Stephen – Known for his abilities as a Tanky achieving some good solid results in ironside however has of late traded the tracks for rotors and is flying the helis and dropping of troops, cargo and providing an air service where needed. A fast learner knowing that success is based on being able to fly low at times to avoid those AA and still be able to get your troops in within striking range of CSAT. Continues to improve and engages well with other players and pilots and providing advice and assistance to new players if required. On behalf of Straya Gaming Staff and of course all its players, well done to the Player of The Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.
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    I&A Engagement Initiatives New Player Of The Week Intergration: The I&A Staff Team and Community Team have decided to bring in a new initiative for positive player interaction. This initiative entails a month whitelisting of a single player at the end of each week decided by I&A staff; to have the chance of being picked as the Player Of The Week you need to be a positive influence within the I&A server. This positive influence can range from simply being a happy-go-lucky player to being a player that takes initiative towards problems within the server and community. The Player Of The Week will be announced each Sunday in a topic within the Invade and Annex discussions on the forums. The I&A Staff Team have also decided to host a Pilot Training Server! This server has the intent of creating a space for new pilots and players to train and hone their skills; this server can be turned on by any avaliable I&A Staff. The server by default has no "tasks" and is only intended to be used whilst a Staff Member with Zeus access is online to create scenarios personally tailored towards whoever is ingame. This server is purely for training and is up right now. If you can't see it, direct connect with the password to Allowed mods: JSRS, Blastcore, Discord Rich Presence A Teamspeak Channel has also been created which lists the Password to join the server itself.
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