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    My development project called “Altis Life Enhanced” is a long term project I will be focusing on to completely refresh the map to make it more suitable for roleplay. Hello and welcome to the first part of the project! Reworking then Sydney police department, police skins and intercity has station. I’ve decided to rework the PD first as it looks bland and old. Prophecy and I have come up with a master design which is based on practically and actually looks really good. The new PD is fresh, colourful and is more neat. And the best part is people can no longer shoot out the PD windows lmao. I’ve also started working on new police car skins to replace the current 4 year old cruiser skins. On the side, Prophecy and I have also had a crack at the new intercity gas station. This thread is here for us to receive suggestions and feedback from you guys that hopefully isn’t extremely toxic criticism. FAQ: Q - Aight Metallic, your goal is to make the FPS even bad? A - The opposite. During the map cleanup, I am removing all unnecessary objects which both ruin FPS and look horrible like unnecessary scrapyards, abandoned military or industrial facilities. All of the stuff I make are static simple objects which are set to behave like map objects which significantly helps with performance. If anything, this project will help with FPS. Q - Bro, you’re not even a dev, why you even doing this? A - Myself and other contributors to the project are willing to make Altis Life better and more attractive for new players. This is plainly a community driven project that is working with official StrayaGaming developers and management of ingame divisions to implement our ideas and updates. Obviously I can’t update all the cool showcase images above so the image listed below is the most updated image of the PD being made
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    WELCOME, MEMBERS OF STRAYAGAMING! We are giving away one copy of Assassin's Creed® Origins! How to enter: To enter the giveaway, reply to this thread with the following quote: "Beware the easy path. Knowledge grows only through challenge." The draw: This giveaway will be drawn on the 04/07/20 at 8PM. If you would like to learn more about the game, visit the steam store page here. ........................................ Show your support to these giveaways by giving this post a
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    Fix market first that shit is ****ed, full of safezone warriors.
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    These look great to be honest, like lenny said i suggest a redo of the syd market; its atrocious atm and leaves little space for anything.
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    You really think devs can be bothered to do this...
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    Joozbrorg's Sergeant Expression of Interest Name: JoozBrorg Callsign: K23W Assignment: General Duties Training Completed By: JotJTX List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Killian , jeff , Benjy Why do you deserve a promotion? At first I had no idea why I would deserve a promotion, I see myself as just an average person doing what everyone else would do. But it wasn't until I asked around if people would recommend me, and some of the replies I had gotten back made me really think "Do I deserve it?" and the answer would be yes. Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to take (CO) and over that time I have learnt a thing or two about myself in terms of the role I play and the leadership needed to "get the job done". One of them many replies I had gotten back was "u work hard, ur a great leader and ur what i aspire to be" This did touch me and made me think, If at my current role I achieve this I can see the type of role-model I could be at (Sergeant) as the higher rank a person/s is the more of a role-model that person is seen to be, and people look up to them. I am also very active within the (APD) and always willing to take (CO) when and/if needed, I have relatively good skills when leading (Cops) into banks as (CO) and would like more opportunities to do so as there is more I can learn within the (APD). Who would recommend you for a promotion? [Senior Sergeant] JotJTX, [Sergeant] IAmJack, [Sergeant] Benno, [Sergeant] Sterling Archer, [Sergeant] Weaver, [Sergeant] Prophecy, [Senior Constable] FedoraTheExplora, [Constable] MINCE, [Constable] Mrmudman, [Constable] DDR, [Constable] Kristian Davis & Anyone else that may like this post.
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    Name of gang initiating war: Meffery Targeted Gang Base: 1 Date preferred for gang war: (must be minimum 5 days in advance) 2nd of the 7th 2020 Members partaking in the war: (max 15) sleze, jaydon, carti, dolby and steve jobs
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    Get some colour in there- plain white is a bit boring
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    My suggestion would be to have the checkers smaller and finish behind the headlights for aesthetics sake. Remove the 'Altis' and just have Police, not too big because it's flipped on the other side. Add the 000 bar for police, fire, emergency. Make a generic call sign for the bonnet and rear door, OR, make five skins that correspond to SYD 01 to SYD 05.
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    Have a look at NSW Police cars- and draw some inspiration from those, they look pretty sick.
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    Update: Police Car Prototype
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    Declaration of Application: - By placing this Application you are not guaranteed placement in the APD. Your Application for Full Time Enlistment into the APD may be Denied if your answers do not meet the minimum word limit, you lie in your answers, have an unsatisfactory history of Server Rule Breaches or fail to agree and acknowledge all statements and declarations in this Application. You Application may also be Denied after an Interview with a member of the Academy Staff. Other testing my be required due to preset standards and results in these could lead to your application being Denied. Cabinet withhold the right veto any application at any stage of enlistment. If you application is Denied a time frame will be placed after which you may reapply. After this reapply period has ended you may use your previous application, unless told otherwise. Acknowledgement of Declaration: Yes Basics: - Name: Barry Madden TeamSpeak Name: Barry Madden Age: 21 Hours Played as Pub Slot (minimum 15 Hours Following Induction15 Hours on Arma 3: 5000+ Steam 64 ID/Player ID: 76561198133792468 Link to Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198133792468/ Recommendation: - You must have two referrals from a Senior Constable or above. If you do not supply two referrals and they cannot be confirmed your application will be denied. (@their name) Referral One: Kristian Davis Referral Two: KDR Induction Training Completed By (Must have been completed no more than 30 days ago): 25/06/2020 Questionnaire: - Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department (100 words minimum)?: Why do I want to join the Altis Police Department? Well, I want to come back because I've had so much fun as a pub slot, I had so much fun doing all the Major Crimes and I want to come back and enjoy the good old days, I want to come back to play with some of the boys that I played with back in 2016. I also want to play cop again as that all I like to play as is a cop. I feel that my past experience from 2016 will benefit Altis Life police department now. If you are successful; where do you see yourself in 3 months in the APD (50 words minimum)?: Where do I see yourself in 3 months in the APD: well I said myself Joining the Academy division as I enjoy doing it back in 2016. I also see myself joining two detectives as that something I used to run as well back in 2016 and I like to get back into it. What do you believe you can bring to the Altis Police Department (50 words minimum)?: What do I believe that I can bring to the Altis Police Department, I can bring over 4 years of leadership skills and the ability to lead Major Crimes, I can bring combat skills Like combat tactics and stances and teach people the right way to deal with combat situations. Do you have any experience as a Police Officers from other servers?: Yes. Other than Police, what previous role play scenarios have you been a part of on Straya-Gaming?: I've been a part of hostage situation all of the Major Crimes. How much time can you dedicate to the Altis Police Department?: I can put in 3 to 5 hours on a weekday and on weekend 5 to 8 hours. Have you ever been banned, kicked or watchlisted from Altis Life at any stage? If so when and why: I been RFC from this server before I don't want to say, But if I am asked in the Interview I'll tell them why. Conclusion: - Have you read and understood the Altis Life Server Rules?: Yes Have you read and understood the Altis Police Department Protocols?: Yes By submitting this application you agree to the limitations of being a Probationary Constable that is set above: Yes Do you acknowledge that by partaking in illegal or 'Rebel' activities you do not have the right to apply for Police Divisions within the APD such as S.R.T, Criminal Investigations Unit or be promoted past Senior Sergeant: Yes
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    // PENDING REFERRALS @Jot @Kristian Davis Please confirm your referral(s) for; @ForgedLyze By liking this post. ? Head Of Enlistment - Deadpool
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    Senior Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not entitled to the rank Senior Sergeant it and can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your EOI, if you do it will be denied. Name: Miller. Callsign: S13E Assignment: Criminal Investigation Unit Training Completed By: [S08M] James Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min): I believe that I deserve and have filled the requirements for the rank of Senior Sergeant because I've CO bank robberies and CIU operations multiple times. I help fellow Officers in adding Charges to the wanted list but mainly because I am active and very dedicated to the APD and CIU. Do you have any gang affiliations?: No I am not a part of any Gang because I only play cop. #COPLIFE Are you willing to accept the roles and responsibilities of a Full Time Officer? (Y/N): Y Who would recommend you for a promotion?: Yes
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    We're altis police not sg police. Personally think the suv skins look fine as is.
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    now it looks like the rest of the map, perfect.
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    // PENDING REFERRALS @DDR @Kristian Davis Please confirm your referral(s) for; @Barry Madden By liking this post. ? Head Of Enlistment - Deadpool
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    Name: antho Call-Sign: K07W Assignment: Academy & Detectives Training Completed By: James List all Recruit Inductions you have done: Onix, Attilio, Mef Ead Tato, Lewis, Samuel , Arkenshaw, Python, Sieg Yoza, Phukkin Yoza, Aussie, Metallic, xTaZeDxBrOx, pinga slinga, Simon Why do I deserve a promotion? I believe that I deserve a promotion to Sergeant because I believe that I have a good amount of experience as CO and as a role model to the APD. I have become experienced in training individuals through my experience as an Academy Officer and I have also spent a great deal of time doing work as a detective. I believe that I am at a state where I can help lead and lead the APD forces to become the force we should be recognized as. Who would recommend you for a promotion? @deadpool21, @iamjack, @Aaron Smith, @Benno, @James.05, @Ashes, @Jot, @Sir_Nuggy, @Jarrod002, @Miller., Anyone else who likes this application
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    Regular Player Name (Which you are most known for): Felix Mango ArmA 3 UID/Steam64ID: 76561198987421270 Why should you be unbanned before the seven days: because i just wanted to help out the brothers Why should the community trust this apology, given that you were lying and/or being deceptive when being questioned (Only applicable if you were lying/being deceptive - I will tell you if this was the case): I get that duping 400 million wasnt the smartest of decisions however Unix and myself did a lot of charity work with the money, giving money to new players and just all around good people on the server etc... i now know that it wasnt worth it in the end bc we did kinda ruin the economy but there where good intentions of why we did it.
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    Hi, Having been absent from the life server for a few years (been playing I&A), forgetting how most of the "life" key functions work, seeing heaps of side chat Q's from new players (can send them here now), not being able to find anything in one place (other than this thread by Yuri from a couple of years back) I thought I might help out by putting most of the simple stuff to start out as a new player into one post/thread, rather than lots of Q&A's scattered all over the place. As said I’ve only just got on again, still picking things up, info may not be complete/correct, but hopefully others will post below with anything I’ve missed, got incorrect, which I’ll do my best (with time) to update this post. Firstly- If your totally new to Arma and skipped the Arma virtual tutorial (like many do) I suggest you go back and do it to learn the basic keyboard functions/controls, otherwise your going to be in for a world of pain/frustration, no idea what to do other than move around, likely asking stupid questions on side chat (frustrating others), if you can work out how to use that. Starting out Server Rules - Are here Team Speak Server Address (For Help Desk Support etc) - ts.straya.life If not by now aware, pretty much what the game is all about, is making Money and lots of it, on your own or via teamwork with others, via Role Play (RP), whether making it legally through different means, including wages, or as many prefer, illegally. You start out with some money in your bank account, plus get a regular auto (dole) payment, but it won’t go very far… So what are your easier choices to make $’s, while learning the basic key functions, so you can buy better stuff? OK, I've selected the server (hopefully without any mods) what's next? You'll see all these names on the right side of the screen, that’s everyone on the server atm, on the left side names taking up slots, (don't select one yet) and some vacant slots for selection. To the left of that you’ll see a blue box with “BLUFOR” (for Police/Cops to join the server), a green box with Independent (for Medics to join the server), and to make it easy lets call it a pink box for “Civilian” (General Players, like you for now, to join the server). For now click on the Pink “Civilian” box, find a vacant slot (not taken up by another name) mouse click on it, down the bottom right of screen click OK. The required sever file will now download onto your PC, after load-up you'll be presented with a console screen which has a selection of spawn locations, for now all you'll see is, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. But which one to choose? I guess being first on the list, like most you’d be tempted to simply select Sydney, However... Sydney - it’s 1st on the list so the most populated area on the map, with the largest safe zones (supposed to not get robbed/killed in one) however like any populated city you have lots of good and bad, but the bad usually makes it unbearable for most new players simply wanting to learn how the game works before getting into the fun stuff, hard if you keep getting harassed by dickheads. If your one, please stay there, have fun. If you select Sydney you’ll likely find yourself spawning into a building somewhere, can hear lots of gun fire, sirens, perhaps explosions, and possibly have no idea where you are, which way to go, what to do etc…. Melbourne - is where the more experienced players tend to spawn, trying to stay away from the newbies and dickheads (they eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner & light snacks in-between), usually not interested in being a cop, likely more into illegal activities, rarely want anything to do with new/inexperienced players, unless they know them, a friend etc, if your not one, prob prepare to be robbed &/or killed, hard to comply with their demands if you don’t know what function key to press yet. Brisbane - most of the time, for now, tends to be the quietest less populated area, but you still need to be wary/cautious. From the above spawning options, if you simply want to log-in, learn the game basics before deciding what your next move will be, Brisbane would be my choice for now. OK? I’m in a building somewhere, now what do I do? For now, your pretty safe, standing there in your underwear (cute), you have nothing on you anyone wants (sorry), if you've actually spawned at Brisbane, your in a city with likely no one other than perhaps a few other newbies like yourself, perhaps the odd vehicle or chopper passing by. However there could also be a dickhead around, so for now move yourself to a spot not exposed to street view. At the bottom of the screen it shows how many civs, cops & medics are on the server, how much cash you have on you, how much is in your bank account, your heath, how full your stomach is with water and food etc. Press "M", this will open the Map, look around, lots to see and do, but what you choose to do can either be easy with low income, or very risky for high income. While here click on the writing to the top left, this will show you miscellaneous server control functions, plus the server rules which you should read if you want to be a good player, rather than a dickhead. However, many don’t read them until they get into trouble, or banned from the server, so I’ll continue… Press the "I" key (inventory), this shows part of what you have on you, at the moment its nothing. Press the "Y" key, this is also part of what you have on you, but also has many other functions, most you'll learn along the way, but for now click on "Market" This obviously shows the current market for items, have a browse, see what gets good & crap coin. Before moving on, Firstly, there’s one vital setting we’ll sort out that many have trouble with, the “Use” key function, which is supposed to work with the left Windows key, but doesn't for many, including myself. USE key Function Fix The Use key interacts with certain things on the server, picks fruit, uses a pick for mining, collects items you’ll come across, perhaps when nothing else works, try it. To make sure it works, press Esc, click on “Configure” click on “Controls” select “Custom Controls” from drop down list, click on “Use Action 1” press the ~ key (to the left of the 1 key on most keyboards) nothing else should be in this action selection, click OK, now do the same for “Use Action 10”. This should resolve any issues with the “Use” function key, which we’ll get into later. So back to, Where am I and What do I do? To get you used to the basic function controls, we'll start out with something easy first, won't make a huge amount, but wont cost you much to kit up either, if you stuff up and die, no big loss. Everything is close to where you are right now, the fruit fields and the place that buys it off you. All you need is some clothing (optional), a backpack, basic supplies, and assuming you don’t want to walk, a drivers license and cheap vehicle. Open the Map again, use your mouse to find your location on the map (says “YOU” with an arrow), use scroll to zoom in/out. Find the “Market” in the town your in, then locate the nearest ATM to it. Hold down the left Shift Key and with your left mouse button click on the ATM, this should place a small round black target, called a “way point”. Press M again (or Esc) to close the map, look around and you should see in white writing a dot with numbers showing the distance and direction to the way point. Go to the ATM, if you want to run hold down Shift+W, when you get there look at the ATM and press space, or mouse scroll. Type in the amount you want to Withdraw (it also allows Deposits, and transfers to other players), lets say 30k for now. Now go to the “Market”, you’ll find a room with signs, move ~1mtr from them and you’ll see what they offer, look at the clothing one until some further writing pops up (you may have to move around, some can be a bit buggy), select to open it by either pressing the space bar or scroll mouse. Select the outfit you want and a backpack, quality, style, size etc is not really an issue yet, so save your $’s, you maybe dead in 5min and will have to re-kit/spend again. The other signs offer food, water, utilities etc, as you play you’ll learn what you do & don’t need etc. For this we’ll start with the basics; 1 x water 1 x bacon 1 x GPS 1 x Night Vision Goggles (NV’s, you’ll need them if it gets dark) 1 x Drivers License 2 x Tool Kits and 2 x First Aids (in-case you have a crash or two, likely). If its dark, press “N” to turn on/off the NV’s. Now go to the vehicle garage, each vehicle has different storage capacity, price etc, for now just buy a Quad bike. Go outside and you should see it waiting for you. Important – after all your purchases you now prob still have cash on you, keep it and risk having it robbed from you, or go to ATM now and deposit it. Go up to Quad, press the “U” key to unlock it, also locks it. Press space or scroll to get on, if you find yourself on the rear seat, scroll and select drivers seat. Open map, mark a way point on fruit field you want to pick (apples or pears, which ones worth more on the market atm?), close map, press “W” to go forward etc, head to way point, Shift+W for turbo. Oh shit I crashed and I’m dead? If a medic is nearby atm request (prob none near Brisbane) or wait for re-spawn timer and start over. I’m still alive but the Quads damaged? Use a first aid kit on yourself, toolkit on the Quad (“~”) then when able (after fruit run) go to a hospital for 100% heal (scroll medkit on counter). I’ve got some guy/s chasing me telling me to pull over and get off the Quad? It’s Role Play (RP). Personal choice, try & out run them (they likely have guns tho), prob crash the quad and they get you anyway, or, do as instructed or likely die, lose ALL your stuff anyway, have to respawn, spend more $'s to kit up again.. In the end, right now, you have no value on you their interested in, however if their dickheads picking on newbies they could take your Quad to the chop shop (little value), leave you stranded without food & water etc, with which you may as well press Esc and re-spawn. You can report this to admin, via Team Speak, but the outcome is rarely worth the effort, and the dickheads know it. If you wish to comply; Do as instructed/demanded. Stop & get out of your vehicle = pretty simple. Drop your weapon (assuming you have one, it will be in your hand when you get out ("Shift+H" for holster), unless its in your backpack) = press "I" (Inventory) select gun with mouse, drag left to ground. Put your hands on your head = press "Tab" Lay down on the ground = press "Z" Anyway... you made it to the Fruit Field, go up to a fruit tree (you won’t see any hanging off it), kinda look at the ground, press the Use Key (~, which we setup earlier) keep doing it until you get a message (top right) that says you can’t carry anymore, go to the Quad, press “T” (for trunk), transfer fruit from yourself to the Quad trunk, go pick more fruit until both you and the Quad can’t carry anymore (why a big pack pack helps). Now look at the map, find buyer, add way point, head there and sell it. Now you have cash on you again…what to do? Head for the closest ATM maybe... Providing all's gone well, you've now completed your first legal income, whilst surprisingly also earning the dole (like Aus no wonder the countries finances are fk'd :P). You now have more money in the bank than you started with, if you like can store your Quad in the garage and buy a bigger vehicle, pick some more fruit, &/or do one of the following; Other “somewhat” simple legal options for income, with higher risk; Fishing Fish – requires a boat license from the market, purchase a boat at marina (un/lock like vehicle). Mark way point at fishing ground, head out, scroll for fishing net (boat must be stationary), sell at fish market. Turtles – Whilst classed "illegal fishing", and somewhat risky to kit up, it’s good income; As well as the boat (unless swimming offshore) you’ll also need a dive suit, respirator & goggles from the dive shop, and a gun (SDAR) which you can get from the contractors arsenal (can be risky to get in/out of there alive) which is near the main Airport/Melbourne, or perhaps find one on Gumtree (in the game), or via black the market. Dive in, spot a turtle, shoot it, go up to it, collect it, keep storing in boat, sell at fish market. Iron & Copper - requires a mining license from the market, and a processor license which you purchase from the processor, which means you have to risk carrying cash to it. Go to the Iron or Copper mine, press use key, load up, go to processor, buy license, process, take it to buyer, sell, head to ATM. Oil – purchase 1 x oil barrel from market, head out to Oil Platform in Boat, or Chopper, get up on platform, stand near yellow creates, look at concrete floor (it doesn't come out of pipes), use key like other mining/picking, load up, take it to Oil processor, buy license (need to take cash for it), process, take to Oil buyer, sell, head to ATM. There are other types of mining on the map, but there either shit income for effort (salt, concrete, timber etc) or it seems there not available/working, like Diamonds (unless I’m missing something?). Warning – Even with a weapon/s, working alone, or with one or two other newbies, leaves you vulnerable. Bandits can hang-out around the buyer locations, hidden, or see you on the way to an ATM, let you do all the work, move in and demand your cash earnings, and whatever else they desire, before you get a chance to bank it. Apart from that - there’s also the illegal activities like hold-ups, chop shop, drugs etc, etc, which you’ll get the hang of as you go along, difficult without a confident group to work with, with good leadership. In the end it all depends what your interests are, you may find you want to be a Cop or Medic, both pay wages, cheaper equipment costs (+ a few bonuses), lower outgoings, hang out with a group doing the same thing, but have to go through a training/supervision process. Anyhow.. trust that helps. Good Luck and Enjoy!
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    Invade & Annex Jet/CAS/Artillery ROE Thanks to @decibel_spl for the original post - https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/8322-roe-of-cas-and-artillery-updated/ These rules may be changed at any time without warning. If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to private message a staff member. Failure to comply with the following rules may result in administrative action without warning. This can range from destruction of your jet/artillery to blacklisting from CAS or Pilot. Classification CAS: Close Air Support - CAS consists of any armed UAV, fixed-wing or rotor-propelled aircraft - this does not include miniguns on Ghost Hawks and other transport helicopters. Fire Support: Fire support consists of all fixed position or mobile artillery/mortars. Smoke shells included. Rules of Engagement 1. CAS and Fire Support CANNOT engage ground targets (boats included) without tasking by ground forces (infantry near the target). The UAV operator can designate targets and request support, but can only do so if other infantry are in/near the target area and actively working on completing the objective. The UAV operator cannot independently request fire support on Side Mission targets, unless requested to do so by infantry on the ground attempting the Side Mission. A valid tasking/call-in is as follows: A friendly infantryman typing a request into Side Channel, stating a specific position and/or target. Support requests made by other Pilots are not valid. The player requesting support AND the Pilot or Fire Support gunner must ensure, to the best of their ability, that no friendlies are in the target area. 2. The ONLY targets which can be engaged at free will are as follows: Enemy attack aircraft - Attack helicopters and enemy jets. Enemy ground vehicles which are outside of the AO/Side Mission area that pose a risk to other friendly aircraft, i.e. 2km+ outside of the objective area. During a HQ Defence, enemies outside a 100m radius of HQ, but not those associated with a Side Mission or other objective. 3. Targets that CANNOT be engaged under any circumstances are: The HQ. The Radio Tower. General 1. Do not fly near objectives unless necessary to complete a specific mission. This puts the enemy on alert and, for some Side Missions, triggers a timer. 2. Do not ram or attempt to ram into targets, objectives or aircraft. 3. Do not interfere with Zeus missions/objectives/targets under any circumstance unless specifically requested. If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on TeamSpeak.
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    Invade & Annex Server Rules These rules may be changed at any time without warning. If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to private message a staff member @Fitz @Rogmantosh @-simon @shift597 @Richard @OrionSync @BigRed @Knoah These rules are subject to the discretion of our staff. General 1. Hacking and mission exploitation will not be tolerated. 2. Advertising of other communities will not be tolerated. 3. Intentional teamkilling/team-damaging will not be tolerated. 4. Excessive, unintentional teamkilling may result in a kick/temp ban. 5. Unnecessary destruction of BLUFOR vehicles will not be tolerated. 6. Abuse and bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. (This includes telling a pilot they suck) 7. Firing a weapon on base--unless at an enemy--may result in a kick/temp ban. 8. Artillery/mortar/CAS use must follow the Rules of Engagement (ROE) at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/ 9. Griefing and obstructive play will not be tolerated. This includes stealing another player's vehicle or equipment. 10. This is a co-op server. Exclusive play, such as teamkilling another group at Side missions or calling it for your own group, will not be tolerated. 11. Where applicable, you should try your best to perform the duties of your chosen class - medics are expected to revive and treat incapacitated/injured players, engineers are expected to repair vehicles, etc. Failure to do so can result in removal from the role. 12. A staff member's decision is final. If you disagree with a decision or believe it was made in error, please do not abuse our staff members, instead submit a ban appeal. 13. If you encounter any issues or see someone breaking the rules, do not take matters into your own hands. Instead, jump into our TeamSpeak issues channel (ts.straya.life), submit a support ticket, or ask for assistance on our Discord - one of our staff will resolve your issue as soon as possible. Communications Voice and text chat 1. Spamming comms will not be tolerated. 2. Arguing on comms will not be tolerated. 3. Shouting/screaming/ear-rape/soundboarding on comms will not be tolerated. 4. Excessive conversation irrelevant to the game in the TeamSpeak Pilots channel will result in a kick or temp ban. 5. Music is allowed in vehicle/direct chat but must be turned off if requested. Aviation Pilots have their own specialised roles, therefore they come with additional responsibilities. If you have any issues with a pilot, please report the player to a staff member. Pilots should ensure that they are not flying over or near Side Missions that can trigger a timer or cause the enemy to change to an alert state. Please note that pilots are not obligated to follow instructions from a person playing as ATC, it is up to each pilot if they wish to comply or not. If we determine your piloting skills to be incredibly subpar or disruptive to other players (including in TeamSpeak), you may be blacklisted from the role. 1. All pilots and the UAV operator MUST be on our TeamSpeak server--in the correct channel--and communicative. Your microphone can be muted but your speakers must be unmuted at all times. Exception if TS is down or full. 2. You MUST be a pilot to fly an aircraft. If you are a non-pilot and there are less than 20 players on the server, then you may fly a helicopter in co-pilot. If there are over 20 players: Non-pilots may fly a Hummingbird to and from Side mission only. Pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird located northeast of base (at 'Side' base). Non-pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird(s) at main spawn. 3. Please respect the TeamSpeak pilot queue by checking the ‘Waiting for pilot slot’ or ‘Waiting for Fighter Pilot’ channel. If you jump the queue, you will be removed from the slot. If someone has jumped the queue in front of you, inform a staff member. If a pilot's game crashes, it is up to the next pilot in the queue whether they take the slot or wait for the previous pilot to return. 4. At server restart, the pilot slots are first in, first served. Your position in the queue is irrelevant. If you are waiting in the queue near restart time, try your best to get a slot at restart or continue waiting. In the event of a server crash or unscheduled restart, pilots retain their slots where possible. 5. CAS pilots and UAV operators must follow the ROE at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/ 6. Only 1 pilot is allowed per aircraft. Exception is if a pilot has requested evac. 7. Transport pilots must land their aircraft on one of the marked pads on the apron at main spawn. If all pads are occupied, find a suitable place to land nearby, such as the grassed area behind the pads. Pilots must give priority to all aircraft needing the Medevac pad. It shall remain clear unless all other marked pads are occupied, or if needed for a priority tasking. 8. Pilots must not play as infantry while in a pilot slot. You can wait a maximum of 5 minutes for repairs/evac. 9. You must be able to fly AND LAND any aircraft with reasonable competence. If you do not have experience in any aircraft, you may be asked to leave the role. 10. This is a public server. Helicopters are not private/reserved transport. A pilot’s primary role is to provide timely and indiscriminate transport to and from objectives for all players. 11. If you are an inexperienced pilot, please consider the time and enjoyment of others. The editor is there for a reason. If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on TeamSpeak.