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    Player of the Week 22/11/2020 Your Player Of The Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Aussie_Cowboy - Congratulations! A great medic with a solid reputation of making every point in getting to you, handy with a gun in a defence and constantly on the move not only engaging the enemy, but unleashing a torrent of lead onto them, whilst still having a great bedside manner to get you back on your feet in the even you cop a bullet or a GBU when least expecting it. Great effort in the defends. On behalf of myself and all the Straya Gaming staff, it is my absolute pleasure to award Aussie_cowboy with Player of the Week! Honourable Mentions: Roki - Another front-line player who is always amongst it, good to have on your side working a little at a time to move forward into enemy territory. Very handy with a gun and always supportive of other players, polite and leads by example. Well done Roki. PrimeCrayfish - plays as a frontline line rifleman and HAT, useful to have around and always seems to get himself face to face with armour, successful on some, sometimes not, but his resistance and resilience to engage and keep going forward into the frontline is inspiring. Well played Prime Crayfish. @KrytoRarman - A medic and one of those you can rely on to get to you when you need some patching up. Goes to the effort of revving regardless of distance. Always around and if you happen to be in the healing zone, he will be the one that will attempt to get you up. Also partial to gold, sometimes the changing noise of his gold tooth necklace is a tell tail sign his close by. Good all-round effort, handy with a gun and another good example of a player who enjoys the game and plays well and more importantly does the role proud.
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    Good Evening Wastelanders! We're proud to announce the release of Wasteland Malden this weekend! From early Saturday morning we will be changing from our beloved Stratis to Malden. A majority of the content will remain the same, with small edits made to accommodate the map change. Please let us know of your feedback here or in Discord. Regards, The Wasteland Team
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    Running around today being medic and I find a wild Ratso jamming out to some music whilst murdering multiple CSAT Troops
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    Nah man, server not dead, it'd get an update in a few years or so
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    Oooh yeah, started with Krishna music then ramped up the 1960's best hits
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    Server is deader than Hitler
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     IP: rust2.straya.life:28015 Server Wipe: 24/09/2020 @ 4PM AEST Weekly Wipe/Bi-Weekly Blueprint Wipe Solo/Duo/Trio 2x Gather Quick Smelt Quick Crafting Default Level 1 Blueprints Unlocked Additional Quality Of Life Modifications
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    I have a few suggestions to improve the game after coming back after a while and experiencing some wonkiness. 1. Base Defence Improvements In its current implementation, the base AA defence is so ineffective at taking out jets who brazenly fly over base it might as well shoot fireworks. Ages ago, the base defence used to consist of Cheetah's who could easily kill jets with their radar guided guns and titan AA missiles. I suggest restoring it back to its previous state. 2. Jet Selection This system is very buggy and poor, it makes me want to never touch jets ever again. Firstly just addressing the transport leaderboards, you don't have to incentivise people to fly transport, consistently when I hop on transport pilot slots are filled so why have the arbitrary limiter on jet quality tied to transport points. Second, the system is extremely bugged, even when requesting specific roles, consistently you get Wipeouts when requesting AA jets, and Buzzards, so many Buzzards. Lastly, why even have the buzzard present? It is simply a jet that does not excel at anything, it can't perform as a AA jet because the loadout doesn't favour air to air combat and most air supremacy jets can easily out pace it, and its role as a CAS jet leaves a lot to be desired with limited bomb load or manoeuvrability, even as a "multi-role" it fails in comparison to the black wasp. I suggest one of two things to occur, either you keep the current system (probably easier to do) but you remove the buzzard from the loadout or you remove the current system entirely and let players select which jet to pick. Ironside players don't have to earn medic points so that they get a semi-decent tank, they just choose the tank. Many beautiful staff members like Ratso are offering to spawn jets that are not shit, but maybe instead of adding another bit of work to your staff, instead fix the system so that they have one less thing to worry about. 3. Infinite Ammo I understand the balance argument that is at place here, having Tigris' run out of ammo would make the game trivial, but certain things in this game should not be given infinite ammo. My list is as follows: - Hostile Jets: Having jets with infinite ammo means they can infinitely spam you with AA missiles while using infinite flares to defeat most missiles. Jets are temporary, they come back frequently, don't make them hell to defeat. They are so past the point of annoyance that not even base defence can defeat a Gryphon. - Hostile AT Infantry: I have experience first hand this issue, enemy infantry squads seems to have infinite rockets which really gets me. I'm outside the AO riding in my bobcat where a single Recon squad fires, not 1, not 4, not 6 but 8 rockets at my vehicle. It's just getting stupid. Hopefully this advice can change this server for the better.
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    Hey guys just wanted to know if we have finally admitted the server has died officially and we cant save it? Also I had a lot of good times on Atlis life from killing cops, stealing kidneys and having my way with people in a church. I will always miss those moments and its sad to see it go, can we get a RIP in the chat.