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    Player of the Week 4/7/2021 Your Player of the Week chosen by the I&A staff team is Kay Congratulations Kay Kay– Between Kay and his friend Crazy they have made a definitive change to the playing field with their dedication to the role as a medic. Both players taking their roles seriously and making a difference. This week due to his diligence and dedication has earned the position as the POTW. Well done Kay and keep those bandages and free meds coming. Honourable Mentions: Crazy – Super medic last week’s POTW and now this week has managed to pull off more than 1500 revives not to mention the minor bandaids applied. What an awesome achievement and one that players have gained considerable faith in knowing if you’re in the frontline as a medic, their potential to get back into the fight is a definitive reality. Absolute top effort. @.Synth. – Along with Kay and Crazy, seem to compete and race each other towards the in-capped to get the revive. Nothing like healthy competition especially when you are pretty guaranteed that one of these fine medics is trying to get you back on your feet without having to endure another unnecessary heli ride and the potential of being a target for the CSAT AA. Well and truly noted Synth. @Sinerbuzz – A player who has been away and has come back. Polite helps other players out and his forte being a pilot and loves his Mohawk. Has clocked up over 750 transport points this week which effectively translates to 750 odd successful combat deliveries. Nice job A superb week for our players and the medics have really stood out and made a massive impression and a difference with their dedication to the role and their efforts. Again congratulations to the Player of the Week and those receiving an Honourable Mention.