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    StrayaGaming - Altis Life Rules All rule breaks are up to the server staff's discretion. What a moderator/administrator says is final. Recently changed rules are in yellow. 1 - General Rules 1.1 Use common sense when playing and reading the rules. 1.2 Any form of hacking, exploiting or cheating is prohibited. 1.3 Any form of racism or derogatory comments will not be tolerated. 1.4 Any use of macros are not allowed when on the server. 1.5 City limits are defined as anywhere inside of the Purple Ring around Sydney. 2 - Fail Role-Play (Fail RP) 2.1 You must at all times, stay within the narrative of your roleplay character. 2.2 Aborting the server while in restraints, roleplay, combat or while incapacitated/downed will be considered ‘Combat Logging’ (you must wait the timer out and respawn before, leaving the server). 2.2.1 You may however, quit the server if you were the cause of your own death and not in an active declaration (crashing your helicopter, falling off a building) 2.3 Any form of evading role-play such as killing yourself, being team killed to evade or breaking character will be seen as Fail RP 2.4 Storing or impounding a vehicle during an active declaration will be seen as Fail RP. 2.4.1 This also includes storing money, items and other amenities during an active declaration. 2.5 Any strategy, method or actions that are obtained by out of game means will be seen as meta-gaming. 2.6 Any actions that are done with the intention of interrupting or interfering with role-play or the actions of other people is trolling and fail role-play. 2.6.1 Don’t be a dick. (Don't do anything which could be seen as purposely annoying or interfering with the Roleplay of others. Things like baiting police, destroying vehicles and targeting certain people). 2.7 Civilians may not enter city limits with / or use any of the following ; concealing clothing (balaclavas, face masks), assault weapons (anything that cannot be purchased from the red civ gun store), explosives, armoured apparel and vehicles (clothing/vehicles with an armour rating) 2.7.1 Civilians that enter city limits with any of the above mentioned items may be met with undeclared lethal force from the Police within city limits. 2.7.2 Weapons / Gear picked up from dead bodies that are considered assault weapons (including police weapons) may only be used within that declaration, once declaration is over you must get rid of the gear or leave city limits. 2.7.3 Anyone in Qilins, Prowlers, Armed Land Vehicles, Armed Hellcats, Armed Orcas and Pawnees may not enter city limits. 2.8 Any hostile action direct towards medics will be seen as Fail RP. 2.8.1 Stealing a medic vehicle will be seen as Fail RP. 3 - New Life Rule (NLR) Classifications: Dead / Died / Killed / Death means you have been incapacitated and then respawned. Incapacitated / Downed means you have been shot, crashed, etc and have the option to be revived by an adrenaline shot, request a medic or wait out the respawn timer. 3.1 All information / knowledge / memories gained prior to respawning is lost unless revived by a medic or via an adrenaline shot. 3.1.1 The exception to this is owned houses and server marked map locations. 3.2 You cannot return to the situation which caused your death. 3.2.1 Even if the situation has ended, you are not allowed to go back to retrieve weapons, gear or vehicles. 3.3 If revived by a medic, you cannot attempt to kill anyone involved in the situation leading to your incapacitation until the situation is complete 3.4 You can still be restrained by civilians or detained by police after being revived so long as the opposing party member has not themselves, been revived or respawned. 4 - Value Life Rule (VLR) 4.1 Putting yourself in situations where the risk of death far outweighs the odds of surviving is considered to not be valuing your life. 4.1.1 Failing to comply with the demands of a hostile threat where your life is at risk will be considered to not be valuing your life. 5 - Declarations 5.1 All declarations must be done via email or direct communication, this includes voice. 5.1.1 Enough time (30 seconds) must be given to acknowledge a declaration must be given. 5.1.2 An acknowledgement must be a noticeable change in behaviour. 5.1.3 Direct communications cannot be used to declare on any vehicle. 5.2 All declarations must include the following: 5.2.1 An action for the person being declared on e.g. Hands on your head! 5.2.2 A consequence for failing to comply e.g. Or you will be shot! 5.3 A declaration ends when all ingame/online members of an opposing faction are incapacitated or 10 minutes after all hostile actions have ceased. 5.3.1 Upon death/incapacitation your individual declaration with the opposing party will no longer be valid. 5.3.2 5.3.1 is void if you are revived using an adrenaline shot 5.4 A declaration on one member of a gang/faction is a declaration on all members wearing the same gang tag/faction map wide. Note: Please see the linked announcement regarding the interpretation of the use of Gang Tags in Combat 5.5 Declarations on Police must be done by either direct communication (this includes voice) or by text to Police dispatch. 5.5.1 Declarations via Police dispatch must state a name and a vehicle (if applicable). 5.5.2 If a name is not applicable, a location must be used instead. 5.6 Registered civilian contractors must declare via text message before participating in an active contract involving a robbery 5.7 If the player has acknowledged your declaration and complied with your demands, you may not engage and must continue roleplay. (If you decide to kill them while they're complying, this will be seen as Fail RP). 5.7.1 Hostages may only be killed should negotiators fail in complying with reasonable demands 5.8 If you are outside city limits you cannot declare on any players that are within city limits. 5.8.1 If a player flees into city limits during a declaration you may follow them and continue the engagement. 5.8.2 If you follow a player in during declaration using rebel gear, you may not start a new declaration until you leave city limits. 5.8.3 After concluding a situation pursuing a player into city limits in rebel gear, you must immediately make all attempts to leave city limits. 5.8.4 If a declaration is initiated by a player inside city limits where both parties are inside city limits, rebel gear may not be brought into city limits. 5.9 The robbing of a house does NOT form a declaration between the robber and owner. 5.10 All civilian groups are to wear the gang tag associated with their group. (Example: [123] YOURNAME) Note: Please see the linked announcement regarding the interpretation of the use of Gang Tags in Combat 5.11 You must declare on a person before you can restrain or knock them out. An acknowledgement must be received before you can restrain or knock them out. 5.11.1 Police are exempt from this rule when restraining to check licenses or ticketing. 5.11.2 Police may use tasers or knockdowns without a declaration against players who trespass within Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane PDs. This does not start a declaration between the player / player’s gang and the Police. 5.12 Anyone in an air vehicle within a “No fly Zone” can be met by undeclared force by police. 5.13 Any damage or deaths that occur from crossfire will not be considered a form of declaration. 5.14 Any combat taking place in a KOS zone is exempt from the above rules. Should a party leave KOS whilst in Active Combat, a declaration is formed between both parties 5.15 Anyone inside of the red border around gang bases will be met subject to KOS from the whitelisted gangbase members. 6 - Random Death Match (RDM) 6.1 Killing any player without a valid declaration (see declaration rules) will be seen as RDM. 6.2 The killing of EMS will be seen as RDM, however excludes EMS in KOS zones. 6.3 If you are caught in the crossfire of an active declaration, this is not RDM. 7 - Vehicle Death Match (VDM) 7.1 The usage of vehicles to cause harm, damage or gain an unfair advantage will be considered VDM. 7.2 Running someone over with the intent to evade/flee is not seen as VDM. 7.3 Players who become ragdolled will gain immunity for a short period of time, until the rag doll animation is over and they have been allowed to remount a vehicle or re-engage in a combat situation. 7.3.1 Immunity period only applies when the rag doll was caused by the opposition not teammates. 7.4 Armoured VS Armoured is permitted 7.4.1 Armoured Vehicles consist of the Strider, Ifrit and Hunter 7.5 Ground vs. Air Ramming is prohibited. 7.6 Unarmored vehicles can not be used to ram other vehicles. 8 - Safe Zones 8.1 There is to be no hostile acts within a safe zone. 8.2 When in an active declaration you can not flee to a safe zone. Police can arrest people from within safezones. 8.2.1 Police v Rebel declarations are called off when all members of either party reaches their safe zone (Police Stations or Rebel outposts). 8.2 is void in this situation. Cartels and civilian contractors must also return to the Rebel Outpost over their set outposts. 8.2.2 If a single member of either party returns to the safezone, the declaration is still valid 8.2.3 All above rules (8.2.1 and 8.2.2) do not apply for when a robbery is being conducted. Any players that are part of either the gang or police force and are present at the bank within the declaration area of a 2km radius will be considered active in the declaration. Anybody seen withdrawing to a safezone will not be permitted to return and is calling off their individual declaration. 8.2.4 Police may return to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney PDs during a bank only for the purpose of escalation and will not call off their declaration in doing this. Only in this case are they exempt from rule 8.2.3. 8.2.5 Police are exempt from rule 8.2 if they are bringing the individual back to a Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane police safe zones for processing purposes. They may not re-join any active situations once processing has begun. 8.3 You can not steal any items/vehicles from a safe zone. 8.4 You are not to airlift a vehicle from within the city limits. 8.4.1 The only exception to this is vehicles you own or have keys to and can only be lifted from the air garage. 9 - Robberies Robberies - Gas Station robberies, Major robberies and Vault raids 9.1 You must declare on the Police when robbing any of the gas stations however, major robberies and vault raids are KOS on all cops involved within 2km. (Please see Section 11 - Vault Raids for more information on Vault Raids) 9.2 Touching off any robbery and running away for the benefit of baiting cops or annoying other players will be seen as Fail RP. 9.3 Gangs performing any robbery must do it for the robbery itself and must roleplay an escape once the robbery is over. They can’t wait around for the pleasure of killing Police officers. This will be seen as Fail RP 9.4 If you leave the server whilst spawned in or die for any reason during a robbery situation, you cannot return and engage in the situation. (This includes aborting to lobby or being kicked). 9.5 During scheduled server events (events with prior notice given more than 24 hours ago), no player may conduct any major robberies or vault raids. 9.5.1 Players, regardless of faction, may not rob or raid houses during these events. 10 - Major Robberies Major Robberies: Westpac Bank, AGL Office, Research and Development Facility, Federal Reserve. 10.1 All Major Robberies have a minimum requirement of Police online before the robbery can be commenced 10.1.1 Ten Police officers must be online to rob the AGL Office 10.1.2 Ten Police officers must be online to rob the Westpac Bank 10.1.3 Twelve Police officers must be online to rob the Research and Development Facility 10.1.4 Twelve Police officers must be online to rob the Federal Reserve 10.2 When a major robbery is hit off, all declarations that include the Police are called off 10.2.1 This rule is only applicable within a 2km radius of the major robbery area. 10.3 Declarations for all Major Robberies are only within the immediate area of the robbery. Any hostile actions to either the robbers or the Police responding to the robbery by an unrelated gang/third party will be considered RDM within 2km of the active robbery. Two gangs (Rebel/Cartel/Civilian) cannot commit to a single major robbery at the same time. 10.4 All Major Robberies have cooldowns before they can be robbed. 10.4.1 The cooldown between different major robberies is two hours, the cooldown starts at the beginning of the robbery. This can be checked by using the bot on the Strayagaming Discord or the Gangs Discord 10.4.2 AGL Solar Office and the Westpac Banks have a cooldown time of two hours. 10.4.3 Research & Development Facility and the Federal Reserve has a cooldown time of three hours 10.5 You may not randomly join in a major robbery or sneak around unarmed and act as a bystander then pull out a gun and assist. This is known as Third Partying. 10.5.1 Registered Contractor Gangs with an active contract approved by Senior Staff may assist in conducting a Major Robbery or assisting Police in retaking 10.6 After the detonation of the Federal Reserve vault, neither party (rebel or Police) may have any additional people join in to the active robbery. 11 - Vault Raids Vault Raids: Abandoned Bank, Abandoned Factory, Military Compound, Altis Shipping Yard, 9 Lives Headquarters 11.1 Eight Police Officers must be online before a Vault Raid may be commence 11.2 A 1km KOS Area is established around the Vault Raid when it is started. If any party enters this KOS Area during the Vault Raid, they are placed in a declaration with all parties involved. 11.3 Vault Raids have cooldowns before another one may be attempted. These are not affected by Major Robberies 11.3.1 The Cooldown between any Vault Raid being attempted is one hour. Only one Vault raid may be attempted “per hour” 11.4 Any Party may join in and attempt to take the prize for themselves 12 - Hostage Rules 12.1 A message should be sent to the Police requesting a negotiator for the hostage(s) prior to the start of the robbery 12.2 If you kidnap a player with less than six Police online, you cannot initiate a hostage roleplay scenario with the Police. 12.3 All negotiations must be done face to face in game and any money must be done on site NO wire transfers. 12.4 A declaration is formed with the Police & Hostage Taker(s) when negotiations are called off by either party face to face. The Police must wait 30 seconds or receive acknowledgement of negotiations being called off before any hostile action is taken. 12.5 Do not use a hostage that is playing with you. This will be known as fail role play. 12.6 The negotiator of any hostage situation can not be taken hostage. 12.7 There can only be one hostage situation declared with the Police every two hours. 12.8 You cannot take EMS members hostage. 12.9 The negotiator must value the life of the hostage as his own. 13 - Civilian Groups 13.1 Civilian Groups consist of Rebel, Gangs, Contractor groups in addition to ordinary groups / gangs 13.1.1 All Civilian Groups are to wear the tag associated with their group in front of your player name. (Example: [123] YOURNAME) Note: Please see the linked announcement regarding the interpretation of the use of Gang Tags in Combat 13.2 Civilian Groups are all their own separate force, therefore no team tactics between groups is permitted 13.3 No more than 15 members of a civilian group may be on the server under tags at any one time 13.4 Any Corrupt Roleplay must be documented. Corrupt Roleplay consists of turning a blind eye to drug trafficking and other illegal activities such as kidnapping and capture points. 13.5 When performing any robbery, civilian groups must ensure that the appropriate amount of time has passed between cooldowns. This information can be found by using the discord bot (See robbery rules). 13.6 Civilian Groups may apply to become a registered group. The benefits can be found here 13.7 Registered Civilian Groups have the ability to take over a major settlement, known as a rebel takeover. More information can be found here 13.8 Registered Civilian Contractor Groups may form contracts with any groups / faction throughout the server. 13.8.1 Any contract formed must be documented and made available to staff at any time. 13.8.2 Civilian Vehicles must be used in city limits. This includes donator vehicles and helicopters. Vehicles purchased from a rebel store are not permitted. 13.8.3 Contractors must be paid prior to any commencement of work. 13.8.4 Any gear purchased at Contractor Base that is not available at a civilian store is considered rebel, unless you hold a valid contract approved by the APD Commissioner. 13.8.5 Contractors are only allowed to operate with their specific contract parties or other contractors groups. If they are seen operating with groups not contracted with them, then AL Senior Staff may revoke their registered status. 13.8.6 Contractors can only participate in robberies should they have an active contract approved by AL Senior Staff. 14 - Additional 14.1 The Altis Police Department (APD) and the Altis Paramedic Service (APS) have protocols that govern each department. They can be found below: 14.1.1 APD Protocols 14.1.2 APS Protocols Contact the respective Command Teams for help regarding protocol breaches. 14.2 The Basic Laws of Altis can be found here 14.3 The Registered Civilian Guidelines can be found here 14.4 The Rebel Takeover Guidelines can be found here 14.5 The Gang Base Guidelines can be found here 14.6 Donation Benefits for Altis Life can be found here Rules written by the StrayaGaming AL Staff Team. Rules effective as of Altis Life Version 11.7 >> If any grey areas are found, please forward them to Altis Life Senior Staff <<
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    Alrighty, I feel as if I should do more in this community. So that being said I'll be giving away 1 Arma 3 apex expansion to ONE lucky winner. To enter: Comment what you like most about the community Want 2x the chance to win? Like this post This will be given away in 2/3 weeks as I have to find some more spare cash and of cause purchase it for myself... Goodluck! Edit: Please don't enter if you already have it
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    Hello guys, I am doing a competition on whoever guesses a number between 1-500 Who ever guesses will get 1 mill on Altis Life I will give the number to Luckyb33f so the number doesn't change. If you comment a number placed already it will be invalid! You only get 2 chances... If you like this please thank and like! Liking can grant 5 numbers Let the games begin --------------------------------------------- Next Giveaway will be 4mill
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    Hey guys. On the 16 of March i am going to be shaving my head to fight for Leukemia. IF you got a spare dollar maybe two and feel like throwing it my way that would great and i am sure you can make a real difference in the world. Just a dollar will go a long way. I know quite a few people who either have or had leukemia including 1 close friend. (Before: https://gyazo.com/022b5e80e6cfb07a0a09b2297caa22e5 ) (After: TBA) Have a good one If you are interested in donating https://secure.leukaemiafoundation.org.au/registrant/FundraisingPage.aspx?RegistrationID=662363
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    Invade & Annex Server Rules These rules are enforced in addition to our Community Guidelines. These rules may be changed at any time without warning. If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to get in touch with a staff member These rules are subject to the discretion of our staff. General 1. Hacking and mission exploitation will not be tolerated. 2. Advertising of other communities will not be tolerated. 3. Intentional teamkilling/team-damaging will not be tolerated. 4. Excessive, unintentional teamkilling may result in a kick/temp ban. 5. Unnecessary destruction of BLUFOR vehicles will not be tolerated. 6. Hate speech, racism, discrimination, abuse, and bullying is strictly prohibited within our community. (This includes telling a pilot they suck) 7. Firing a weapon on base--unless at an enemy--may result in a kick/temp ban. 8. Artillery/mortar/CAS use must follow the Rules of Engagement (ROE) at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/ 9. Griefing and obstructive play will not be tolerated. This includes stealing another player's vehicle or equipment. 10. This is a co-op server. Exclusive play, such as teamkilling another group at Side missions or calling it for your own group, will not be tolerated. 11. Players wishing to use rewards gained from successfully completing Side Missions must ask the player/group who completed the mission if it is okay to do so. The reward is forfeited if 15 minutes have passed since the reward was issued. 12. Where applicable, you should try your best to perform the duties of your chosen class - medics are expected to revive and treat incapacitated/injured players, engineers are expected to repair vehicles, etc. Failure to do so can result in removal from the role. 13. A staff member's decision is final. If you disagree with a decision or believe it was made in error, please do not abuse our staff members, instead submit a ticket on our Discord. 14. If you encounter any issues or see someone breaking the rules, do not take matters into your own hands. Please submit a support ticket on our Discord and include any evidence you have (screenshots, video, etc.) - one of our staff will resolve your issue as soon as possible. Communications Voice and text chat 1. Spamming comms will not be tolerated. 2. Arguing on comms will not be tolerated. 3. Shouting/screaming/ear-rape/soundboarding on comms will not be tolerated. 4. Excessive conversation irrelevant to the game or by non-pilots in the Discord Aviation channel will result in your removal from the channel. Pilots have priority over other players in this channel. 5. Music is allowed in vehicle/direct chat but must be turned off if requested. Aviation Pilots have their own specialised roles, therefore they come with additional responsibilities. If you have any issues with a pilot, please report the player to a staff member. Pilots must ensure that they are not flying over or near Side Missions that can trigger a timer or cause the enemy to change to an alert state. Heli pads 1-4, the Medevac pad, and the grassed area are to be used as a staging area for passenger transport helis & VTOLs ONLY. Grassed area may also be used as an emergency landing area if required. It is in the best interest of pilots to call their movements when flying around base (e.g Crossing runways, Landing Pad 2/Dusting Pad 2). This should prevent confusion and accidental crashes at base. Please note that pilots are not obliged to follow instructions from a person playing as ATC (Air Traffic Controller), it is up to each pilot if they wish to comply or not. If we determine your piloting skills to be incredibly subpar or disruptive to other players (including in Discord), you may be blacklisted from the role. 1. All pilots and the UAV operator MUST be on our Discord server--in the correct Aviation channel--and communicative. Your microphone can be muted but your speakers must be unmuted at all times. Exception if Discord is down or full. 2. You MUST be a pilot to fly an aircraft. If you are a non-pilot and there are less than 20 players on the server, then you may fly a helicopter in co-pilot. If there are over 20 players: Non-pilots may fly a Hummingbird to and from Side mission only. Pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird located northeast of base (at 'Side' base). Non-pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird(s) at main spawn. 3. Please respect the Discord pilot queue by checking Aviation channel chat. This is done by typing "P1, P2" for Transport Pilots and, "F1, F2" for Fighter Pilots. If you jump the queue, you will be removed from the slot. If someone has jumped the queue in front of you, inform a staff member. Delete your post once you have received a slot. If a pilot's game crashes, it is up to the next pilot in the queue whether they take the slot or wait for the previous pilot to return. 4. At server restart, the pilot slots are first in, first served. Your position in the queue is irrelevant. If you are waiting in the queue near restart time, try your best to get a slot at restart or continue waiting. In the event of a server crash or unscheduled restart, pilots retain their slots where possible. 5. CAS pilots and UAV operators must follow the ROE at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/ 6. Only 1 pilot is allowed per aircraft. Exception is if a pilot has requested evac. 7. Transport pilots must land their aircraft on one of the marked pads on the apron at main spawn. If all pads are occupied, find a suitable place to land nearby, such as the grassed area behind the pads. Pilots must give priority to all aircraft needing the Medevac pad. It shall remain clear unless all other marked pads are occupied, or if needed for a priority tasking. The Vehicle Transport Blackfish is to be used to transport vehicles and supply crates ONLY. Transportation of troops in the Vehicle Blackfish is not permitted unless they are in a loaded vehicle. The Vehicle Transport Blackfish is not permitted to land on or near Helipads and must use the Airlift Pad located on the taxiway near runway 22R/04L. All Vehicle and Cargo transport must be loaded from the Airlift pad. 8. Pilots must not play as infantry while in a pilot slot. This includes completing, or attempting to complete, infantry objectives (e.g. Radio Tower, CSAT Commander). Pilots can wait a maximum of 5 minutes for repairs/evac. 9. You must be able to fly AND LAND any aircraft with reasonable competence. If you do not have experience in any aircraft, you may be asked to leave the role. 10. This is a public server. Aircraft are not private/reserved transport. A pilot’s primary role is to provide timely, efficient, and indiscriminate transport of players, vehicles, and cargo to and from objectives for all players. 11. If you are an inexperienced pilot, please consider the time and enjoyment of others. The editor is there for a reason. If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on Discord by submitting a support ticket, or typing !admin ingame.
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    I sometimes sit and think about you all, I might be driving or sitting in a train, or something. I need you to read and re-read what I am saying here. Don't take anything the wrong way. And it's not as weird as it may sound. A big part of me, it is Altis Life. It runs in my blood, every rock and building, bank, fed. Altis is my gal, sure she is a bit banged up, a few things are busted. But I am still crazy about her. I don't like it when people mistreat her, or talk her down, or try to hurt her. It gets me a bit.....upset. I don't "own" her, that's not what I mean. I just care. And I know all of you. Your likes, dislikes, the gang your in, the gang you were in before that, and the one before THAT, the worst thing you have done on the server, and the best. Your my guys, and even if your naughty, you break the rules...I still care. I am never "angry", or "hate you." If you dissapointed me, I will get over it. If you hate me, for whatever reason and want to tell anyone that will listen I am a jerk, well, that's up to you. Maybe I have to ban you. I don't like doing that. But I will. Ever since @LuckyB33f put Altis Life Admin on me I have worked. Hard. 30-40 hours a week is about average, more if it's in crisis. And I love it. I really do. I promise him I would treat her nice, and not disrespect her. Then I asked, and got Zeus. And oh MY we have had some fun. There are people I have put time into that have grown, as men, as staff, as leaders. I like that. Always back yourself, I see that in you all. One guy I had to kick off my SRT team, just, so angry, and I couldnt reach him, and he hated me, I knew he did, but I had to tell him "No.". Having hard conversations is hard, but the easy path is not one I like to take. And now? Well we talk every day. He is a different guy. None of this is me claiming their wins, it's just talking out loud. If you want to do something and I can help, come talk to me. If you need something to make something, come talk to me. I am happiest in a room full of excited Altians. I have heaps of them that at one point they disliked me. Now, we all talk all the time. Some are Cops. Sometimes you guys frustrate me. I am working on that, but given I usually have 20 people who need 5 minutes of time, and 6 TS chats open I am planning to make some "me" time, to play. I miss my Cop playtime. It's important to me, I haven't played in a week as I write this. So if I seem a bit vague or snappy, my bad. Cop is frustrating as well, trolls, criminals, meta gamers. I still love it. And my Cops need me. I am also very, very used to an accountable and professional workspace IRL. People do what they say they will. I thrive on that, and being challenged in a role, and being able to steer a project. Micro managing kills me. I have always liked people. I understand them. I can take someone that's screaming and make them....calm. I can have them pumped up to wage wars, or do anything. I have all the time in the world. If you live on Altis, Hi, I am Spectral. I am the Altis Life Admin. Together with Zomboid, we will be moving forward with rule tweaking, new bank post to tell you timers, requests on RP setups. Big thanks to Roger for being beside me. He and I will always be mates. Do I want to go Global? Big question, because I don't know. And noones asked. It's human nature to want to be told your doing well and you don't get that feedback here much. Players are more likely to say they are upset. My Boss IRL knows I thrive on that shit. And challenges. Goals. Anyway, that's all I have for now. If you love me, right back at you. If you hate me, well either I need to work harder or stop caring. Or you need to get over it. Pointless drama and power struggles..? Boring. Because none of it means anything. Plus I work with 90 guys who all want my job IRL. . Some people here I think, just don't like me because of the amount of people that DO. True story. Anyhow, that's all. I am Spectral, Spec, The Commish, and you can count on me. Lets go, the magic and fun, the growth, it's over here. I know the way. -Spec
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    As of the 20th of March, an entirely new ruleset will be introduced to Altis Life. On this day, the old rule set will become completely void and the new rules will be in full swing. The new rules are virtually the same to the old rules. Just a lot shorter (1000-2000 words instead of 15,000) and less grey areas. The rules were rewritten and restructured with the hope of removing grey-areas, reducing the limits on role-play and making them a heck of a lot easier to read and understand. - S.G Staff
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    hello all I would like to thank @LuckyB33f @ʝ17 @Tiggati @Roger Purple @TrueBlue @John Paul and all the staff both present and retied staff that have put the hours in to do the behind the secens work that many of you don't know that go on these staff both now and past staff have shared great ideas, and suggestions that make straya what it is today. the reason i am resigning is due to my education but i am not resigning permanently i might come back at the end of the year but i do not know yet. after two years of hard work and dedication to help the hundreds of thousand of people. I have help and aided over the years to make straya great with all the help of the staff team both present and past i respect you you have earned your respect. the amount of time the staff have help the Community we spend our time helping out we do it to make our severs better and the feedback you give us helps us become one of the biggest Arma 3 severs out there. i am grateful and happy of what I have done with straya and that i hope that straya becomes bigger and better. i would all so like to thank all the alits life, I&A, Wasteland staff, global staff, Managers, development staff, Head Lead Staff. we all work hard to help make straya what it is. we all have a key role to play and we play the key role as staff to keep straya better. i'm not going to keep on going with this but just have fun and live life enjoy what you do. i will be around if you want talk to me or play games i will still be around. thank you straya for all the memories and mems that have happend over the past two years thank you. Kind regards, Lachlan have fun and keep strayaing.
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    Hi Lads, I'd like to say thanks for everyone involved in this year those who staffed, donated and enjoyed playing the servers. Without all of you we wouldn't be around. Together we have achieved more then I have ever dreamed. For one we are still up and running. This year my community goals were: Prizes for all of you. & Server upgrades. Next year my community goals are: To give back to the developers that spend all their time creating these servers. New servers - Could be anything from an Arma 3 Exile to Space Engineers. Bigger & more prizes for the community. More server upgrades. And for staff helpful training guides. Next year will bring bigger and better things and as we grow as a team we will grow as a community. LuckyB33f
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    The SP tag has finally been retired. Thanks to all the boys that took part was a hell of a ride.
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    Hi Lads, We've had some bans issued by the staff team recently that we don't wish to issue but it was a must. So I thought I would write something for all of the community, about the community and something for us all to dwell on. Your Community is a community built by you the Players / Staff and Developers. This is a place where you can join after having a big day at school or work or a place you can escape the world we live in. It is a place where you can become someone else. On this Community, I am LuckyB33f, Founder of Straya Gaming. But in real life I am Jason, The Handyman/Storeman/whateverelsemytitleis. This is the same as my Managers, Admins and Mods. We are here to become something else and not who we always are. Our private life is to stay private. As that isn't who we are on here. If you want to be a troll then that is fine but you'll find yourself out of the community faster and less enjoyable. We as a community must continue to grow as we grow more servers, We have plenty of options for the future, We will need more people able to help make new game servers who are dedicated. You all as a community will look back at this one day and say I helped build this community when it was only small. Right now we are the largest Arma3 community in Australia. We started as 5 players. Look at us now. I truly can say this has been one of the best experiences i have had in my life so far (the army was overrated). And we are just getting started lads. Cheers LuckyB33f
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    Hi guys, Sorry, this won't be a very long post, keeping it short and sweet. After careful thought and consideration over the past while, I have decided that it has now come the time for me to leave Strayagaming. I would like to take the time to thank those who have who had given me the opportunity to contribute to the community through our staff team, it's been a truly wonderful experience from the very beginning. All the best of luck, Moz
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    StrayaGaming - Community Guidelines Welcome to our Community! We hope you enjoy your time. These guidelines are put in place to keep the community an enjoyable and fun place to be. StrayaGaming is an adult, mature community. There is however, no age requirement. We expect all of our members to act mature and be responsible for their own actions. Enjoy your time with us! Global Guidelines These guidelines are subject to all services and social media sites offered by StrayaGaming. 1 - Cheating, Hacking and Exploiting 1.1 We have a zero tolerance policy for hacking and scripting. Offenders will be removed from all our services for life with no chance of appeal. 1.2 Using any Exploits (Including bugs) is prohibited. 2 - Privacy 2.1 Breaching any persons right to privacy is strictly prohibited. (Including: E-mail addresses, Physical addresses, IP addresses, Contact details etc.). 3 - Advertising 3.1 Advertising Non-StrayaGaming services and social media sites is strictly prohibited without permission from the Management Team. 4 - Real World Trading 4.1 Trading real world currency for any content or services on StrayaGaming is prohibited. (Offering these trades/services is more severe than receiving them). 5 - Alternate/Additional Accounts 5.1 Using additional/alternate accounts to circumvent a ban is strictly prohibited. 5.2 You are permitted to use additional/alternate accounts on our services if it does not breach 5.1 or 10.1. 6 - Impersonating StrayaGaming Staff 6.1 It is strictly prohibited to tell others you are a StrayaGaming Staff member, when you are not. 6.2 It is prohibited to impersonate a staff member by name where it leads to others believing you are staff, when you are not. 6.2.1 This is dependent on circumstances. (Example: Using: "StaffName" may be ok, but using "[SG] StaffName" or "[Admin] StaffName" may not). 6.2.2 Specific circumstances include, but are not limited to, trying to put a staff member into disrepute. 7 - Bullying, Discrimination, Racism, Sexism and other content 7.1 Any form of Harassment, Racism, Bullying, Sexism, Hate Speech etc., implied or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. 7.1.2 Minor and isolated breaches, where it is a part of the base game are not a breach. (Example: Stating "Heil Hitler" once or twice while playing WW2 Germans). 7.2 Anything, implied or otherwise, that is excessively sexual or violent, including obscene or explicit things, are not permitted. (Example: Excessive nudity, gore, etc.). 8 - Senior Management 8.1 Senior Management reserves the right to remove any lower ranking staff member or community member from the community at any time for any reason. Social Media Guidelines (Forums, Discord, Steam Group etc.) These guidelines are subject to all social media sites offered by StrayaGaming. 9 - Content 9.1 Anything, implied or otherwise, that is intended to bait, flame or troll other members is prohibited. 10 - Alternate/Additional Accounts 10.1 Using additional/alternate accounts on our social media sites is strictly prohibited. 10.1.2 Breaching this guideline will only result in the additional/alternate accounts being removed.
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    Why Altis Life Can't Have Nice Things So I thought i would share on why altis life had there demo chargers put as a token craftable. A great group of people spoiled it all for you. They thought it was a great idea to blow up half of Sydney (Kavala), including the medics rezing everyone. The players below are who spoiled it all.. Pizda Greg Saundo Sugerman Farensik Farensik called me out for been an asshole. I thought i would live up to that name for all of you. Just this once. Below is a short clip (audio sucks) just what happened. I have about 7 of these. This makes it harder for us to make and give out vests if this is how demo chargers are used... Show respect to others in this community is very important. I don't like been the bad guy and those who know me, I'm very chilled. I can a joke better then most. But not everyone is like this. Just another awesome post by LuckyB33f
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    StrayaGaming Premium Membership [OUT NOW!] Hi all, Today StrayaGaming [SG] is officially launching a Premium Membership option for our members. The SG Community Team is focused towards providing our users with the ultimate gaming community experience. The benefits a Premium Member will receive are well thought out and are great value for money. Purchase Premium Membership today to begin receiving the benefits. What are the benefits of StrayaGaming Premium? 1) Exclusive Premium Member forum icon! 2) Golden border around all forum posts! 3) Increased signature size (800px/300px) 4) Early access to future SG servers! 5) Exclusive Premium TeamSpeak tag and lounge! 6) Private Premium only forum section! 7) Private TeamSpeak channel for the term of your membership! 8) Premium entry into a monthly GIVEAWAY! How much will Premium Membership cost? Premium 1 Month - $5.99 AUD Premium 3 Months - $17.25 AUD [$5.75 per month] Premium 6 Months - $33 AUD [$5.50 per month] Premium 12 Months - $59.88 AUD [$4.99 per month] How do I purchase Premium Membership? Premium Membership is purchasable at the StrayaGaming Store located: HERE Thank you to the past, present and future supporters of StrayaGaming!
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    Hey lads, Straya Gaming has under gone the largest software and hardware upgrade so far. We now have 2 dedicated server that run most of our servers and software to run it. Dedicated Servers I7 6700K 16GB Ram 240 SSD 1TB Harddrive Software TCAdmin These as a combo will let our admins and mods to have access to restarting the server, deleting bans and more This will aid us as a community to grow bigger and into other video games easily. Who knows what the future could behold for us here in Straya Gaming. So a big thank you to everyone who helps out the community and thank you for the donations
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    We will be making some changes. Please feel free to discuss these changes. COP SIDE - Moving Police Checkpoint towards Sydney. (Current location too close to Gang Hideout 1) - All cop items, clothing, weapons and vehicles with cost 25% more. - The Ghost Hawk will be removed. - Introducing the Mk20 with knockdowns for GD within capital cities. - Mk20 will be accessible by Constable+. - When raiding only illegal items will be allowed to be taken. - Removing SPAR 17, Titan MPRL, Mk200 , Cyrus 9.3, Navid, MK-18 Tan and ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm. (All guns will be comped $$$ value) Including all rebel guns being removed - Speedboat Mini to removed. - Removing the 3 life rule SRT REBEL SIDE - Mk 20 will be removed from rebel store. - Armed offroad will be removed. - Kajman is being is being removed. - Removing RPG 42, Cyrus, ASP-1 Kir 12.7mm, Spar 16, SPMG .388, all MX Variants, CMR-76, and Mk1 EMR. (All guns will be comped $$$ value) Including all cop guns being removed. - Crafting to be simplified over time. - IED to be craft-able. - Fed timer to increase to 10 minutes. CIVILIAN SIDE - All legal runs to go up 20%. - All items, weapons and vehicles to go down 25%. NOTE This post may be edited and changed before the release date. So make sure you check in to see any other changes that come up. These changes will be taking affect WEDNESDAY 22ND MARCH 2017. On release we are going to open up a shop where you will be able to sell the guns and vehicles that arn't available in game anymore. After two weeks the shop will be removed and we will be deleting the rest of the guns. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SELL THE GUNS AND VEHCILES WE WILL NOT COMP YOU FOR THEM!
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    Altis Life v6.1.1647 Release Date: 23/06/2017 Size: 18,923KB Notes: Download the update before it goes live here! Items marked with * have a related segment under “Details” We have tried to list all changes below, but due to the sheer number of changes we may have missed a few. Sorry. Change Log: Added: Animations previously removed for lag tests Added: Bus stops* Added: Detective clothing shop Added: Cartel & Contractor clothing, weapon and vehicle shops Added: Cartel & Contractor licenses Added: Cartel & Contractor bases* Added: Delivery missions* Added: Loads of new crimes to the wanted list Added: KOS rebel weapon and vehicle shop* Added: Emergency lights to the Orca & Qilin Added: Vehicle nitro Added: Tokens (virtual item)* Added: Medevac HQ to EMS placeables Added: Dynamic crafting times* Added: Polair level Added: Drink from water cooler action Added: Request EMS acknowledgement* Added: Reliable method for hiding objects Added: EMS Hunter skin* Added: Cop HWP hatchback skin* Added: Cop SRT hatchback, SUV and hunter skins* Added: ADS (Altis Delivery Service) skins* Modified: Cop clothing, weapon & vehicle shops Modified: Simplified crafting recipes* Modified: Improved ATM detection to mark over 30 previously unmarked ATMs Modified: Fixed syncing when buying/selling licenses Modified: Gave Sydney Square a facelift* Modified: Gave Sydney PD a facelift* Modified: Moved Gang Hideout 1 Modified: Moved Jail Modified: Moved Westpac Bank Modified: Replaced Neri bank with Bank of Brisbane Modified: Reduced bounty received by cops when arresting criminals Modified: Fixed bad unrestrain logs Modified: Default cop loadout Modified: Gate opener now works on Apex gates too Modified: Method of removing ammo for more reliable results Modified: Fixed 3D vehicle shop script not exiting when the shop is closed Modified: Fixed give key hint Modified: Intro music on civ and medic Modified: EMS Offroad, SUV & ORB vehicle skins* Modified: Cop HWP SUV, Patrol SUV & fleet hatchback skins* Modified: Splash image to display update highlights Modified: Player count requirement to air drop and treasure wreck events Removed: Auto-holster when exiting vehicles Details: Bus Stops: Travel from city to city with the new bus system added in this update. Simply navigate to one of the bus shelters and select your location. Cartel & Contractor bases: Requires respective license to spawn at (same as rebel bases). Delivery missions: Civilians can now take out delivery missions from the designated delivery points on the map. Unlike the default delivery missions, ours will spawn you a vehicle to use & place a waypoint down so you know exactly where you’re going. There are legal and illegal variants that both vary in pay depending on the distance between start and finish. Report all bugs via the in game bug tracker. If you have a suggestion, please send it to a member of the Altis Life staff team. Thanks for playing StrayaGaming Altis Life!
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    Hi All, Lucky B33f and I have been working on purchasing some new dedicated servers and upgrading all of the game server hosts. It's finally time, and I have purchased a new server. It's not the one that will be running Altis Life permanently, but due to certain circumstances we needed to purchase this one first. It will hold Altis Life temporarily while we move stuff around, and when the move is done we will work on Altis Life's more permanent home next. During this time we will be testing a few performance tweaks, and are hoping that they will fix the mass BattlEye kicks. Since we are dropping the current server for this new one I will need to turn all services off while I move them to prevent data loss, and to ensure all services are moved over correctly. The plan is for an afternoon outage today where Teamspeak, the database and AltisLife will be moved over, the sooner this happens the better for everyone. After Altis Life and Teamspeak are moved over and working correctly more of the back-end and staff tools will be moved over on Thursday night. Finally, all services will be down while I set it up properly on Friday, and come Saturday morning it should all be running as normal again. TL:DR Here are some estimated outages while we migrate the current Altislife dedicated server. Wednesday: 8pm - 2am Downtime for initial transfer. Services effected (Altis Life, TCAdmin, Staff Tools, Wasteland, Altis Life, All Project, Lab and Dev servers, Teamspeak, Website based tools, (Maybe I&A)) Thursday: 8pm - 12am Downtime for importing several services. Services effected (Altis Life, TCAdmin, Teamspeak) Friday: 8pm - 2am Downtime for anything not completed on Thursday. NOTES: All times are server time - AEDT. Please note that during these above times Lucky B33f and Red will not be contactable, except by Managers if critical.
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    Hi lads, This topic has been created to address a few grey areas; Both the direction of our wasteland server and to give you lads a response to this topic. Note I'd like to apologize for the presentation of this information but it addresses key information that wasteland players need to know. Group/ team sizes Let’s say most of the veterans suddenly decided they were going to stop playing on our server. Most of the ‘balance’ related issues brought forward would significantly decrease. I say this because you fellas have invested more time on arma and therefore have a significant advantage over the other players. Take this example: having a group of 6+ veterans (that are mates, can coordinate, know the best practices, places and glitches etc…) regardless of what team they are on are going to bleed our player base and cause uproar. It doesn’t matter what way you try to spin this, it's the simple truth. You can argue that “oh, if players won’t bother to team up and use teamspeak to coordinate like us then that’s their fault, but how can they get the chance too if you're slaughtering them all? I'd like to think it's not just the responsibility of the staff but also the members (especially veterans) to help with these complaints about 'balancing'. We have been giving key players subtle hints to try and break this chain of mass hoarding vets in the one team/ group/ channel, but apparently these individuals aren’t getting the message. Even 3 vets teamed together may level the battlefield or at least prove a great threat to new players or people with less skill/ less money than you. The fact that you're all mates, teaming up together and causing mayhem on the server shows me that you're not interested in helping us improve the server, but only interested in being about to kill everyone. Shouldn't the veteran players be helping making the server a more competitive and enjoyable experience? All I continuously see is you murdering literally everyone and doing the exact opposite. So it doesn't matter what team or group you go to, it doesn't matter what limit we set the group size too, the fact that you constantly group up together means the server population is gonna bleed, so naturally it reduces the fun for other players. Most of the complaints and issues are coming from key players, so my answer to them is why not try and help us better the server by using your initiative. Help level team balance. Check the veterans on each team and choose the team with the least. If there are many vets in the one team, don't all group together. Try to limit the amount of vets per group/ channel. We have numerous channels available in our teamspeak, yet all we constantly see are you fellas all whoring in the one channel. Spread out, go for different objectives, and instead of grouping all up together, branch out, make new friends, create new veterans. Don't you want to have more challenges and face off against more skilled opponents? FBI, your argument for raising the indie group size limit from 5 to 6 does not change the fact that some of your mates will still get left out. I want you to know we do actually have an interest in making the server enjoyable for everyone, it's just these key veterans & individuals that instead of helping us figure out ways to improve the server for everyone, rape/kill/plunder and then cry when we have to make a change that limits their power to completely decimate any pitiful form of resistance. So when I say we're trying to make the server a fun environment, we are trying. It just happens that this (your) grouping problem is a major factor that is affecting our player base and we are purely trying to seek ways to manage it (while you may not agree with the methods done to achieve this, it is in the best interest of the majority of the community.). We see a game breaking issue/ problem we will try and manage it, simple. Going on with your internal protests (like stacking opfor) in an attempt to force us to change our mind will not work because if we see that happen, we can and will simply kick you to bluefor and back to indie. There have been many people before you try to come up with ways that will piss everyone off and force them leave resulting in us changing our mind back to the way it was. Its not gonna role So sounding one sided? Don't like what you're reading? Then I want you to consider if our server is really for you... But, If you generally want to see this server thrive better than it has & is, throw us ideas, and we will consider them. Make the effort to swap teams up, to group up with new/ players that aren't as coordinated than you. Use your initiative to help us make the server a great place of gathering and fun, not purely to benefit your group of mates or a select group of friends. Yes not all ideas can be implemented, in fact many may be rejected, but that doesn't mean you shouldn’t bother to keep throwing us ideas. Chances are you already have an idea that will help us with our vision of making the server a fun environment for all comers, but as you haven't stated it, nothing can happen. A few of you have stated you wish to see more skilled players appear on the server, as to make the gameplay more challenging for you, I couldn't agree more. The only issue with that is what i've repeated over and over here, change your grouping circles, help others see what fun it is to coordinate and achieve objectives; break into smaller groups and vs each other or go for different objectives. A general vibe for wastelands direction. Please keep in mind that information below here in regards to the development of wasteland may not be final, so naturally some of the information and features below may or may not make it into a future patch. Also note that we aren’t providing any eta for anything, as we will work on ideas when we have time. Sandstorm complaints: I am aware of current sandstorm issue that is plaguing all of our less experienced and financially broke playerbase. So as a temporary solution, we will be disabling the ability to store sandstorms in private parking. What this means for players that currently have them in storage is, when you withdraw them, you will no longer be able to park them again. Donation system overhaul: We have been looking into overhauling the current donation system for wasteland for quite some time now. Here is our current system as those who have donated will be familiar with: 1 time donation of $10 : unlimited usage of the ability to change both player and vehicle skins on the go. We aim to change this into a tiered system to offer more content to our player base to thank them for helping with our server upkeep costs and supporting the server. This is the new donator perk system we have envisioned for the future: Tier 1: Donator tag level in TS Access to tier 1 skins (this will include most of the default skins) Tier 2: Donator tag in teamspeak (dependant on amount, next level of donator tag) tier 2 level skins Tier 3: All of the above + tier 3 level skins Private teamspeak channel Custom kill messages Access to special map locations* *Locations to be decided We are also looking at implementing a donation goal which when met, applies a bonus to all players (if donation goal is met at end of month) Global discount in stores Better starting loadout New server events: If you haven't already guessed by the title, we wish to add more server events for our player base to give our them a challenge. The chance to fight for major objectives & rewards etc… Heres just a small list of ideas that we have been contemplating. steal event (steal a percentage of all online players banked money) admin/ player gone rogue hardcore day (locked to first person) explosive truck (Ever see a fireworks barge explode? Well this truck has the payload to make the show a lifetime) kings of the radius (capture and hold area for x time? [group/ team based?]) "staff grab" (staff protect item on map, players have to retrieve it and move to selected zone to win [free for all?]) Again, there is no eta or certainty on when you can expect such events to be implemented, so just keep an eyeball out for patch notes. Knuckling down on the trolls: If you haven’t taken a gander at the rules, I’d advise you do so. Wasteland staff will no longer be tolerating individuals that continuously spam in chat or teamspeak, or individuals that constantly seek ways to bypass/ get out of trouble. We will act upon what we consider to be a violation & threat to what we are trying to achieve here. The retaliation will vary depending on the staff member, the incident, and several other factors. Do you need to know these other factors? No, because you shouldn't have been breaking the rules. Trying to use what I have stated in this section to advance your personal interests may in fact land you in trouble yourself. Been banned or caught out lying/ breaking rules before? Well, lets just say there's levels of trust that have been compromised over the years, so this may also influence the outcome any incidents involving you. Will we see jets dlc in the game? the Jets DLC is arrived and your new vehicles are now purchasable in game Bringing this post to a close: I hope after reading through all of this content you are able to obtain a better idea of what’s going on with our wasteland server, the expectations and goals we hope to achieve. We appreciate your feedback & support in helping to make our server a better place and we humbly ask that you continue to do so. If it fits in with what we hope to achieve, and if it's possible for our team to implement, chances are your idea will appear in future patch notes. Just note there is a difference between what we consider “positive” feedback and not so positive… In answer to the question in getting the limit raised for indie groups, unfortunately i can’t see increasing the limit will in any way reflect what has been mentioned in here, so the limit will remain at five for now. Wasteland staff are gamers just like anyone else, we’d rather have fun and play the game, but as staff we are also tasked with protecting the servers interests (a task that may have fallen short of its meaning until now); and that will now be enforced by any means necessary. If we can see a group or team that is leveling the battlefield, we may intervene and give the receiving end a ‘leg up’ to help combat the issue that is you. Oh i'm sorry, is this statement not fair? Well, lifes not fair… Welcome to the real world; welcome to world of what it feels like for “noob” players trying to face off against the devils horde. There's no question that your skill or team work is anything but a wonder to witness, but you have to meet us halfway… Until you can give us alternative methods that we consider will help manage the overall servers direction; and until it becomes apparent that you guys start making changes, we will continue to change features of the game in an attempt to limit your ability to wreak havoc on the server. So, after reading all of this, have some reflection time, because If you can't agree with what has been stated in here, I’d like you to consider moving on from our server. You came, you definitely conquered, but it's time to find another server to utilize your “abilities” in. “We will intervene with what we consider to be the right approach per situation.” Have a nice week. Peace out @LuckyB33f @Ya Mum @ALI @Dak Commstar @James32 Don't bother to try and counter what I say here @Dymium & @BulletL. I'm aware of your discord group content and i'm not amused. You must also be aware that your so called private discord group is not that private. Trying to manipulate the server into your ideal environment and stuff like "oh i'm gonna get rid of this staff member" because you have it in for them isn't going to stand. Frankly actions and comments like this ingame message shows me your immaturity and again i ask myself, why are you here? We aren't going to change this server to better your cause, and if members of your discord team dislike that, same question, why are they here? In no way have I seen any of you support our server. Maybe it's time to move on to a server that better suits your personnel “standards?” because keeping this attitude and behaviour up is a sure fire way to getting removed from our server for good.
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    Have you helped someone exploit? Have you exploited? Have you received exploited goods? The above things are a major game changer. It ruins the economy, it ruins the hard work of others. It ruins the server, not only does it ruin the server, it causes a lack of trust between players and staff. Lack of trust = less nice things and less privileges. Currently we know of some exploits, we could look at fixing them throughout the game mechanics etc, or we could make them pointless. Instead of $5,000 the price might become $250. Abuse it, you lose it. Trust in the Players So. With that said, we are offering immunity to anyone who comes forward within the next 24 hours and owns up to any of the above. If not, there will be no second chances. Once caught you will be removed from the server indefinitely. This may sound like we need people to come forward, we don't, we have a list, we have evidence, we have everything we need. Instead we want people to have to the opportunity to not be removed from the server, we don't like to remove people but cheaters will be removed without hesitation, (You can join the veryyyyyyy long list of people who chose to cheat and be dishonest). All confessions will remain confidential, and should be sent directly to myself, @Leopard and @TrueBlue. You're not only cheating yourself, you're ruining the server for everyone.
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    Hi all, Today we are officially launching the StrayaGaming ARMA 3 Unit to extend our public image as the largest ARMA community in Australia. Thank you to those who have already taken the initiative to join the Unit, being apart of the Unit is an easy way to show your support for StrayaGaming. Join our ARMA 3 Unit: HERE What are the benefits of being in the Unit? 1) The StrayaGaming Unit will appear in your launcher: It is easy to select or deselect the Unit, you will need to have the SG Unit selected for the following features to work. 2) Directly connect to any of our current servers right from the launcher: 3) Have the StrayaGaming logo appear on your shoulder patch and on the side of vehicles (that support insignia's) 4) You will have [Straya] next to your name in chat and will show the SG unit info in the players tab GIVEAWAY!! When the SG ARMA 3 Unit hits 300 members, one lucky Unit member will receive Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse. All you have to do is join the Unit to be eligible to win! Join our ARMA 3 Unit: HERE
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    This is not an attempt to create any beef Just a tribute to best of the best. SP
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    Christmas is around the corner. Lads i want to do something special for Christmas for the community. I want to put together some major prizes... Community Prize Razor mouse,Razor keyboard, Logictech headphones $100 Steam gift card All Arma 3 DLC's In the next few weeks we will start some sort of system to draw out the prizes for christmas (This will be drawn early around 3rd of Dec) Changes: Staff will be drawn by: 1. Every staff member gets a number and drawn randomly... 2. Every staff member gets a number and drawn randomly... 3. Help desk prize - random number... Staff Prize Steelseries Corsair Gaming VOID Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset Carbon $50 Steam Gift Voucher Funded by the Google ads so thank you for unblocking the ads on our site as we will have $450 from google for prize this christmas. :-) also i'm chipping in $300 If we make more money from google or youtube we will add lots of little prizes eg. shirts, singlets and so on... i will aim for 10 little prizes First Prize