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    The following is a handy glossary of Military terms used in radio communications, spoken or otherwise, in order to better clarify and acutely direct specific messages and the uses of those messages. The reasoning for this is that in the heat of battle, or other incidental circumstances, normal social cues such as articulation, tone, body language, and other signs that are used in normal social communication may be lost among yelling, screaming, or muffled speaking. The use of the following terms ignores the need for such cues, allowing messages to be accurately sent and received without them. Radio Communication Terms and Terminology · ACKNOWLEDGE: A directive requiring the recipient to confirm they received a message. · BREAK: Used to break a message for a pause before relaying the next part of the message. · CORRECT: Confirms the message broadcasted is correct. · CORRECTION: Corrects a misheard message. · DISREGARD TRANSMISSION, OUT: This means “Forget this message, it was sent in error.” · DO NOT ANSWER: Used to indicate that the called station shouldn’t reply. The sender also should end with the proword “OUT.” · FIGURES: Used to signal that numbers will follow. · I READ BACK: Used to repeat the instructions back to a sender to confirm the recipients understood them correctly. · INTERROGATIVE: To signify that a question is about to be sent, regardless of its tone or wording. · I SAY AGAIN: Used to repeat a sent message because it was either misunderstood or extremely important. · I VERIFY: Used to verify a request and repeated to verify a sent message. · MORE TO FOLLOW: Used to convey that more will follow from the message initiator. · OUT: Used to end a transmission. · OVER: Used to end a message while asking for a reply. · PRIORITY: Used for important messages that take precedence over regular conversation. · READ BACK: Used to ask a message recipient to repeat back the message exactly as received. · RELAY (TO): Transmit this message to [CALL SIGN(S)]. · ROGER: Used to confirm receipt of a message. · SAY AGAIN: Used to ask a sender to repeat their last transmission. Do not say "REPEAT". · REPEAT: Used to instruct infantry or artillery to continue firing, or to repeat the same pattern of fire as previously made. · SILENCE THIS NET: Used to signal an immediate stop of all communication until the silence is lifted. · SILENCE LIFTED: Used to lift a temporary silence of communication. · SPEAK SLOWER: Used to request that the person speaking speak more slowly. · THIS IS: Used to transmit a message from one call sign to another. But some messages omit this proword. Example: “Delta 1, Delta 2, over” vs. “Delta 1 THIS IS Delta 2, over.” · TIME: Used to convey the time frame for complying with the message. · UNKNOWN STATION: Station identity is unknown that is attempting to be communicated with. · WILCO: Used to indicate receipt of — and compliance with — the instructions of another radio operator. Note that this list is very watered down as opposed to a legitimate Military communications glossary for the purposes of simplifying it for what is, at the end of the day, a game we come to in order to escape real life complexity and stress. Common Abbreviations · AA: Air-to-Air. · AAM: Air-to-Air Missile. · AG / SA: Air-to-Ground / Surface-to-Air. · AGM / SAM: Air-to-Ground Missile / Surface-to-Air Missile. · AP: Armour-Piercing, non-explosive. • APSFDS: Armour-Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot, AP rounds. • GPR: General-Purpose Round, AP. · CAP: Challenge and Pass, a predetermined verbal call to approaching troops with a ‘password’ response to prevent infiltration. · DZ: Drop Zone, specifically for paratrooper units. Not to be confused with LZ. · HE: High Explosive, anti-personnel, unarmoured structures, and light vehicles. · HEAT: High-Explosive Anti-Tank, armour piercing round with explosive component for destroying slat cages and penetrating armour. • MP: Multi-Purpose HEAT rounds. · HOTAS: Hands-on-Throttle-and-Stick, rotary and fixed-wing flight design. · HVT: High Value Target. · IR: Infra-Red, such as weapon mounted laser or laser guidance systems. · LZ: Landing Zone, aircraft landing position for the deployment of troops. See also DZ. · MRAP: Mine-Resistant Armoured Personnel vehicle, such as a Hunter or Strider. · PGM: Precision-Guided Munitions. · POW: Prisoner of War. · ROE: Rules of Engagement, the laws by which all wartime interactions with other entities are made. · RPG: Rocket Propelled Grenade, such as in an RPG-7. · SOCOM: Special Operations Command. · TOW: Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided missiles, such as in the Verona or Titan MPRL variants. · UGV: Unmanned Ground Vehicle. · VTOL: Vertical Take Off & Landing, fixed wing aircraft capable of taking off and landing much like a helicopter, without the use of a runway. · VTAS: Voice, Throttle and Stick, rotary and fixed-wing flight design. Combat Abbreviations and Terminology · AFV: Armoured Fighting Vehicle, such as a Kamysh or Bobcat. · APC: Armoured Personnel Carrier, such as a Marshall or Gorgon. · CAS: Close-Air-Support, fixed wing or rotary aircraft with combat capabilities, such as a Black Wasp, Neophron, or Kajman. · MBT: Main Battle Tank, such as an Abrams, Kuma, or Angara. · UAV: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. · UGV: Unmanned Ground Vehicle. … Sized Force / Element: Fire Team…: A team of approximately 4-5, usually comprised of two Riflemen, a Grenadier, an Automatic Rifleman, and a Medic. One of the Riflemen will likely be Team Leader. Squad…: Approximately 7-14 - or 2-3 Fire Teams – commanded by a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant. Platoon / Section…: Approximately 16-44 soldiers led by a Lieutenant, second-commanded by an NCO. Can consist of 2-4 Squads, or replace Squads entirely and consist of 4-10 Fireteams. Company…: 3-5 Platoons / Sections, approximately 60-200 soldiers. Commanded by a Captain. Replacement terms are: · Battery: Artillery company. · Troop: Armoured or Air Cavalry. Battalion…: 4-6 Companies, between 300 to 1000 personnel. BLUFOR does not possess any Battalion sized elements in Altis & Stratis. CSAT / OPFOR forces around an AO will be at this level. CASEVAC / MEDEVAC: Casualty / Medical Evacuation, typically calling for a transport helicopter unless otherwise specified. The use of any of the above terms is for the purpose of enhancing a realistic experience for those players who desire it, however it is not mandatory and familiarisation with the content of this table cannot be expected from all players. More than likely it will be limited to individual, locally organised squads of dedicated players. I hope you enjoyed this guide and find it informative & helpful!
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    Hey Guys, We've been working on an update and have decided to change the map back to Malden, There are some Major changes so read below for the changelog!
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    unfortunately will never be like that ever again, SP days were too good
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    Love you all for such happy days. Cheers to an epic time, lasting memories and a beautifully cheeky community! - Found some old photos -
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    Permission has been received to post this here. Hey gamers, After picking up Arma 3 again after a few years away I've decided to put together a comprehensive guide to Invade & Annex for absolute beginner's and people who have never played before. I also hope that "veteran" player will learn a thing or two through this series as it progress. I will be covering ALL roles in detail throughout this series, so sit back, grab a beer and enjoy. Side Note: For roles I'm not 100% familiar with I will be getting assistance from other community members in-game, so be on the look out on Discord for me requesting help. I will be spending one week in every role to ensure I can be as comprehensive as possible. Finally, for whitelisted roles, I will be completing multiple mini-series so people can learn them (i.e. transport) outside of public servers and be comfortable in the role in its entirety before selecting the role in public. These tutorials are for YOU and to be inclusive. If you have feedback or comments or want anything else covered just reply here or get my in-game. See you on the battlefield. Part 0 (OPTIONAL) - How to Join a Public Server SinisteR's Arma 3 Multiplayer Tutorials - Part 0 - How to Join a Server Part 1 - Getting Started SinisteR's Arma 3 Multiplayer Guide - Invade & Annex - Part 1: Getting Started Part 2 - Rifleman and Core Mechanics (30 mins+) SinisteR's Arma 3 Multiplayer Guide - Invade & Annex - Part 2: The Rifleman and Core Mechanics
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    It is allowed but there was an update for CBA released which I will apply to the server later tonight.
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    Hi players, Below is a link to the current mod list collection available to use on the Invade & Annex Server. I will be keeping this up to date. Enjoy Steam Mod List; https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2784861938
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    Arma 3 Modded Server Rules These rules are enforced in addition to our Community Guidelines. These rules may be changed at any time without warning. If you have any issues, queries, or comments, feel free to get in touch with a staff member These rules are subject to the discretion of our staff. General 1. Hacking and mission exploitation will not be tolerated. 2. All players must have ACRE2 installed and working (connected to Teamspeak; ts.straya.life) prior to connecting. 3. Advertising of other communities will not be tolerated. 4. Intentional teamkilling/team-damaging will not be tolerated. This includes overdosing and medical malpractice. 5. Hate speech, racism, discrimination, abuse, and bullying are strictly prohibited within our community. 6. Griefing and obstructive play will not be tolerated. This includes stealing another player's vehicle or equipment. 8. Air and Armoured support assets must always be in contact with friendly squads and the commander. Communications 1. All players must be on Teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and in the correct channel for ACRE (Radio comms). If you are having issues let a staff member know. 2. Sidechat and Global chat are not meant for in-game communication, it is only to be used for contacting an admin or reporting issues/announcements. Group chat and direct chat can be used for communication purposes. 3. Spamming comms will not be tolerated. 4. Arguing on comms will not be tolerated 5. Shouting/screaming/ear-rape/soundboarding on comms will not be tolerated. Overthrow 1. Players are only permitted to have 1 house per town at any given time. 2. Players can only have 1 Business at any given time. 3. Supplies, weapons, and vehicles captured are the property of the Rebellion and are to be used by all its members. 4. This is a co-op server. Exclusive play, will not be tolerated. Work as a team. Exception when requested by a commander for game progression. Antistasi 1. This is a co-op server. Exclusive play, will not be tolerated. Work as a team. Exception when requested by a commander for game progression. 2. Supplies, weapons, and vehicles captured are the property of the Rebellion and are to be used by all its members. If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on TeamSpeak or Discord
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    Hey everyone, hope you're having a lovely Easter and for those of you with a long weekend may your rests be long and beers cold and delicious. Starting the Easter weekend with belters this week. The Transport Pilot and some early training clips of me in CAS. Transport pilot has other parts and I will try and get them out this weekend. Part 5.1 - Getting Started as a Transport Pilot & Learning to Fly Helicopters Also: Easter bonus video for fun. CAS TRAINING DAY 1 - AIR TO GROUND:
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    Part 3 - The Machine Gunner And the first Whitelisted Role: Part 4 - The Medic Transport coming next.
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    Why does Arma 3 not have colour NVG in 2035? This already exists and looks just fine, just a little grainy. This would be awesome to have. I do not know if you can script it... You can already buy full colour NV scopes in 2022. https://www.cafago.com/en/p-y12546.html?currency=AUD&Warehouse=CN&aid=gcapmaxautll&gclid=Cj0KCQjw3IqSBhCoARIsAMBkTb3-TZb4-t1d5rynxU4CsU6iFiukizceNdoqZVknHz8um5Lubx3hY3MaAokFEALw_wcB
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    yeh when red gives back the servers to beef and the boys the little thief , u ruined straya mate hahahahahaha
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    Hey guys Finally signed up to the server after a long process of figuring out that my TS ID had to be a certain security level before the sign up page would accept it lol I've been playing with you guys under Tim and Timmaty for a while but since getting my old TS profile back I'll switch back to my old gamer tag of Scarecrow_Bob.
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    G'day Wastelanders, We would love to welcome you to our latest release of StrayaGaming A3 Wasteland! The most exciting news is the overhaul of our supporter menu. There are numerous large changes so take a few minutes to read the change log and provide feedback below. The update will be live from today at 1800hrs AEST. Regards, AidanC and the Wasteland Team. Change Log: Added: New Base Building parts. Art of War Clothing/Gear. Underwater Missions are back! Staircase to USS Freedom (No longer will you get stuck in the water below). Overhaul to Donator/Supporter area. Supporters will now earn 1 Token every 4 player kills, or 40 AI Kills. Supporters also have access to many more vehicle skins than non-supporters. Pawnee (AA) Variant. Modified: Static emplacements (Including UAV AA) has a lower re-arm cost (now 25%). Static AA costs have been lowered significantly. Mission drawn lines begin at 50m. (No more searching 100m radius for one infantryman). Base parts may be locked closer to stores, you can fortify and hold stores now. Different territory captures will earn you different income. Player spawn load outs tweaked for token upgrades. AI Units will spawn with consistent load outs. Token cost for storage upgrades lowered to 10. Several custom skins for vehicles moved to supporter only. Player menu colour scheme changed to Olive. Bug Fixes:  Abandoned Jet mission now spawns good jets with working weapons. White mission crate fixed, now provides correct weapons/gear rather than default crate load out. View full devblog
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    Player Of The Week Initiative! The I&A Staff Team and Community Team have decided to bring in a new initiative for positive player interaction. This initiative entails a month whitelisting of a single player at the end of each week decided by I&A staff; to have the chance of being picked as the Player Of The Week you need to be a positive influence within the I&A server. This positive influence can range from simply being a happy-go-lucky player to being a player that takes initiative towards problems within the server and community. The Player Of The Week will be announced each Sunday as a reply to this post.
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    do you have a link plus we have alloy armour and metal armour
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    StrayaGaming Squad Server Rules All rule breaks are up to the server staff's discretion. What staff say is final. Report rule breaches via the Discord Ticket System - discord.straya.life Recently changed rules are in yellow. This server is governed by the StrayaGaming Community Guidelines and the Squad Code of Conduct How to report staff misconduct: A) In all cases, staff reports should be submitted via the StrayaGaming Process first. This is also the fastest process. B) If you are not satisfied with this, you may report this directly to OWI via this form: https://forms.gle/R3D434WVuaY9obtT6, or email them here [email protected] with the following information: 1) Name of the server; 2) Any evidence such as video, pictures etc; 3) Date and time of incident.
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    Hello Engineers! The release of ‘Sparks Of The Future’ DLC and update has been a welcome sight for most of us, adding additional textures, blocks and even game mechanics to our survival experience. This has, unfortunately (and expectedly) caused havoc with a number of Mods that we have on the server. As a result, we will be adding/removing the following Mods, players should expect a short downtime at 6 pm on July 2nd. Removed Mods/features JumpDrive Disruptor Turret MWI 2 Added Mods/features Clean Assembler Tab OKI Grand Weapons Bundle Doctor’s Vanilla Voxels Enabling Vanilla Economy
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    Look lads, I don't know if straya is dying right now or if people are just off studying but the number of people on straya compared to Darkside has changed a lot to the point where the server looks dead. I really don't like seeing straya like this. I know that straya has its ups and downs, but it doesn’t change the fact that something has to change. The boys and I have been playing darkside a lot now and been seeing SOA, LYNX, FU, ACU and some other gangs playing on Darkside as well. the reason the boys and i have been playing darkside is because its more fun than straya, the rules are better and are fair to the entire playerbase. It's really fun playing on darkside but it just doesn't feel right without the straya community. I think straya can really be improved in multiple ways and feel free to reply to this post and suggest other ways that it can be improved. - Gang affiliation: basically allows for cops to metagame civs tags which is pretty unfire to the civs and discourages actual gang creation and gang gameplay, the boys and I have taken our tags off a couple times just so we cant be metagamed. But i can understand how this can work in certain situations. - Money carrying over to civ: we think this could abolished and the money that you have on civ and cop should be independent of each other. We think that this would create more roleplay situations because cops like @fegget (:heart:) aren't going to be money hungry and instead going to focus on more roleplay situations. We have also asked some members of the community what they think about straya and what could be improved and what are their views about the server as a whole. Here is some of that; Nick: Support Team Member - "The shit they need to get rid of is the mets game rule where you can use others tags, that’s what ruin it, let 5.56 in city for civs. I view it is a cop server" IAmJack: Altis Life Server Moderator - "I would suggest start with small things, small changes, do able thing first, I might not played this for long, but i have raised a lot of suggest, mainly for medic and all goes into toilet, for myself, as a medic, I think arrest after someone got killed and revived is bullshit, same thing happen on cop got capture after revived. People who die and got revived should be released at safe zone and let them start again, otherwise people will just camp corpse or respawn, not good for cop, not good for rebel and worse for medic, a lose lose lose situation" Shepherd: SIS Member - "Not sure, I haven't played recently enough to know what the server needs currently. From what I've heard and seen its poorly managed and does not provide a good experience for people playing as civs which is a vast majority of the playerbase" Snowy: Leader Of SIS - "Oh there are a million things. Most of them are rule based and contracting. It's hard to same what would work but I think it's a lot more than just hey here some new shit. Staff need a change over. Like bank is in a shit spot. Cops are op. No one is doing rebel shit. Copper it's half way across the map. Like it should be easy to do. Copper and iron proc need to be closer. Making money for new players suck. Cops are rules suck for civs. There isn't much to do for the no rebel civ. Contacting needs to be bigger and better. The main cop contactor have there own base etc. Probs **** this one cos I will never get it. I can't comment on bank as I have never done it. Staff need to change there need to be a mix of contractors, rebels, cops and normal peps. That just a few. Making the server nicer for new players. All I see every day is new players getting ****ed on. Need more events. Make jail an actual thing. So people don't escape after there been ****ed on. Make it like a bank" Mitch: Community Manager - "Talk to Bouda or Jdawgz" Ethan: Leader Of LYNX - “Similar to Snowys argument, seeing new players jump on for a couple of days and log off because they’re are getting railed by big boys is sad for the community, as it limits player pop and money going around the economy. Sure determination can split the difference between a basic clan and successful clan, but seeing new people who have no clue how to start with no direction can be hard and unmotivating." Rolex: Former Altis Life Moderator -”Get rid of the gang affiliation stuff, focus on making the rules equally beneficial to both parties.” Sun: Leader Of Clout 9 - “Civs need a civ admin.” Hugot: Support Team Member - “Well I would view the server as a little bit boring and that it needs a change because for the past two years it has been the exact same. What I think needs to happen is that the devs change up the map so it is completely different. And be maybe fixing some of the problems with how there are more cops than civs” Mathew: SF Member - “The server is a shit show when it comes to cop vs civ roleplay and pvp, the cops have lvl 4 or explosive proof vests while civs have max lvl 3 vests. Most the cops think they are rebels and just roll around in helis and hunters decking on rebels when it's not necessary, for example when doing a drug run or you just finished a war with a gang they somehow know and rock up and arrest the winning gang or the "leftovers". Also another problem is when our gang (sf) kill just a few cops in sydney. every other cop goes on armoured patrol just for a few civs having a 9mm guns, it's a altis life roleplay server not North Korea life. One more point is that cops and meta your name and arrest you for something your gang member did, this shouldn't even be a rule in the first place as it just gives cops a massive advantage over civs, especially civs in sydney as you could be unarmed and you gang member gets arrested for dumb shit then the next thing you know your arrested for standing there unarmed. Theses are some of the main issues I wanna address.” We really want Straya to grow. Please leave any other suggestions below
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    Every time SF has 8-9 people in Sydney, 90% of the cop forces dies.
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    StrayaGaming - Wasteland Rules General Expectations General guidelines for playing on our Wasteland server; All members on the server are to be treated with courtesy. Be honest when it comes to completing missions. If you did not help don't pouch yourself a share in the reward. It always pays to have some form of video recording software running while playing on the server. Videographic evidence is the most difficult to refute should there be disputes regarding reports. Act according to your selected role. If you're a medic, your job is to revive and treat other friendlies, as an engineer you repair friendly vehicles etc. If you encounter any issues in game or catch someone breaking the rules, come directly onto our Teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and ask for a moderator/admin/manager’s assistance. Do not take matters into your own hands. Server Rules In order to assure a fair and enjoyable experience for all, these are the rules that must be followed at all times. 1. Trolling Trolling is prohibited. Trolling includes but is not limited to: Shooting around / at allies Destroying friendly vehicles Failing to exit a vehicle after being instructed to by the owner Stealing gear/money after they died while you were in close proximity, etc. Disconnecting before a kill can be registered will be viewed as combat-logging. 2. Admin Decisions Complaining publicly, rude and/or disorderly conduct to an admin on Teamspeak or otherwise is prohibited. If you believe a staffer's actions are unjust, please send a message to the current Wasteland Manager and/or the Staff Manager, or file a staff report on the forums. These messages are kept strictly confidential. If you believe ban decisions were unjustified, put in a ban appeal on the forums. 3. Hacking, Cheating and Exploiting Hacking the server in any way will result in a permanent ban. Glitching or exploiting will result in lengthy bans at staff discretion dependent on severity. 4. Metagaming Metagaming is defined as: Using outside or previously gained knowledge within the server for personal gain or advantage. (Simply put, under no circumstances do you relay any information to any members of an opposing team.) 5. Defamation and Harassment Defamation: Verbal or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation Harassment: Acts which demean or humiliate with malicious intent 6. Teamkilling Teamkilling is strictly prohibited. Inform relevant staffers if you believe someone is acting inappropriately. Do not intervene yourself in a manner that contravenes the existing rules as you will not be exempt from disciplinary action. Red triangles symbolize friendly mines. If you deliberately / accidentally step on a friendly mine, you are the one at fault. If you witness someone placing mines around friendlies in order to cause harm, submit screenshots and/or videographic evidence to relevant staffers. 7. Asset Theft and Asset Damage Unauthorized commandeering and/or damage to friendly assets is a punishable offence. 8. Using objects to block missions Do not exploit objects to prevent the execution of missions. Do not fully obstruct roadways used by missions. Always maintain passable gaps between any barriers/walls for mission vehicles to pass through. 9. Skybases Skybases must be connected to the ground with base components in a continuous fashion. 10. Money Missions Should multiple parties finish an AI mission, it is mandated that the rewards are distributed to all participants. If the money is not shared and participants cannot come to a unanimous agreement, the money will be deleted by an admin.
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    Invade & Annex Server Rules These rules are enforced in addition to our Community Guidelines. These rules may be changed at any time without warning. If you have any issues, queries or comments, feel free to get in touch with a staff member These rules are subject to the discretion of our staff. General 1. Hacking and mission exploitation will not be tolerated. 2. Advertising of other communities will not be tolerated. 3. Intentional teamkilling/team-damaging will not be tolerated. 4. Excessive, unintentional teamkilling may result in a kick/temp ban. 5. Unnecessary destruction of BLUFOR vehicles will not be tolerated. 6. Hate speech, racism, discrimination, abuse, and bullying is strictly prohibited within our community. (This includes telling a pilot they suck) 7. Firing a weapon on base--unless at an enemy--may result in a kick/temp ban. 8. Artillery/mortar/CAS use must follow the Rules of Engagement (ROE) at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/ 9. Griefing and obstructive play will not be tolerated. This includes stealing another player's vehicle or equipment. 10. This is a co-op server. Exclusive play, such as teamkilling another group at Side missions or calling it for your own group, will not be tolerated. 11. Players wishing to use rewards gained from successfully completing Side Missions must ask the player/group who completed the mission if it is okay to do so. The reward is forfeited if 15 minutes have passed since the reward was issued. 12. Where applicable, you should try your best to perform the duties of your chosen class - medics are expected to revive and treat incapacitated/injured players, engineers are expected to repair vehicles, etc. Failure to do so can result in removal from the role. 13. A staff member's decision is final. If you disagree with a decision or believe it was made in error, please do not abuse our staff members, instead submit a ticket on our Discord. 14. If you encounter any issues or see someone breaking the rules, do not take matters into your own hands. Please submit a support ticket on our Discord and include any evidence you have (screenshots, video, etc.) - one of our staff will resolve your issue as soon as possible. Communications Voice and text chat 1. Spamming comms will not be tolerated. 2. Arguing on comms will not be tolerated. 3. Shouting/screaming/ear-rape/soundboarding on comms will not be tolerated. 4. Excessive conversation irrelevant to the game or by non-pilots in the Discord Aviation channel will result in your removal from the channel. Pilots have priority over other players in this channel. 5. Music is allowed in vehicle/direct chat but must be turned off if requested. Aviation Pilots have their own specialised roles, therefore they come with additional responsibilities. If you have any issues with a pilot, please report the player to a staff member. Pilots must ensure that they are not flying over or near Side Missions that can trigger a timer or cause the enemy to change to an alert state. Heli pads 1-4, the Medevac pad, and the grassed area are to be used as a staging area for passenger transport helis & VTOLs ONLY. Grassed area may also be used as an emergency landing area if required. It is in the best interest of pilots to call their movements when flying around base (e.g Crossing runways, Landing Pad 2/Dusting Pad 2). This should prevent confusion and accidental crashes at base. Please note that pilots are not obliged to follow instructions from a person playing as ATC (Air Traffic Controller), it is up to each pilot if they wish to comply or not. If we determine your piloting skills to be incredibly subpar or disruptive to other players (including in Discord), you may be blacklisted from the role. 1. All pilots and the UAV operator MUST be on our Discord server--in the correct Aviation channel--and communicative. Your microphone can be muted but your speakers must be unmuted at all times. Exception if Discord is down or full. 2. You MUST be a pilot to fly an aircraft. If you are a non-pilot and there are less than 20 players on the server, then you may fly a helicopter in co-pilot. If there are over 20 players: Non-pilots may fly a Hummingbird to and from Side mission only. Pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird located northeast of base (at 'Side' base). Non-pilots are not permitted to fly the Hummingbird(s) at main spawn. 3. Please respect the Discord pilot queue by checking Aviation channel chat. This is done by typing "P1, P2" for Transport Pilots and, "F1, F2" for Fighter Pilots. If you jump the queue, you will be removed from the slot. If someone has jumped the queue in front of you, inform a staff member. Delete your post once you have received a slot. If a pilot's game crashes, it is up to the next pilot in the queue whether they take the slot or wait for the previous pilot to return. 4. At server restart, the pilot slots are first in, first served. Your position in the queue is irrelevant. If you are waiting in the queue near restart time, try your best to get a slot at restart or continue waiting. In the event of a server crash or unscheduled restart, pilots retain their slots where possible. 5. CAS pilots and UAV operators must follow the ROE at all times https://strayagaming.com.au/forums/topic/15329-ia-jetcasartillery-roe/ 6. Only 1 pilot is allowed per aircraft. Exception is if a pilot has requested evac. 7. Transport pilots must land their aircraft on one of the marked pads on the apron at main spawn. If all pads are occupied, find a suitable place to land nearby, such as the grassed area behind the pads. Pilots must give priority to all aircraft needing the Medevac pad. It shall remain clear unless all other marked pads are occupied, or if needed for a priority tasking. The Vehicle Transport Blackfish is to be used to transport vehicles and supply crates ONLY. Transportation of troops in the Vehicle Blackfish is not permitted unless they are in a loaded vehicle. The Vehicle Transport Blackfish is not permitted to land on or near Helipads and must use the Airlift Pad located on the taxiway near runway 22R/04L. All Vehicle and Cargo transport must be loaded from the Airlift pad. 8. Pilots must not play as infantry while in a pilot slot. This includes completing, or attempting to complete, infantry objectives (e.g. Radio Tower, CSAT Commander). Pilots can wait a maximum of 5 minutes for repairs/evac. 9. You must be able to fly AND LAND any aircraft with reasonable competence. If you do not have experience in any aircraft, you may be asked to leave the role. 10. This is a public server. Aircraft are not private/reserved transport. A pilot’s primary role is to provide timely, efficient, and indiscriminate transport of players, vehicles, and cargo to and from objectives for all players. 11. If you are an inexperienced pilot, please consider the time and enjoyment of others. The editor is there for a reason. If you see any player in violation of the above rules, contact a staff member on Discord by submitting a support ticket, or typing !admin ingame.
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    Hi @Max_Power609! From Foggy PS. Hi
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    yeah some day, just need some more activity from those above but covid and shit has thrown a big spanner in the works